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The Skeptinazi Credo: "Conspiracies Don't Exist"

This is one of what I call a "Skeptinazi / skeptifascist" fallacy. This is a sort of get out of jail free card that the fascist demeanored self-described "Skeptics" (note the capitol S) typically pull out when it's time to actually think (about the unthinkable). Usually they'll resort to pulling this card out after all else fails, but sometimes they even go the extra mile to actually pull this out from the onset of the debate or discussion to frame you as being a 'nutjob' pick-your-word to go for total victory by destroying you.

Fallacy: a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning

This argument destroys that claim / mindset, and can effectively make them wish they never tried framing you as being the "fantasy world" (this is Popular Mechanics terminology for anyone who's skeptical of the official 911 narrative) tinfoil hat wearing pick your word.

The 9/11 Distraction... FROM the "New World Order"

The common knowledge is that 9/11 catalyzed what many refer to the “New World Order”, regardless of how things really went down that day. From there this “NWO” is assumed to be a mere push for global domination (imperialism). In essence, the general concept of this NWO ends there, but in truth it’s something much more powerful and frightening than a mere quest for imperial domination: Artificial Intelligence, and my new video blows the lid right off this completely ignored threat.


It’s really quite obvious that the 9/11 event distracted the population, at least for a time, from any concept of truth, with this so-called “War on Terror”. In the foggy aftermath, those skeptical of 9/11 and this war have found a focus and often a newfound drive to learn “The Truth”. But even more importantly is that without 9/11 there would be alarmists, ”conspiracy theorists”, and just people who generally look into such things.