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Guardian: Lecturers fear threat to academic freedom

Lecturers fear threat to academic freedom
· Manual downloaded from US government website

Polly Curtis and Martin Hodgson
Saturday May 24, 2008
The Guardian

A masters student researching terrorist tactics who was arrested and detained for six days after his university informed police about al-Qaida-related material he downloaded has spoken of the "psychological torture" he endured in custody.

Despite his Nottingham University supervisors insisting the materials were directly relevant to his research, Rizwaan Sabir, 22, was held for nearly a week under the Terrorism Act, accused of downloading the materials for illegal use. The student had obtained a copy of the al-Qaida training manual from a US government website for his research into terrorist tactics.

The case highlights what lecturers are claiming is a direct assault on academic freedom led by the government which, in its attempt to establish a "prevent agenda" against terrorist activity, is putting pressure on academics to become police informers.

US residents in military brigs? Govt says it's war;_ylt=AgTEAvhNA3GUmX9U4FhHg6Ss0NUE

WASHINGTON - If his cell were at Guantanamo Bay, the prisoner would be just one of hundreds of suspected terrorists detained offshore, where the U.S. says the Constitution does not apply.

But Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri is a U.S. resident being held in a South Carolina military brig; he is the only enemy combatant held on U.S. soil. That makes his case very different.

Al-Marri's capture six years ago might be the Bush administration's biggest domestic counterterrorism success story. Authorities say he was an al-Qaida sleeper agent living in middle America, researching poisonous gasses and plotting a cyberattack.

To justify holding him, the government claimed a broad interpretation of the president's wartime powers, one that goes beyond warrantless wiretapping or monitoring banking transactions. Government lawyers told federal judges that the president can send the military into any U.S. neighborhood, capture a citizen and hold him in prison without charge, indefinitely.

President Bush Negotiates With Terrorists

Since "officially" 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, shouldn't Bush be thrown in a FEMA camp for negotiating with terrorists?

- Either you're with us, or you're with the terrorists

I guess the president is with the terrorists:

Saudis reject Bush's call to raise oil production

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia's leaders made clear Friday they see no reason to increase oil production until customers demand it, apparently rebuffing U.S. President George W. Bush amid soaring gasoline prices.

It was Bush's second personal appeal this year to King Abdullah, head of the monarchy that rules this desert kingdom that is a longtime prime U.S. ally and home to the world's largest oil reserves. But Saudi officials stuck to their position that they will only pump more oil into the system when asked to by buyers, something they say is not happening now, the president's national security adviser told reporters.

Endgame for Download - Multiple Versions

Copies of Endgame in MP4, WMV and hi quality AVI formats are available here as well as an ISO file for downloading and burning to DVD:

Ed Begley JR Coming to Toronto April 26

At the Green Living Show in Toronto, Ed Begley Jrwill be appearing on Saturday, April 26, from 12:00 - 1:00:

Live Simply So Others Can Simply Live
Saturday, April 26 – 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Ed Begley, Jr., an actor and activist, is known for turning up at Hollywood events on his bicycle. His 37-year journey to become an environmentalist began in 1970, and he continues to try to be a responsible steward of the planet.

He won't be discussing 9/11, but it would still be interesting to catch up with him. Charlie Sheen gets all the credit for being the first celebrity Truther, but I believe Ed Begley Jr actually holds that distinction. To see some of Ed Begley's work at the Confronting the Evidence conference on the third anniversary of the attacks, see the following link:

Marci Kaptur North American Union Cintra

Good background info regarding the NAU on CSpan:

Zeitgeist Screening this Friday: Fonthill, Ontario, Canada

Limited seating is available so please phone to make reservations

Date: Friday April 4 2008
Movie Starts at: 7:00 PM
Place: The Niagara Gallery
Hwy 20 at the 406 across from the Drive-in Theatre
Reservations Call: 905-892-3111

Details can be found in this attached Word document.

Patriot Act haunts Google service


From Monday's Globe and Mail

March 24, 2008 at 4:05 AM EDT

Google Inc. is a year into its ground-shifting strategy to change the way people communicate and work.

But the initiative to reinvent the way that people use software is running headlong into another new phenomenon of the information technology age: the unprecedented powers of security officials in the United States to conduct surveillance on communications.

Eighteen months ago, Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ont., had an outdated computer system that was crashing daily and in desperate need of an overhaul. A new installation would have cost more than $1-million and taken months to implement. Google's service, however, took just 30 days to set up, didn't cost the university a penny and gave nearly 8,000 students and faculty leading-edge software, said Michael Pawlowski, Lakehead's vice-president of administration and finance.

U.S.-based Google spotlighted the university as one of the first to adopt its software model of the future, and today Mr. Pawlowski boasts the move was the right thing for Lakehead, saving it hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual operating costs. But he notes one trade-off: The faculty was told not to transmit any private data over the system, including student marks.

My Retirement from 911Blogger

Hello folks, I am officially retiring from today. I say "officially retiring" because I have been unofficially retired for some time now.

Over the last several months, I've just been too busy to make any meaningful contribution to the site, so instead of remaining a moderator in name only I thought it might be time to step aside and let others with more time and desire to step up.

