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Pictures From 9/11 Actions Today NYC

These were from "The Big Lie Hole" (which is what I call it in order to claim it. "Ground Zero" must be what the perpetrators named it, so I don't like to use that term, and if I do use it I will sound too much like I'm talking about a place that was nuked.)

Port Authority Destroyed the Subway Awning at the edge of the Big Lie Hole, for benefit of Private Parties. Named changed from "Freedom Tower" to "World Trade One." (Guess they decided to try for the less blatant lie, now that 5+ years have past?) Area for Memorial shrunken.

Click on pics to see larger versions, please.

NYC 's "The Devil's Departure" Gives 'em Hell

The Devil's Departure

Ann Horst-Person's "The Devil's Departure" premiered at the Dillon's Nirvana theater club restaurant in NYC this past Sunday, the 7th of January, at 245 West 54th St., to an enthusiastic crowd of savvy New Yorkers, in on the secret (to the general public) that the events of 9/11/01 were a staged false flag terror attack instigated by obscure powers affiliated with the government who, though not in league with the Devil, have instead outdone him.

The playwright Ms. Horst-Person's husband Carl Person attempted to run for New York Attorney General of New York in the last election with the intention of investigating the 9/11 crimes. He was unable to get on the ballot because of very strict New York laws regarding 3rd party candidates.

Outstanding performances by Damien Dimino as Mr. "D" - the Devil, Sherry Mandery as Natalie Barker, his secretary, Douglas Cerranto as the Reporter and Robby Brennan as Wayne Holloway, a depraved pet store owner. Shown above on the far right is Ms. Horst-Person.

Christopher Garvey for Attorney General New York

Christopher Garvey runs for Attorney General New York. He is on the ballot and he wants to investigate 9/11!

"Nine-eleven when the towers fell,
Soon thereafter, went our rights - as well.
Stuff- not right- in the explanation.
That’s why Garvey wants investigation.

Go vote today, for Christopher Garvey.
Won’t rest until - - New Yorkers are free.
Make our freedom more than just ephemeral.
Vote Libertarian Attorney General."

Christopher Garvery Campaign Song Audio
Sung to the tune of "Ol' Dan Tucker"

Campaign Song: complete lyrics

If the 80% or so of the population, who do not trust the government's version of events, voted him in, we could get the truth out, start the process of bringing the real perpetrators to justice, throw a light on the false pretenses under which people are unnecessarily being slaughtered in Iraq (If the motives were good, why couldn't they be truthful about it) and perhaps even avoid World War 3 or 4 (depends on how you count them. Some count the "Cold War" as WW3) by forcing the plans to invade Iran to be scuttled.

In short if the information could be spread to New Yorkers soon enough, we could save the world. :)

This is because as AG Garvey would have jurisdiction in New York to investigate the ~3,000 murders. There is no statute of limitation on murder. And he has expressed his intention to do so, should he be elected.

Garvey has spoken twice now at the 9/11 Truth meeting at St Mark's on Sunday to promote his candidacy.

Garvey is a personal friend of mine and was also a friend to John Perry. We were all regular attendees, before Sept. 2001 of the Junto Society, which is a political meeting held once a month based on an idea by Benjamin Franklin

Telephone interview with Bob Bowman on MNN, Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Bob Bowman is running for House of Representatives for the 15th district in Florida.
in this November's election!

I don't have a transcript of the telephone interview he gave me last week. But here is a link to the video of it, which was broadcast on MNN Public Access channel 34 NYC.

Here is an excerpt were 9/11 specifically is discussed:

Biographical info.:

"Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret. is President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies, Executive Vice President of Millennium III Corporation, and retired Presiding Archbishop of the United Catholic Church.

He flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam and directed all the “Star Wars” programs under Presidents Ford and Carter.

He is the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal,
the George F. Kennan Peace Prize,
the President’s Medal of Veterans for Peace,
the Society of Military Engineers' ROTC Award of Merit (twice), six Air Medals, and dozens of other awards and honors.
His Ph.D. is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech.
He chaired 8 major international conferences, and is one of the country’s foremost experts on National Security.
Dr. Bob was an independent candidate for President of the US in 2000, beating Pat Buchanan in Iowa, Illinois, and California. He has resided on the Space Coast for 16 years."

"He is the candidate of all those who want to see a Constitutional government serving the people of the United States instead of the global big money interests."

Here are links to videos of lectures and presentations he has given around 9/11 truth.

I suggest everyone think of ways to seriously support him in his race. The local Press in his area of Florida are making a big deal about his questioning the official story around 9/11. If all the U.S. 9/11 Truthers get together and work on this, we could show ourselves as the political force we are.

