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The Usual (Dead) Suspects

A quick look back at a list of government-targeted suspects who wound up dead before their day in court:

Riad Hamad

"Riad Hamad is a non-violent activist in Austin, Texas. He holds multiple Master's degrees and has never been arrested. He is now under surveillance by the FBI because he organized the shipment of books to Palestinian children."

"...On the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 27, award-winning schoolteacher Riad Hamad, founder of the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund (PCWF) was getting ready to leave for work when the doorbell rang in his modest apartment in Austin, Texas. It was a dozen FBI and IRS agents bearing a search warrant from Judge Robert Pittman, known for his hostility to Palestinians and Arabs, with whom Riad had had previous experience..."

Riad Hamad’s suicide: