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Interview with Colonel David Hunt on 9/11

"Everyone seems to want to pick on Bin Laden. I think he's an easy target. I'm not too sure yet, that it is. We still have to answer the question who's supporting these people...But we've got state sponsored terrorism. This was such a well planned deal, I would find it difficult to believe that this was done by just a terrorist organisation. This takes inside information. This takes a lot of planning and pin point execution."

Broadcast on Fox on 9/12/2001 at 00:01 (midnight 9/11)
Footage can be verified here:

Next Target Iran?

This great, short film by Daan de Wit from was released a while ago and is now available with an English voice-over. In 10 minutes it illustrates the similarities between the propaganda used during the run-up to the Iraq war and now, during the run-up to a war with Iran.

It's also available with a Dutch voice-over and subtitles:

High quality WTC collapse footage

Here's some of the collapse footage from the 9/11 archive. A zip file with all the original mpeg cuts (not re-encoded, original (interlaced) mpegs) is available for download here: . All footage can be verified in the 9/11 archive at

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Xenomorph, who originally posted the links to the mpegs on the conspiracy central forums.

ABC, 9/11, 22:40

NBC, 9/11, 14:40

CNN, 9/11, 11:33

FOX, 9/11, 21:28

"Subliminal flashes" in new 9/11 movie are a hoax

The new 9/11 movie "The Explosive Reality", which was coincidentally(?) released just after 911 Mysteries was pulled from Google, seems to have more problems than just the dubious 'foreign soldier' footage.

In the last minutes of the film (i watched the DivX version that is now being spread as a torrent) the filmmaker makes the extraordinary claim that the footage of those days contained red flashes "to incite fear and anger into the viewing audience". Below is the text that appears in the last minutes of this movie just before all the clips containing the alleged 'red flashes' are repeated.

As many of the regular visitors know, I have reviewed many, many, many hours of this high quality 9/11 archive footage However, i had never encountered these flashes.

It turns out that i had never noticed them because the flashes are simply not there in the orginal high quality mpegs. It's a hoax. I can only speculate as to why someone would do this (i'll leave that up to you in the comments). De-interlacing has nothing to do with it. The flashes are not present in either field of the interlaced image.

"Foreign soldier"-footage is from september 13th

I went through all the ABC mpegs from the 9/11 archive and located the 'foreign soldier clip'. It was broadcasted on the 13th of september, sandwiched between two clips that are clearly not from 9/11.

I just want to get this info out, before this clip starts a life on its own, just like the cameraplanet footage of a fireman saying 'there's abomb in the building, start clearing out', which was about a bomb threat in a high school, not in a WTC building.

Here's the link to at 25:17 minutes

This is the patch the soldier has on its shoulder:


Steve Spak DVD contains shots of the south side of WTC7

Steve Spak's DVD "WTC 9-11-01 Day of Disaster" contains shots of the south side of WTC7 and it shows a hole. It does not show a hole in the center though, it shows a hole connected to the southwest corner of WTC7. Now, when you look in the NIST report, this hole is not shown in their damage estimation.

How can that be? Steve Spak's photographs are used throughout the NIST and FEMA reports. The DVD that contains this material is copyrighted in 2002. So this material was available for the public in 2002, shot by a photographer that already had his photographs used in the official reports. How could FEMA and NIST not have known that he had filmed the south side of WTC7?

Corner Controversy - A photographic analysis of the damage to the southwest corner of WTC7

The recent rediscovery of the Aman Zafar photo of WTC7 has sparked a lot of controversy over its authenticity and over the authenticity of the photo published in the NIST report.

I will analyze and compare these two and two other photos of the lower southwest corner of WTC7 and determine that there was indeed damage done to the southwest corner on floors 8-18 with the deepest damage occurring around the 12th floor.

The Zafar photo which seemingly shows an intact corner on the 12th floor, reveals more damage when studied in detail. An optical illusion gives the false impression of an intact corner (column) on the 12th floor. The other photos show that indeed the corner was gone at this level.

The NIST/NYPD shot shares some features with the other photos but it has anomalies that are suggestive of deliberate manipulation.

EDIT: link wasn't working, now it is
Download the article here:

WTC7: Corner damage confusion

I recently started mapping the damage on the south side of WTC7. With the recent discovery of the ABC footage that shows the top portion of Building 7 in detail and the photos of Steve Spak, Aman Zafar and NIST most of the damage/intact facade can now be mapped. The problem is that the Zafar photo contradicts the photos from NIST and the NIST photos seem to contradict each other.


Why does NIST hide the long straight gash in WTC7?

A couple of weeks ago I posted some images and footage of what appeared to be a long straight gash in the south face of Building 7. It's visible from the roofline down to about the 20th floor. This footage was discovered in the 9/11 archive that was released by The footage can be verified here.

A question that remained was why NIST has not shown any photographs of this gash.

ABC, 11 september, 13:45

High quality XviD (640x480, deinterlaced)
Original MPEG2 (cut from the original, not reencoded, 480x480 interlaced)

ABC, 11 september 13:54

WTC7: The Pile

Some footage of the steaming hot pile of rubble that remained after WTC7 imploded.

ABC, September 12, 9:36 AM link: (@ 39 minutes)
High quality XviD:

NBC, September 12, 2:25 PM

9/11 Movies subtitled in Dutch

Just a quick overview of the 9/11 movies that i have subtitled over the last 12 months. Many Dutch understand english reasonably well but i find that watching a whole non-subtitled movie is just too difficult for most.

Feel free to add them to your site.

911: Press for Truth

911 Mysteries: Demolitions

Heavy drinking in Shuckums

Two men came in, drank heavily and then refused to pay the bill"

NBC, september 12, 6:41pm


Loizeaux and Romero selling the 9/11 myth

Just found this piece of video in the 9/11 archive.

NBC, 08:40 pm, september 12

XVID: (@ 36 min.)

Marc Loizeaux and Van Romero explaining the collapse of the Twin Towers. Just one day earlier Romero stated: "My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse,". It took only one day for Romero to completely change his mind and blame the explosion of the jet fuel.

New high quality Shanksville crater footage

This footage was taken from the 9/11 archive. It shows the crater supposedly created by Flight 93. Again i urge everyone to archive the high quality XVID's.

NBC, 9/12, 00:11 AM

High quality XVID:
Link to (@ 23 minutes)

This footage contains a previously unknown close-up shot of the (empty looking) crater.

NBC, 9/11, 9:28 PM (@ 27 minutes)

EDIT: WTC7 Was Burning BEFORE the South Tower Collapsed

(EDIT: It appears there is an optical illusion at work, the object on fire is the other Tower, not WTC7. Moving to blog section. -r.)

This is huge! While digging through the 9/11 archive i found this footage.The west side of WTC7 is burning with the South Tower standing in the background.

There goes the theory that debris from the collapsing South Tower caused the fires in Building 7.

FOX 11:47 PM

Screencapture of the high resolution video:

Link to high resolution XVID (please save a copy of this file on your hard disk and upload it to other video hosters)

Link to the streaming movie on (@ 41 minutes)