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75th anniversary of the (other) Reichstag fire

75 years ago today Hitler and the Nazis blamed the burning of the Reichstag (parliament building in Berlin) on (communist) terrorists, despite the lack of evidence, and less than a month later the Enabling Act was passed, giving Hitler dictatorial powers. It didn't take much longer after 9/11 for the Bush gang to get their Patriot Act. Anyone who refuses to see the parallels must be deaf, dumb and blind. See:


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Interview on blackopradio

My interview with Len Osanic (June 21, 2007) is archived at www.blackopradio.com under "Archived Shows 2007" No. 327, Part 3, or go here: http://www.blackopradio.com/black327c.ram .

The books ("Correspondence with Vincent Salandria" and "Looking for the Enemy") are available here: http://stores.lulu.com/mdmorrissey .

Len's summary is ok, too, except that he misheard me on impeachment: I said it is (i.e., would be) a political process, and therefore significant regardless of the outcome.

He has a different impression of Vince than I have--which is fine; I'm glad he spoke his mind too.

9/11 and the JFK assassination have a lot in common, as I am at pains to point out. It is important to see the connection--that 9/11 is NOT a freak phenomenon but part of an ongoing history.

Michael Morrissey

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell

Michael D. Morrissey
April 1, 2007

Can be sung to the tune of "Eileen O'Grady,"and redistributed for non-profit purposes.
Orig. place of publication (see for tune) is http://members.tripod.com/mdmorrissey/rosie.htm.

Rosie O'Donnell and Daniel O'Connell
We'll follow you into the fray
Two heroes of darin', one fightin' for Erin
And one for Americay

O'Reilly and Hanitty, where is their sanity
Flag-wavin' is all they can do
Perfidious traitors and collaborators
They can't hold a candle to you


Rosie, you're one of our kind, we want you to speak your mind
About 9/11 and Building 7
We know that explosions caused all that implosion
Never before, now or of yore
Did steel buildings fall by fire
So by whose volition, controlled demolition
Did they turn into dust and a funeral pyre?

You're fighting for reason, exposing the treason,
We're sick of their lies and their war
If it ever gets out, the true crimes of those louts
There'll be heaven to pay and much more

Rosie you're beautiful, truthful and dutiful
We're proud that you're standin' your ground
We'll teach them some manners who fly the false banners

The Cock-Up

The Cock-Up

Michael D. Morrissey

March 29, 2007

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes; orig. pub. at http://www.mdmorrissey.info/cock-up

When the BBC reports the fall of Building 7
23 minutes before it happens
you know this is not a "cock-up"
but a whistle blowing loud and clear
from inside the loop.

Just ask yourself the simplest questions.
Is the BBC the National Enquirer?
Has it ever happened before?
How could it happen?
Talk about the nose on your face.
Could it be any plainer?

An inside job within an inside job,
a veritable Russian doll of inside jobs,
a symphony of whistles.
NORAD, the FBI and CIA
hamstrung and defeated
by 19 Arabs with boxcutters.
Do you really think they think
we are that stupid?

What is the message, then?
The one the Demo-rats have swallowed,
for example, and all the Congresswimps,
and the leaders of (almost) all the western countries
in their tribute to pox Americana?

Vince Salandria called it "transparency"
in reference to the JFK assassination.
I call it "let's show 'em that we've got 'em by the balls."
This is what they hope – that we will resign,

Shake, Mohammed

Shake, Mohammed

© Michael D. Morrissey March 20, 2007

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, with copyright acknowledgment.
Original place of publication is http://www.mdmorrissey.info/shake.

Rockin' rollin', rattlin', mov'in, shakin'
incredible breath-taking, belief-defying mastermind,
the one and only Perpetrator, Mother of All Crimes,
'tis I, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed,
the most powerful superman of all mankind,
able to crush tall buildings with a single plane
faster than the FAA and NORAD,
more powerful than the US Air Force,
able to pulverize tall buildings with a single plane

and another one with no plane at all.

Looking for the Enemy

You can order my book here. Among other things, I show that the CIA sabotaged their own Bay of Pigs invasion, that HIV was probably invented by the US government, and that Noam Chomsky and Rudolf Augstein are frauds. These are not claims, but conclusions based on detailed textual analysis--in Chomsky's case of his letters to me. This history is essential for a full grasp of the reality of 9/11.

The "Surely someone would have spilled the beans" argument

Many one of you can help me with this. I'm sure you've had similar experiences (if you're on my side of the looking glass, which I know most or at least some of you are).

Last night I had the opportunity to discuss the JFK assassination and 9/11 with a medical doctor. He had approached me, and was genuinely interested. I really wanted to convince this guy that reason was on my side.

I did ok, although my knowledge on the details of JFK are rusty and I don't talk about these subjects often in German. The hardest question, though, came after we agreed that hundreds of people must have known about 9/11, including people, for example, who had been approached but decided not to participate. Surely somebody would have blown the whistle by now.

Mark Rabinowitz on recent Griffin article

Anyone care to reply to this?

To the editor:

Tikkun's publication of David Ray Griffin's article about 9/11 --
http://www.tikkun.org/magazine/tik0703/frontpage/empire911 -- is both
courageous and detrimental. It is courageous because there is a lot
of good evidence for Cheney/Bush complicity. Close US allies,
including France, Germany, Israel, Jordan, Russia and others provided
specific warnings that 9/11 was imminent. At least five FBI
investigations were undermined just before the attacks. During 9/11,
numerous war game exercises seem to have confused the air defenses or
moved fighter planes too far away to intercept the hijacked planes.
And the National Reconnaissance Office (which operates spy
satellites) was conducting a "plane into building" exercise at the
same time as actual events. In short, 9/11 was allowed to happen
and probably was provided technical assistance to make sure that it
happened -- since the "new Pearl Harbor" was needed to provide the
excuse to seize the Middle East oil fields as we pass the global peak
of petroleum production. That is what the "Cheney energy plan" is
really about.

