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Portland, OR David Ray Griffin speech went very well tonight

Just a little note to say the event came off quite well and I had a great time afterward meeting no less than 5 of my online "people"! Col. Jenny, Casseia (did I spell that right??), LeftWright, Ken Jenkins and Alex Ansary were all subjected to my 9/11-event-noobie-ness and all were as nice as could be. Sadly my ride had to leave so I couldn't attend the after-event party but other than that it was just what I'd hoped for. Kudos to all for putting on an excellent event, and of course thanks to DRG for continuing to speak the truth about the event which supposedly "changed everything" -- but which we aren't supposed to examine.

North American Union the catalyst for the next 9/11?

Robert Pastor, a leading intellectual force in the move to create an EU-style North American Community, told WND he believes a new 9/11 crisis could be the catalyst to merge the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Pastor, a professor at American University, says that in such a case the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP – launched in 2005 by the heads of the three countries at a summit in Waco, Texas – could be developed into a continental union, complete with a new currency, the amero, that would replace the U.S. dollar just as the euro has replaced the national currencies of Europe.

In May 2005, Pastor was co-chairman the Council on Foreign Relations task force that produced a report entitled "Toward a North American Community," which he has claimed is the blueprint behind the SSP declared by President Bush, Mexico's then-President Vicente Fox, and Canada's then-Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Screw Loose Change Exposed debuts - [Fake]

Take a look at this, folks!

A new day, a new dawn of agendas

It's a new day for this Brainster. For those of you who haven't heard already, James and I have decided to go separate ways. I wish him luck. We had a great run with Screw Loose Change, made a lot of waves, shook up the Internet, but, due a difference of opinion about approach, this is for the best.

I know this blog appears to be attacking my roots. Well, I guess it is, but not the mission of exposing the propaganda, but the MEANS we used. It seemed reasonable at first, all's fair in love and war, as they say. But then we lost our way, drifting from exposing "Loose Change" and it's distortions, that now even the creator's admit, to attacking any 911 truther for any reason whatsoever.

Putting 9/11 Truth in broad political context, from a conservative Republican's perspective

The 9/11 Truth Movement is a novel creature. Born by inevitable reactive consequence from back-room treason, which was itself nurtured by our own longstanding political complacency, which again in turn masked an underlying sense of helplessness, which yet again in turn was, I believe, scientifically inculcated within us over decades by practitioners of Bernays' cynical manipulativeness (and which can be traced back still further, by the serious historian), it is at once both a grim and desperate challenge as well as a unique opportunity to radically alter our country's destiny. More about that later. For now, let's look at where we've gotten so far.

The story of the 9/11 Truth Movement thus far (March 2007, as I write this) is largely, though not entirely, a story taking place on the left side of the political divide. So let's look there first.

hello world

I'll post some commentary soon, once I'm all comfy here. Meantime I need to kick things off by asking some questions which some of you can probably answer more easily than I can find the answers on my own.

1. Is there a convenient way to see all replies to my posts here? I'm currently just refreshing the "news" page and looking for new comments, and then hunting those down one page and one comment at a time. That's not very efficient. I see in the help section that I'm supposed to be able to do this by "clicking 'recent posts' in the 'Site Sections' panel at the top panel of the left sidebar." Problem is, there is no "Site Sections" item anywhere on my screen. There is a "site features" page but that's a dead end.

2. Is there anything like a user's guide for this site, or is the stuff behind the "About * F.A.Q. * Site Features * Contact Us * Rules * Help" bar it?

3. Who appointed Philip Zelikow to the commission? Bush? Cheney? Other? Who assigned the duties to the various commission members and staffers?

4. Should I submit some poll ideas? I notice it hasn't been changed since I got here a week or 2 ago....
bruce1337 says yes