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Two more polls: vote today

Here are two opportunities to voice your opinion:

Ashland Daily Tidings

The Ashland Daily Tidings is having a poll regarding 9/11.
To the question: Today, 911 remains the elephant in the room. What happened that day?, we are offered 4 possible answers:

  • Al Qaida terrorists attacked the U.S. unprovoked [159 Votes - (49.4 %)]
  • We don't know. All we know is the gov't is lying [100 Votes - (31.1 %)]
  • U.S. covert ops orchestrated it to win war support [41 Votes - (12.7 %)]
  • It doesn't matter. Just let it go [22 Votes - (6.8 %)]

The numbers given are the results at the time of posting [Total votes: 322]: see if we can turn this one around!

minguo . info

minguo . info / USA is still having its two ongoing polls that might be of interest to American 911blogger readers: