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Naomi Wolf - "There hasen't been a real investigation of 9/11."

"it's bad to have an untouchable area ( 9/11 questions ) in a democracy,." - Naomi Wolf

I know some of you have attacked her for not taking a solid 9/11 truth position,. however I belive that by not taking such a position she is reaching more people that would simple dismiss such a decided position and is indeed getting them to think about 9/11 and question it.

What are your thought?

Is Bush crazy?

Near the end of this interview Bush says;

"Whether it be Afghanistan or Iraq, we got more work to do. We the free world has more work to do, and I believe those of us who live in liberty have a responsibility to promote forms of government that deal with what causes 19 kids to get on airplanes to kill 3000 students."

What is he talking about???

PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich questioned President Bush's mental health in light of comments he made about a nuclear Iran precipitating World War III.
"I seriously believe we have to start asking questions about his mental health," Kucinich, an Ohio congressman, said in an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer's editorial board on Tuesday. "There's something wrong. He does not seem to understand his words have real impact."

9/11 Still Killing - Time Magazine - posted on boingboing today.

boingboing a techy style blog with major net traffic, today posted and image and link to a photo essay with audio of first responders post 9/11. It is a good presentation for those that do not know the reality of their situation. The boingboing blog itself has comments and could use more truth posted onto it,. (hint hint)

Here is the Time multimedia page. Of course they link to the crappy Why the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Won't Go Away article at the end, it is a lame hit piece that claims 'Conspiracists' are trying to 'make sence' out of a senceless world,. for some claimed phycological closure, however that argument is so lame that it mostly defeats itself.

NSPD 51 - HSPD 20 - The return of the king!

This is why PNAC pulled 9/11;

The dictatorship is about to be established, as soon as the 'endless emergancy' is involked bush will be king! It may be the long speculated about 9/11 part II that triggers this or the inevitable collapse of the American economy as the pyramid looses its base (the endless creation of debt).
Link to video on YouTube leave some comments!