I'm proud to have been a part of this since the start, from when DZ first talked to Jon Gold and myself about a new site idea he had until I came on as a moderator a few months later, I've seen this place grow to the premier Internet site for 911 news and activism. Looking back I remember having to search far and wide for any 911 related news; there was no mainstream coverage, no activism, no progress. Now we are bombarded everyday with big news stories, acts of civil disobedience by Truthers, and 911 Truth being pushed deeper and deeper into the mainstream thanks to the emergence of respected professionals from groups such as the Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice and Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth.

Not to mention Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell, James Brolin, Willie Nelson, and many others. We have come a long way, never forget that.

Next time you see me here, I'll be a visitor, just like you, catching up on news. See you then!!!

9/11 Patsies, Moles, the CIA - Webster Tarpley

The content of these videos are a bit dated, but are just as true today if not more so because of the hindsight of the aftermath of 9/11. They summarize some highlights from the book 9/11 Synthetic Terror written by Webster Griffin Tarpley. He is an activist and historian best known for his George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), which has become an underground classic on the Internet at

An expert on international terrorism with decades of experience, he directed the study Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro? (Who Killed Aldo Moro?) which was commissioned by a member of the Italian government and published in Rome in 1978. [Aldo Moro was an ex-prime minister of Italy who was murdered by the "Red Brigades," who were ultimately found out to be a front for a fascistic state terror group.]

1/2 - 9/11 Patsies, Moles, the CIA - Webster Tarpley

TV Fakery RIPeril

"Disinformation, in order to be effective, must be 90% accurate." -- Peter Dale Scott
Just as important as to what actually happened on 9/11, the 911 truth movement has superbly brought forth many questions putting doubt into the government story to warrant a "real investigation". With that same level of vigor, it should clearly be stated what did NOT occur, especially when those theories seem at times to put a thorn in the movement.

The sources of TV fakery are different from sources that blatantly attack the 911 truth movement as completely wrong e.g Skeptic Magazine. Instead they offer a subtle approach of accepting most theories within the movement while disagreeing on topics that are not only unproductive, unsupported, lead to nowhere, but discredit the movement at face value (IMHO). There's nothing wrong with being skeptical, but one should be extremely cautious.

Once in a while I still hear a dew undecided voices on the TV fakery theory, most don't discuss these lines because they seem speculative, with just cause. The following videos should confirm the speculations raised.

Alan L. Reiss and William R. Hall articles at

Just wanted to share a youtube clip of a strange interview with Alan Reiss and William R. Hall and also to share about a recent project just started for like articles called

There are also stub article entries that need editing which I plan or with help to get to at William R. Hall and Alan L. Reiss still a bit of work to be done.

Anyway, here's a summary of the youtube video:
Alan Reiss was the director of World Trade Center department run out of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He along with William R. Hall, the port authority police chief in jurisdiction of the WTC complexes, had to digg out of 5 and/or 6 they can't remember where they were just at being it just happened. Amazingly they have no dust on them like many pictures we have seen of survivors covered in pulverized concrete and toxic materials.

WeAreChange Halloween 2007 video

FYI the WeAreChange Halloween 2007 video is up, featuring Bush, Cheney, and Giuliani dressed in prison suits, carrying 9/11 Truth signs. Please check it out and post it if possible:


Friday Night Series: Films On 9/11 'Conspiracies'

Thanks to Vab for sending this in:,0,7373678.story

Like many cataclysmic events in our nation's history, Sept. 11 has an official story, and many other theories about what actually happened that day. The Alchemy Juice Bar Café this week is starting a Friday night film series focusing on alternative theories about the World Trade Center.

The films will be at 7:30 p.m. All are unrated, and admission is free.

Here's the lineup:

Friday, Dec. 7: "9/11 Press For Truth," examines the government's and media's reactions to the 9/11 Family Steering Committee.

Dec. 14: "Loose Change — The Final Cut," interviews witnesses, first responders, survivors and experts.

Dec. 28: "Utah Seminar Video," a PowerPoint presentation by Steven Jones, a former teacher of physics and astronomy at Brigham Young University, rebutting the official story.

Jan. 4: "9/11 Mysteries," a study of demolition evidence and analysis, asking how a 110-story building could collapse so quickly.

Alchemy is at 203 New Britain Ave. in Hartford. For details, visit

“Anti-Semite” and Social Engineering

A professor looking to stimulate interest in the obligatory compositions prepared by his freshman English students asked me if I would come to his morning classes last Friday to answer questions about 9/11 that the students had brought up after a viewing of ‘Loose Change’. I was grateful for the opportunity and felt confident as we walked toward the lecture hall because I believed that I would be able to handle their questions. In my mind, the challenges I would face would be based on my knowledge of factual information and my ability to convey it coherently.

I never suspected that I would be ambushed by a furious student who was already shouting at me that I was an ‘anti-Semite’ even before I reached the classroom. That emotional barrage never ended from that moment until the class disbanded. It was dramatic. He was unable to stay in his seat and jumped up and down and moved around the classroom, his hand waving wildly to get his turn to ask questions that were in essence hostile accusations, phoning his ‘friend’ so that his ‘friend’ could hear my comments, intrusively shoving that phone at me.