9/11 Symposium: Lt. Col. Bob Bowman

Manhattan Neighborhood Network : Truth for a Change.

I was interviewed last week for the show "Truth for a Change" and
it was aired in NYC this morning
I will be doing it again this Friday.

9/11 Truth at the "World Can't Wait, Drive out Bush" Gathering, Union Square NYC 10/5/06

I will write memories tommorrow. It's too late tonight, but at least here are the pics.

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Rolling Stone 9/11 Blog crawling with people playing "anti-semites"

Please anyone who gets this in time:

go over to the Rolling Stone Blog
and help out.

There are tons of posts by people pretending to be Truthers and smearing us with anti-semitic propaganda. Pretending to be for 9/11 Truth and then ranting about "Jews"

It's bad.

Thanks for the help if your able.

And if you're an agent reading this, you've got my curse.

I've been reading Fetzers. "The Great Zapruder Hoax" and you would not believe the amount of trouble that went into falsifying the data. The cover up and spin was bigger work than the original operation. This "operation" at Rolling Stone is definitely deliberate. It's not even skillfully done. But a trap for the sheeple, nevertheless.


Mass and Velocity of 767 vs Thickness of Trade Tower Perimeter Walls.

[I just spent a long time writing an amendment to this blog. I'm at a public terminal and lost the text i worked on. I have to go not but will re-write later tonights.

The blog entry is incorrect since my calculations were wrong. I apologize for the sloppiness.

More later.]

From the Journal of Engineering Mechanics:
"Impact of the Boeing 767 Aircraft into the World Trade Center"

J. Engrg. Mech., Volume 131, Issue 10, pp. 1066-1072 (October 2005)

Here's the abstract from ASCE Research Library

9/11 First Responder Illness

I responded to this on a mail list and then realized it was probably off-topic, so posted here.

--- In, Gritzle70 wrote:

> So the asbestos acts as a perfect cover for radioactive dust because
it, too, will kill. But I thought asbestosis was a progressive
disease. I don't know if the amount of asbestos released on that day
was sufficient to cause deaths by fact acting asbestosis.

It might be a cover, but as of yet the Federal gov will not even
admit the asbestos caused any trouble.

I can't imagine the story could hold RE: all the strange
cancers....caused by asbestos? But officials refuse even to admit
mesothelioma was a result of asbestos contamination from the "pile!"
And meso. is known to be caused by nothing other.

I don't put anything past these perps. No crazy story is too strange.
No re-writing of the laws of physics and nature too outlandish.

I have spoken to David Miller extensively. He is someone who worked on
the "pile" and is very sick with many illnesses concurrently. He now
wears an oxygen tube in his nose and carries a small oxygen tank.

He attends many of the 9/11 Sunday meetings and began his interest

Village Voice article on Protest

Sarah Ferguson of the Village Voice NYC wrote this about our protests at Ground Zero:

Conspiracy Types Lecture Regular Folks at Ground Zero

There was a conversation about this story in the blog section below the article. I'm posting comments from that other board under Fair Use provisions of copyright law. There are many posts. I just excerpted mine, and hers with them to give context. Perhaps others should go there, read the article and add their own comments?

"Sarah Ferguson is a psuedo-journalist. Not only does she get Alex Jones completely wrong - (yea right, he's from the LEFT!?), she's completely biased and combines some verisimilitude with total bullshit to mislead the public. She also believes the NIST report adheres to the basic physical laws of science and hasn't herself bothered to check out anything beyond official sources, or to think for herself. She may be a good writer, but she doesn't write non-fiction. She writes fiction in the guise of non-fiction and most likely doesn't even realize it.

911 Demolitions, Propaganda, Proof from Authority, evidence

Word for the Day:

Folly: Defect of Understanding.


Despite the Propaganda, proof of demolitions of the Towers on 9/11 does not require specialized knowledge, nor proof (or attempted disproof) argued from authority, but is overwhelming.

What can expose the all-pervasive, widespread and shocking folly of the Public and Society, as can Morgan Reynolds latest writing?

I am, for the most part, ignoring Reynolds' Jones discussion, but am just happy that, in outing the problems with Jones, Reynolds has found the opportunity to detail a wonderful summary of the issue, with pictures.

Folly: Who is worse?

The public, media personalities, left writers, right writers, all of those who scoff at "those wacky conspiracy theorists" and buy the official story, even to the point of vehemently defending it.

Or the stupid perps themselves, to waste their lives contriving such evil? To what purpose?

And a normal person can only guess at their motivation. But someone who thinks about it, and studies it, can only contemplate the infinity of a fool. At least with those who are simply deliberately harmful, there is an end to it somewhere. But with foolishness, it just looks to be infinite, when you contemplate these bastards.