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Despicable MSM articles....

As we speak, every 20 minutes there is a new despicable article that
dis-informs and slanders:


The enduring conspiracy factor

... the 1969 Apollo moon landing was staged in Hollywood;

"The Kennedy assassination was of such historical significance that the explanation that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone sounds weird,"

Frank Greening,

He expected his study would lend credence to the conspiracy theorists, but to his surprise, it showed that trauma at upper levels could indeed bring down the buildings in the manner and rate that occurred.

9/11: A defining moment for US

Then there are the inevitable conspiracy theories with some suggesting that the 9/11 attacks were in fact the handiwork of the administration designed to give it an excuse to fight a war for oil in the Middle East.

Two 20 something kids have even produced a short video of "Loose Ends" picked up from the Internet footage of the attacks to suggest that the twin towers fell in a controlled implosion, the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile and not a plane, and the third flight headed for the White House was taken down by the US Air Force.

There is of course a perfectly logical explanation for the little puffs of dust seen rising from the bottom of the twin towers even before they collapsed and a smaller hole in the outer wall of the Pentagon.

The fumes at the bottom rose because of the build up of air pressure lower down as the upper floor fell and the hole in the Pentagon was only 75 feet wide because it was made by the fuselage of the Boeing 757 after its 124-foot-wide wings had broken off.

The fifth anniversary Monday also witnesses a whole host of rituals like peace marches, memorial meetings, interviews with the survivors and so on.

'Terror Timeline' author raises questions about 9-11

Terror Timeline' author raises questions about 9-11

Talk included film marathon critical of U.S. government

Sunday, September 10, 2006


PEORIA - With the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11 fast approaching, a series of films critical of the U.S. government's official version of the disaster were shown Saturday at the Peoria Public Library.

The film marathon, which attracted about 60 people, featured a talk by Paul Thompson, author of "The Terror Timeline," a book that pieces together news stories and government documents to raise questions about the government's possible prior knowledge of or involvement in the attacks.

After the talk was a screening of the recently released "9/11: Press for Truth," a film based on Thompson's book that also chronicled the campaign of four Sept. 11 widows who pushed for an investigation into the attacks, an effort that culminated in the 9/11 Commission report.

"We're just wanting to put the facts out there," Thompson said before his talk. His book and the related film question, among other things, whether and how the federal government ignored multiple warning signs to the attack.

CIA and Bush were very HAPPY over success of 911 psyop

September 26th, 2001

President Thanks CIA

Remarks by the President to Employees of the CIA

Langley, Virginia

1:23 PM EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. Well, George (Tenet), thank you very much, and thanks for inviting me back. (Laughter.) There is no question that I am in the hall of patriots, and I've come to say a couple of things to you.

First, thank you for your hard work. You know, George and I have been spending a lot of quality time together. (Laughter.)

There's a reason. I've got a lot of confidence in him, and I've got a lot of confidence in the CIA. (Applause.)

And so should America.

HA HA HA we get the oil!! ... we did it, yeah we are so proud!!

Corporate Press BAD JOURNALISM can't even get basic facts straight

The lawn was undamaged, yet


claims the passengerjet " bounced
off the Pentagon's clipped grass"

9/11 put anonymous faces on the front page of history


Anonymous in the biggest crime of the USA?


The 9/11 Conspiracy Nuts

The Nation. - New York,NY,USA

... There are photos of the impact of the "object" that hit the Pentagon--ie, the Boeing 757, Flight 77--that seem to show the sort of hole a missile might make. ...

OUTCH! This hurts so bad!!

But there is some relief:


Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach,FL,USA

... Professor Jean-Pierre Desmoulins has demonstrated that it was impossible for a Boeing 757, such as American Airlines flight #77, to hit the Pentagon on the ....


False Flag Operations: Declassified Military Documents Show How US Government Planned Terrorist Attacks Against its Own Citizens


Confirmed in an ABC News article and the National Security Archive of the George Washington University, shocking formerly top secret 1962 military documents, now declassified, provide irrefutable evidence that the Joint Chiefs of Staff & Chairman, the top US military leaders, planned and authorized terrorist attacks to kill American citizens. It involved using airplanes, blowing up a US ship and even orchestrating violent terrorism in American cities using fabricated evidence to falsely incriminate the Cuban government in order to justify an unpopular war to remove Castro from power.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 7th, 2006 – As reported by ABC News, stunning military documents codenamed "Operation Northwoods" were declassified in recent years and show how in 1962, the top US military leaders planned an operation to create terror attacks against its own cities and kill US citizens. See: http://abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=92662&page=1

The documents state that through the fabrication of false evidence, the US would blame Cuba and gain public support for an unpopular war against Castro. They included developing a fake Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, the use of airplanes, and much more.

Clearinghouse: Terrorism in USA insignificant

Between 1.Oct 2003 to 31.May 2006 the average sentence for terrorists in the USA was
20 days *** Yes, US-americans are living in a parallel reality.

A thousand times a day they hear about terror, terrorists
and terrorism producing Terror and planning more terror,
yet there isn't any!
... Conclusion: Orwell was right.

The US-public is well-trained in holding two opposing concepts in their brains at the same time.

"We white people are generally good, we want other people
to be free and to have a humaine existance"

"We white people hold the world record in killing the most
people with our aerial bombing and remote control weapons"

To reconcile these two opposing facts we either say:
Killing people brings them freedom and humaine existance. ...
or we have to reject "our system"


*** The typical sentences recently imposed on individuals considered to be international terrorists are not impressive. For all those convicted as a result of cases initiated in the two years after 9//11, for example, the median sentence -- half got more and half got less-- was 28 days. For those referrals that came in more recently -- through May 31, 2006 -- the median sentence was 20 days. For cases started in the two year period before the 9/11 attack, the typical sentence was much longer, 41 months. http://trac.syr.edu/tracreports/terrorism/169/