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Exact Moment Of The Primary Explosion?

Check out the video below! If you pause at 11 sec. you can see the big fire ball coming from the right hand side of the south tower. Then a sec or so later you can catch the plume of smoke that shots out from the left side, shooting debris out. In the clip after that watch the North Tower very closely, around 21 sec in or so, as the South Tower comes down you can see an entire floor of the North Tower erupt in flames. So I'd say that some of the explosives people on ground zero heard that day, as the first tower was coming down, was from the North Tower. The noise from the explosives in the South Tower as it fell would have somewhat masked the noise coming from the North tower.
I have yet to see much talk on this concept, so I thought I'd throw it out there for my fellow truthers.

Loose Change Final Cut trailer. HIGH QUALITY!!



Anderson Cooper questions the white plane of 911.

HQ DivX (54MB) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VW089NGF

I had to get this vid in a hurry so please don't be to harsh on the comments. I know the quality is a bit on the bad side but I DO have the original if you need it but I thought it was about time someone brought this up!!!

Christian Martin Films The South Tower Collapse.

This is a great video of the south tower!! Thanks to Dylan for bringing this video to our attention.


(dz - note: find the high resolution download here)

GREAT wides hot of the 2nd plane on 911.

This is a great video showing the 2nd plane on 911. It is by far the longest shot I have seen of the 2nd plane before it hits the buildings. The clip is about 20 sec. in to the video.

Rare 2nd plane video clips!!

These are a few rare clips from the second plane crashing on 911. There is some that has been seen over and over again but the few unseen are worth watching the whole video!! There is also 2 other views of the first plane crashing. They are not the best but they are newer.

Us Capt. slips up about 911 bombings?

Us Capt. slips up about 911 bombings? This is another great slip regarding 911!!

The 911 REcommisson Report

Rare 911 recording!! Reports of a remote controlled plane!!

Rare 911 recording!! Reports of a remote controlled plane!!

Loose Change Final Cut trailer.

My take on a Loose Change Final Cut trailer.


Give me some feedback on what you think.

New 9/11 timeline video

I put this video togther and I thought I'd share it with everyone. Please tell me what you think.

New 9/11 Truth Zogby poll

Myself along with alot of 9/11 truth followers will be starting a new website in order to raise money for a new 9/11 truth Zogby poll. For more information please go to http://z10.invisionfree.com/Loose_Change_Forum/index.php?showtopic=6778 or http://www.911wasrigged.org. You can also contact me directly at thetruth@911wasrigged.org.

Thanks for your support,
Matthew Kennedy
The 911 REcommission Report

The 911 REcommission Report

Over the past 5+ years there has been alot of people that have helped to get the 911 investigation ball rolling. One person can make a differnce but much like anything else the more you have the better. This is the thinking behind The 911 REcommission Report. Our goal is to gather as many of the major players we can get and have them attend meetings in differnt locations throughout the United States. We have been in contact with a few people and so far the list has been steadily growing. Loose Change is behind us and since they will be releasing their final cut of Loose Change, it will help in the overall goal.
Each meeting will be held in places such as auditoriums, college speaking halls, and any other place we can arrange. The dates and times as well as location, will be placed on over 100 911 websites. We hope to have your support as well.
Every person that attends will be asked to sign our petition for a new investigation of 911. This petition is being called The 911 REcommission Report. So inturn the Report is not only an idea and a goal but a document to aid our cause.
Thank you for all of your support,