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Blog Wars Continue In Infowar

At the heart of last weeks Blog War between the infowarriors (and makers of and the BBC was arrogance. How arrogant of the BBC to dictate to a group starving for information about a perceived wrong that they were not smart enough or worthy enough to view said material. The truculent parent scolding with a meritorious sneer. The News Director for the BBC, Powers, let loose a low-bowl chundle at the like of Alex Jones. The meaningless arrogance of the infowars militia was appalling also in its unrehearsed, harsh and dillatorious foul mood. Their only attack was to scream louder.

The lack of statements from the responsible parties affecting digital changes to the story google, digg, the Internet Archive, youtube and the BBC itself- the speed with which the entire event transpired should give one pause. Just long enough to miss. Has the BBC actually managed to lose all its recordings of 911? What a facestious idea driven by some prim notion of copyright legalese. If only the infowarriors "streamed" rather than wholesale raided, it might still be there. I'd have shut my library doors against that hoodlum onslaught most days too.