Oh Beautiful

Oh Beautiful

Michael D. Morrissey
March 3, 2007

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, with copyright acknowledgement. Original place of publication is http://www.mdmorrissey.info/beautiful.

Oh Beautiful, your spacious skies
were never filled with so many lies
as on 9/11, when a caveman in Afghanistan
flew his planes into the Pentagon
and the World Trade Center, pulverizing two,
doing what no plane in history could ever do
and a third one, just for the heck of it
eight hours later, without even hitting it.

Taking up the story where it starts
of how Bin Laden beat the US Air Farce
we see the answer right away:
he was trained by the CIA.
But no, it wasn't Bin Laden's men who flew those planes.
Not at all: they were Saddam Hussein's.

So we hung him, by logical deduction
because he had Weapons of Mass Destruction
not. And after all he was a tyrant,
for many years a friend and client,
just like that nasty Noriega down in Panama,
paid by the CIA Director, Dubya's pa.
Or, in the beginning, Ho Chi Minh
before we decided to do him in
for being a dirty domino, a commie,
though he survived, as did his country,

Kucinich on the war

Surge toward the truth.

By Dennis Kucinich

02/14/07 "ICH" -- -- "As we debate this nonbinding resolution on Iraq, the Administration is preparing for the next war, in Iran. We are losing our democracy to war, massive debt, fear and fraud. The American people need Congress to surge toward the Constitution, surge toward the truth.

"Some call this resolution a first step. I would like to believe that Congress will respond to the will of the American people expressed in the November election. They expect us to take real action, to assert our constitutional power, to take America out of Iraq by refusing to provide any more funding for the war. That is our right. That is our duty. We have a duty to restrain an Administration which is conducting an illegal war. We have a duty to hold to a constitutional accounting a President and a Vice President who led us into a war based on lies.

Democratic agenda 2008

I have decided to be a Democrat, in support of candidates like Bowman
and Kucinich. Does anyone have other candidates to recommend?

Bowman on the issues is here: http://bowman2008.com/issues_az.htm

Kucinich on the issues is here: http://kucinich.us/issues

Any other suggestions?

psychology of not thinking

This is the last week of our semester here in Germany, and I just sent this note to my classes. I thought it might also be of interest to you:

Today I had very interesting discussions in my classes today (Monday), and I would like to summarize the points that were made by various members of the classes, because I think they are all important:

Why do we prefer NOT to think about things like AIDS (much less the origin of the virus!), the war in Iraq, the possible coming war with Iran, 9/11, etc. ?

Here are the reasons that were mentioned. All of them are quite understandable, and I share many of them myself, so I am not trying to be judgmental; I just think it is interesting and important to talk about these things.

1. I have too much fun doing other things.
2. I am lazy.
3. I don't have time.
4. I feel guilty (because of World War 2).
5. One person can't make a difference anyway.
6. I/we tried it (protesting) once, and it didn't work.
7. Things aren't all that bad anyway (e.g., Hartz 4, Saddam Hussein).
8. We are too comfortable; you have to suffer yourself to be concerned about the suffering of others.

Essay by Dr. Bob Bowman, candidate for Congress 2008

The Patriots
By Dr. Bob Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret.

The United States is in trouble. We’re in danger of becoming a fascist dictatorship where big government and big business combine to rule, and where the people are considered just a source of labor. The marriage of government and the investor class has succeeded in exporting our jobs, importing illegal aliens to provide a pool of cheap labor, and thus driving down wages for all American workers and destroying the middle class. Their foreign and military policies have led us into unnecessary wars of aggression to gain raw materials and enhance profits of the global robber barons. Their trade policies have resulted in capital flight, job loss, trade deficits, and the ownership of much of our infrastructure by foreign interests.

We’ve gotten into this fix because our presidents, of both parties, have been servants of the global investors, and because our representatives in Congress, again of both parties, have abdicated their Constitutional responsibilities and subjected themselves to an imperial presidency.

Joan Mellen on JFK and 911

Joan Mellen's latest article on the murders of JFK and RFK, and their connection with 911 are a must read: http://www.joanmellen.net/truth.html . This can of worms has CIA clearly written on it, which is exactly as it should be. Nothing new in this thesis, of course, but she presents a lot of new facts to confirm it, and the article is well worth reading through, even though it is detailed and lengthy. It is only through the accumulation of these facts that people will eventually be convinced that the obvious is also true: the CIA is behind it all.

911 Truth Platoon

Over at www.v911t.org some interest is being generated in a 911 Truth Platoon, not to say "party." This would be a list of 20-50 candidates with a "point wo/man" run just like a military platoon, with the dangers advertsied to the public as part of the campagin and one mission: 911 Truth. Accomplish that mission and the world will change. The difference from traditional parties is that here personalities are not stressed, but the team itself, which is backed by the army of the people. I thought combat vets would be the best people to form the list since they presumably know what danger is, what bravery is, what a team is, and what a mission is. (I am not one of them.) So far nominees include Dennis Morrisseau, Alfons Olszewski, Bob Bowman, Craig Hill, and Carol Brouillet.

One movement, one party, one slogan: 911 Truth!

Volunteers please step up to the plate. First we need some names, then focus on an election: why not the presidency?