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Morrissey booted from Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice?

I have been removed from the membership list at stj911.org, without a word of explanation, although I have been a member since the founding. I suspect it is because of my essay "9/11 Aletheia," which was published on OpEdNews.com (but rejected by 911blogger.com, also without explanation).

Is this any way for "Scholars" to behave? I can't say I'm surprised, but I was secretly hoping that I was wrong about the people who are obviously controlling things there. I was not. Read the essay at http://www.opednews.com/articles/9-11-Aletheia-by-Michael-Morrissey-090508-396.html .

I hope I don't get banned from 911blogger as well. We all need to think about what is going on here.

Was the Air Force One Flyover a Warning to Obama?

The only thing I have read about this strange event that asked the right question was on wsws.org, one of my favorite sites. Alex Lantier wrote on April 29:

How could one of two specially-designed presidential jets be requisitioned for a flight over New York City, where nearly 3,000 were killed in the 9/11 attacks, without the knowledge of the president, the mayor or high-ranking US military officials such as the defense secretary and the joint chiefs of staff? If the official story is indeed true, it raises the question of who is in control of the US military.

The White House internal review published a week later, I think, answers the question: the US military is in control of the US military.

...Read more at http://www.mdmorrissey.info/flyover

What happened in the skies over New York City?

From wsws.org, by Alex Lantier
29 April 2009

On the morning of April 27, one of two Boeing 747 jetliners used by the US president flew at low altitude over downtown New York, escorted by fighter jets. The official explanations and media commentaries concerning this extraordinary event raise more questions than they answer.

For half an hour the planes banked over the city, passing the Statue of Liberty, Lower Manhattan and the former site of the World Trade Center, where two jetliners crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. CNN and YouTube videos show the planes passing only a few hundred feet above the New York skyline.

President Barack Obama was not on board the 747.

Residents and passers-by ran for cover, fearing that another terrorist attack might be in progress.

According to unnamed military and administration sources cited in the Wall Street Journal, the flight was a “secret” photo-op, of which only select officials at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the White House, the New York Police Department and New York City Hall had advance knowledge.

Preparing for Civil Unrest in America

The Economic and Social Crisis

The financial meltdown has unleashed a latent and emergent social crisis across the United States.

What is at stake is the fraudulent confiscation of lifelong savings and pension funds, the appropriation of tax revenues to finance the trillion dollar "bank bailouts", which ultimately serve to line the pockets of the richest people in America.

This economic crisis is in large part the result of financial manipulation and outright fraud to the detriment of entire populations, to a renewed wave of corporate bankruptcies, mass unemployment and poverty.

The criminalization of the global financial system, characterized by a "Shadow Banking" network has resulted in the centralization of bank power and an unprecedented concentration of private wealth.

US Justice Department memos: the specter of military dictatorship

A set of nine secret memos released by the US Justice Department Monday reveal that in the weeks and months after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks the US government began erecting the legal scaffolding for a full-blown military dictatorship.

Attorney General Eric Holder declared that the release of the documents, which were posted on the Justice Department's web site, signaled a new era of "transparency and openness." The actions of the Obama administration in recent weeks, however, including the invocation of national security and state secrets to quell lawsuits challenging the worst abuses of the Bush era, make it clear that the threat revealed in these memos is far from over.

(Read more at http://www.wsws.org/articles/2009/mar2009/pers-m04.shtml )

9/11 Truth Coalition Forum

I have revamped my 9/11 Truth Coalition forum on Yahoo, which up to now I have been treating with neglect, i.e. more or less as a public bulletin board. From now on I will moderate strictly, and allow only substantive, focussed, rational and civil contributions. Everyone is welcome to join the group, and no subjects are taboo, but, as I say, I will moderate the posts. The topic I am trying to focus on at the moment is "Molten metal at GZ: Is the evidence for it conclusive?"


Paul Krugman: Forgive and forget?

(This was in the NYT on Friday. Although Krugman doesn't mention 9/11, of course the same arguments apply, particularly inasmuch as the war in Iraq was a direct result. Orig. is at http://www.iht.com/bin/printfriendly.php?id=19427087 .)

Last Sunday President-elect Barack Obama was asked whether he would seek an investigation of possible crimes by the Bush administration.

"I don't believe that anybody is above the law," he responded, but "we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards."

I'm sorry, but if we don't have an inquest into what happened during the Bush years - and nearly everyone has taken Obama's remarks to mean that we won't - this means that those who hold power are indeed above the law because they don't face any consequences if they abuse their power.

Hamid Gul and Mahmud Ahmed

Somebody ought to at least ask this Gul what he thinks of the fact that one of his predecessors, Mahmud Ahmed, was with Congressman and later CIA director Porter Goss and Senator and Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Bob Graham in Washington discussing Osama bin Laden when 9/11 occurred, and of the possibility that Ahmed was the one who ordered $100,000 to be sent to Mohammed Atta.

Call for new 9/11 commission headed by David Ray Griffin

The interregnum should be used to put pressure on Obama to do what we want him to: investigate 9/11 properly. If we fail to do this it will be the final proof that the leading figures in our "truth movement" are not on our side at all, but only shills.

Therefore I propose something that no one can disagree with: a new 9/11 Truth Commission headed by David Ray Griffin.

