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Jesse Ventura to appear on Hannity & Colmes Tomorrow

This morning, Jesse Ventura was on the Opie & Anthony show talking about controlled demolition, stand-downs, war games, and many other subjects. I'm hoping he may try to bring for some truth on his upcoming interviews.

He is set to appear on Greta Van Susteren's show tonight, April 8th. Her show airs from 10-11pm EST.

He is also set to appear on Hannity & Colmes tomorrow, April 9th, and their show airs from 9-10pm EST.

I've also posted the schedule for his interviews and book signings over the next few weeks:

April 8 - Fox News Channel "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren," 10 - 11 PM EST
April 9 - Hannity & Colmes, Fox News Channel, 9-10 PM EST
April 10 - WERS-FM, Boston interview 4:05 PM EST
April 10 - Book-Signing: 6:30 pm, Book Ends Bookstore, 232 East Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood, NJ.
April 11 - Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto 4 PM EST
April 11 - Book-signing, Barnes & Noble, Route 3, Clifton, NJ 7:30/8 PM EST
April 17 - Jimmy Kimmel Live
May 15 - Minnesota Public Radio 12:00 PM
May 15 - Book-Signing, The Mall of America, Minnespolis, 6:00 PM
May 16 - Book-signing, Barnes & Noble 8040 Wedgewood Lane, Maple Grove, Minnesota 7:00 PM

Ron Paul's Plan? Blowback to LIHOP to MIHOP

Blowback to LIHOP to MIHOP

I’ve been following Ron Paul’s career and campaign to win the primary election, long before he officially began his exploratory committee.

I’ve heard many bloggers state their disappointment in his reluctance to go all-out 9/11 Truth in the debates, and I have a theory as to why.

He brought the theory of blowback to the American public’s attention. I have seen the explosion Ron Paul created after the last two debates – people who state they are Democrats are declaring their support for Ron Paul, and are even planning to re-register as Republican just to vote for him in the primaries.

Ron Paul is blowing up, and when he talked about blowback the response to that theory was very promising. I can tell you from my own experiences on message forums, that many people are not only open to the blowback theory, but they believe it’s far more truthful than the old “they hate our freedoms” slogan.

Now on to my theory…

From what I have witnessed since becoming a member of the Truth Movement, blowback can lead to LIHOP, which can lead to MIHOP.

Charlie vs. O'Reilly - support Charlie Sheen!

Bill O'Reilly believes that narrating 'Loose Change Final Cut' will hurt Charlie's career. He is asking people to vote on his website,
so let's all vote 'No' to support Charlie!

Visit, and on the right side you'll see 'The O'Reilly Poll." Vote "No" to prove O'Reilly wrong!

He will reveal the results of the poll on his show tomorrow night, April 3rd, airing at 8pm EST on Fox News Network.

Director Antoine Fuqua questions 911

On Fox News in Boston this morning, they interviewed Antoine Fuqua (director of the new movie "Shooter" - a film about a plot to kill the president). During the interview, he was asked if he thought the movie would be a big hit, and he said (this isn't word for word, the transcript of the interview isn't online yet) "Yes, I think it will interest people, because most people don't trust the government these days. We were lied to about Iraq, and there are still lots of unanswered questions surrounding 9/11."