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North Tower Collapse Time: Quotes/Citation help needed

Sorry to post this as a blog entry but I need some help from the good people of this community...

I am currently in the process of making the first version of a short film regarding 9/11 physics (includes physics simulations :)), and I have two points where i'd like to quote official documents regarding the wtc tower collpase times. I already have a quote/citation for the south tower:

"...the south tower collapsed in ten seconds..." - 9/11 Commision Report, page 305

but I have been unable to locate a similar quote for the north tower. Can someone point me to an official document (NIST, FEMA, 9/11 Ommission) where they state the north tower collapse time? I have the pdf of the ommision report, and ncstar1 but I cant find a reference in those. (maybe i missed it)

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Once I have the first draft of this short presentation ready I will push it up to google and post a link on blogger. Thanks.

(ps- shills need not reply)

Aaron Russo Dies of Cancer

America has lost a great patriot. My thoughts and condolences to his family.

Cindy Sheehan: "It certainly looked like a controlled demolition" on Alex Jones

Today on Alex Jones' radio show Cindy Sheehan stated that "it certainly looked like a controlled demolition" (referring the the WTC and 9/11), and now that she has more free time (after dumping the false left-right paradigm) she will be looking into and examing the evidence of 9/11.

Make sure to check out the rebroadcast loop if you missed the live show

The worm indeed turns...

What Every 9/11 Truther Needs To Know About Ron Paul

I am happy that so many here on this site are supporters of Ron Paul, but I am equally dismayed but the number of short-sighted posts expressing the general sentiment that since Ron Paul didn't climb up on his podium during the debates and begin yelling "9/11 was an inside job" that he is nothing more, or nothing better than the rest of the bought-and-paid-for shills that shared the stage. I am posting this video so you may have a chance to become educated on what Ron Paul stands for with regards to the Neocons that have taken over this country, which is a huge building block and premise of 9/11 Truth. I want every so-called 9/11 truther who is a skeptic of Ron Paul to take 51 minutes out of their lives and watch this very important video. I have heard people denigrate Paul for his concept of "blow-back" regarding 9/11, well I have news for you, when you watch this video you will be amazed at the topics he touches on, and how many of them are key points of the 9/11 Truth movement today - and then you will need to keep reminding yourself that this speech is from July 10th of 2003. That's pretty much well before any organized truth movement existed to any credible degree.

Webster G. Tarpley To Appear on Hannity & Colmes?

I just heard that Webster Tarpley is going to be on Hannity and Colmes tonight at 9pm ET 5/9/2007 but I am having trouble finding independent confirmation of this. Has anyone else heard this and can it be verified?

I tried H&C site (bleh) but I couldnt find anything specific.
Any info would be appreciated.

This ought to be quite interesting if indeed true.

Ron Paul Leads After First Republican Debate

Ron Paul, with his impecable voting record in Congress, and his Constitutional and Founding-Father-Type integrity, leads all of the candidates in Positive ratings, and also leads all of the candidates with the lowest negative rating. People are awake and are no longer falling for the status-quo bs anymore. In a debate full of "death to the islamic fascists" and "terror" and "9/11", Ron Paul was a breath of fresh air.

You can vote by visiting, then on the left click Politics/The Debates, then rate the candites using the sliders

Some of Ron Paul's points:

-No national ID cards, dismantle the IRS, end the war in Iraq (a war he voted against from the onset), among other great points - watch the clips if you havent seen the debates.


Unite Support for Rosie Under One Flag

Alex Jones and launched DEFENDROSIE.COM

Let ABC/Disney hear us, like thunder, with the force of a T-REX named Alex Jones

Alex Jones' guests today: Steven Jones & William Rodriguez

Steven Jones and William Rodriguez will be speaking on AJ's show today (live show now)

Alex Jones blows the lid off of 9/11 once again!

Boeing remote control hardware installed in planes as far back as the year 2000.

Field McConnel and David Hawkins are just what this movement needs! Please read their story at, and you must listen to the rebroadcast of today's (Wed. Mar 07 2007) Alex Jones' GCN radio show (if you havent already)

go to this link:

Choose one of the REBROADCAST links from the black banner. The show airs live from 12 Noon - 3pm (EST - NYC) and then rebroadcasts on those links until the next live show 21 hours later. No matter where you are you can stream the full show from start to finish, just adjust for your local time.

Everyone needs to hear this show and post what they think!

(As I post this the live show is 20 mins from ending)

They can't shake the WTC7 ghost

Inspired by the cartoon image of the WTC7 ghost knocking on the BBC's door posted by GeorgeWashington...

Click for full size