Nothing more or else, because anything more or less would give too many people too many things to argue about and forestall the process. Calls for action must be as simple as possible. Ignore the outcries and specious arguments why this won't work. It will if we do it. If EVERY 9/11 truth group and site takes up this cause 100%, it will happen. Just do it, and watch them show their colors. There is nothing to organize. All you have to do is call for a new investigation headed by David Ray Griffin.

Watch what happens, starting right here...

Dumbo in the Living Room

I voted for Cynthia McKinney because she was the only candidate who sees him (I think it is a he). The others either don't, or won't admit it, and I see no significant difference between these two points of non-view.

According to polls about a third of the US population (not to mention the rest of the world) think, or at least suspect, that 9/11 was an inside job, and McKinney was the only candidate who has even mentioned the possibility. Of course I'm glad that Obama has spared us the catastrophe of McCain, but this time I decided to indulge my "conscience"--that is, vote for the person I would really like to see in office--because it was pretty clear to me that Dumbo had decided on Obama, and in the long run we will never break the yoke of the two-qua-one party system unless we vote outside the box.

McKinney Stronger in Unexpected Places

Cynthia McKinneyʼs .1% of the vote came from some places that, for me at least, were
unexpected. I would not have expected proportionately more Louisianans to vote for her
than people in any other state, for example, and though California doesnʼt surprise me I
would not have thought Maine, Arkansas and West Virginia would come out ahead of New
York and Massachusetts.

This may be worth some cogitation. I voted for her mainly, but not only, because she was
the only 9/11 truth candidate, i.e. the only person on the ballot (mine anyway, in Florida)
who has had the guts to call for a real investigation of the major event that has been the
excuse for the last 8 years of horror perpetrated by the Bush-Cheney gang. Was this also
her attraction for the voters in Louisiana, Arkansas, and West Virginia? We can be pretty
sure it was not the “black vote,” in this case, since Obama took that. What else was it,
then, if not 9/11?

These states are generally considered “conservative,” are they not? Well, maybe weʼve
got them all wrong. Just think about it. Percentage-wise, more than twice as many people

A vote for McKinney

This (article in my local paper) is the ONLY mention I have seen in the German press (what I
see and read of it, anyway) or on CNN or BBC (both of which I watch
occasionally) to any candidates other than Obama and McCain. Nuff
said, proved, signed, sealed and delivered with respect to the quality
of "journalism" in the US and Germany. In case you don't read German,
it says I voted for "McKenny" (sic) (the others voted for Obama, one
for McCain) and that most people (Germans anyway) don't know that
there are at least ten other candidates on the ballot. If you click on
the camera icon next to the byline you should see an exciting slide
show including my mug at the very end:


I trust I will wake up tomorrow to a better world with President-elect
Obama--better at least than the other guy.


Florida ballot

I just got my absentee Florida ballot, and I thought you might be interested in the list. I don't know if the names have been announced publicly, in Florida or elsewhere, but I do know that I have only heard of 5 out of the 13 of them, and that is only because I go to the US every summer. Here in Germany, I would only have heard of two. I'll have to google most of them. This shows how seriously our media take their job of informing the public.

Here is the list, and their party acronyms (all which I have not deciphered yet, either):

John McCain/Sarah Palin, REP
Barack Obama/Joe Biden DEM
Gloria La Riva/Eugene Puryear PS
Chuck Baldwin/Darrell Castle CPF
Gene Amondson/Leroy Pletten PRO
Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root LBT
Thomas Robert Stevens/Alden Link OBJ
James Harris/Alyson Kennedy SWP
Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente GRE
Alan Keyes/Brian Rohrbough AIP
Ralph Naden/Matt Gonzalez ECO
Brian Moore/Stewart Alexander SPF
Charles Jay/John Wayne Smith BTP

There is also a (very small) space for a Write-in candidate.

I believe Cynthia McKinney is the only "truth" candidate, but as I said, I have to google most of them.

Impeaching Bush for Murder

Here is a good example of what can be done:


The 9/11 truth movement should support this because it can be used as a stepping-stone to 9/11 prosecutions as well.

At the same time, 9/11 truthers should stick to Bugliosi's arguments because prematurely bringing 9/11 into the case/argumentation/politicization of the issue (the latter being the main goal) would hamstring it.

So I see an opportunity and a danger here. Do "truthers" have enough self-discipline to do one thing at a time? Once we are well into prosecution for war crimes we can much more easily extend into 9/11 crimes.

Beware of those who ignore the elementary wisdom of this approach--and there will be more than a few.

What Happens When Superpower Air Defenses Really Fail

Eleven years ago yesterday the trial against Matthias Rust began in Moscow. A few months earlier, on May 28, 1987, the 19-year-old German had landed his single-engine Cessna about 100 meters from Red Square. There are still unanswered questions about how this amateur pilot was able to penetrate what Bill Keller of the New York Times called “the world’s most vaunted air defenses” (NYT, June 7, 1987).

There is no question, though, about the aftermath:

“With surprising speed and openness, Defense Minister Sergei L. Sokolov, 75, was retired. The commander of the air defense system, Marshal Aleksandr I. Koldunov, was sacked with a harsh rebuke from the ruling Politburo. Other senior military figures were expected to be removed more quietly.”

Tom LeCompte wrote in Air & Space Magazine, July 1, 2005: