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Is THAT our best punch?

((Disclaimer: This little rant is not to offend anyone. Almost anyone here has done more than me to bring forth the truth, I guess. Yet sometimes the view of an "outsider" is useful to have a look where a "specialized community" is heading to - and when it misses a point. And thats what we currently do, in my humble opinion.))

There is an official petition and complaint being made to the BBC on behalf of their recently uncovered WTC7 "cock-up" and the funny attempts to bury it - and we manage to get about 400 votes in two days, about 15% of which are dupes and fakes.

On digg.com, the story has a stunning 35 (thirty-five) diggs right now.

This is embarrassing, to put it mildly. How many truth-seekers are out there?
We are not really that hand-full of lunatic lonely moonbats the PNAC-hitmen keep calling us, are we?!