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911 Truth

The rest will follow: troops out now, repeal of all laws and policies predicated on 911 lies, etc.

No controversy. No problematic theories. Just truth. Who can object, or fail to join us?

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Motassadeq, Yarkas, Moussaoui

My local German paper says today that Motassadeq has been tried yet again (for the 3rd or 4th time) and (again, after contradictory findings previously) been found guilty as an accessory to murder in 3000 cases(on 911) and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He apparently knew Mohammed Atta in Hamburg. I know of no other evidence. The case has been "problematic" (to say the least) from the beginning because the U.S. has refused and still refuses to allow two key witnesses to testify, who are being held in secret prisons! The latter little fact, interestingly, is not mentioned in the NYT/AP coverage.

Yarkas is a similar case--got 15 years in a Spanish court. What has happened to Moussaoui? All these guys have been tried and convicted (at least Yarkas and Motassadeq) of being accessories to 911, all with scant (or non-existant?) evidence--which would have to be the case since there is little or no evidence that the people they supposedly were accessories to had anything to do with 911!

I suspect that these trials and convictions (and lack of evidence) are going unreported in the US because 911 truthers would start saying, "Hey, if it's so clear that these guys were accessories, how come there's so much doubt about who the hijackers were--or if there were any--in this country?"

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Reduction ad Totum

The Academic Fallacy

(May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, with copyright acknowledgement; orig. place of pub. http://www.geocities.com/mdmorrissey/academic.htm)

Michael D. Morrissey
Nov. 5, 2006

Morgan Reynolds* begins his most recent article on the planes/no-planes issue (Did planes actually hit the WTC or were all the videos faked?) by referring specifically to Eric Salter's article in the Journal of 9/11 Studies** and makes available the (second negative) review of his (Reynolds') article by the journal's editors.

This is a small step in the right direction, providing at least the beginning of a dialogue, which is what a real debate is, but unfortunately, instead of continuing in that direction Reynolds has simply posted his essay in reply to Salter's essay. This is the academic form of debate, which illustrates what I will call the ACADEMIC FALLACY. It has several aspects.

1. Academics cannot talk easily to non-academics because of mutual hatred, which has nothing to do with the issue under consideration. Exchanges with people like Gerard Holmgren (a "no-planer") make it obvious why they are hard to get along with, since they will insult you at the drop of a hat, so I won't belabor the point. It is less obvious why academics are hard to get along with, and since I have been around academics for many years in two countries (Germany, the USA), I think I am qualified to have an opinion. They are for the most part--I'll say this in German so maybe it will hurt less--aufgeblasene Arschlöcher. This means "puffed-up assholes," which is something above and beyond "arrogant assholes," because it means the arrogance is unjustified.

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On the Way to the Gas Chamber

On the Way to the Gas Chamber

Michael D. Morrissey
Oct. 7, 2006

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, with copyright acknowledgement. Orig. place of pub. is http://www.mdmorrissey.info/gas.

On the way to the gas chamber,
the Congress of Cowards lying down for Patriot Acts 1 and 2,
the Electronic Surveillance Modernization Act,
and now the Military Commissions Act of 2006,
trashing the US Constitution, the Geneva Conventions, the UN Charter,
the Nuremberg Principles, and all sense of decency, morality,
reason, and concern for civilization and the perpetuation of the human race,
I draft a little statement, as modest as can be,
considering the circumstances, and ask the "9/11 truth" researchers--
there are thousands of them, hundreds of websites,
polls showing more than a hundred million Americans agree
in contradistinction to the mainlining government-addicted corporate-fed media--

I ask them, can we please stop bickering about planes or no planes
or whether it was the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, Zionist billionaires,
the Freemasons, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission,
the High Cabal, the military-industrial-complex, or the CIA behind it all

The Logical Reconstruction of Reality, Part 4: The Onion Peeled

The Logical Reconstruction of Reality, Part 4: The Onion Peeled

Michael D. Morrissey, Sept. 28, 2006

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, with copyright acknowledgement; orig. place of pub. is http://www.mdmorrissey.info/logical4 (read there for hyperlinks). Parts 1-3 are accessible at http://www.mdmorrissey.info/title.

This is the hard part. Having peeled the onion (see Part 3), what do we do with it? Since I didn't set out to change reality, but only to reconstruct it, maybe I shouldn't even try to answer this question, because whatever answer I give will be unsatisfactory--to me as well as everyone else. I will be denounced as a wimp and perhaps a cointelpro agent by those who want a revolution, in the form of a popular uprising or a General's Coup, with indictments and arrests. Morgan Reynolds, a former Bush appointee in the Dept. of Labor and director of the Criminal Justice Center in Dallas, has a list of a couple of hundred names, from Bush and Cheney on down, that he is ready to send to the dock, if only there were a prosecutor willing to do it. Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.), predicts a military "counter-coup" in the near future by generals and officers fed up with the takeover of the military by the civilian "globalist elite" (who staged the coup on 9/11). More than a few seem ready to fight. As one reader of Part 3 put it: "We know the truth, we're not going to back off, we're not going to abandon hope, AND WE'RE GONNA KICK THEIR ASSES!"

The Logical Reconstruction of Reality, Part 3: Transparency Theory

The Logical Reconstruction of Reality, Part 3: Transparency Theory

Michael D. Morrissey, Sept. 22, 2006

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, with proper copyright acknowledgement; orig. place of pub. is http://www.mdmorrissey.info/mdmorrissey/logical3 . Part 1 is accessible at http://www.mdmorrissey.info/logical and Part 2 at http://www.mdmorrissey.info/logical2 .

In Part 2 I discussed two theories of the way things are in world no. 2--the Stupidity theory and the Mysterious Evil Forces theory. That brings me to a third view, which is the diametrical opposite of Stupidity theory: they want us to know.

When I was researching the JFK assassination in the late 80s and early 90s, I ran across this idea for the first time in my own head, in a letter to Harold Weisberg (Oct. 29, 1990):

"In fact, in retrospect, the entire assassination and coverup seem so crudely done that I wonder if the crudeness wasn't intentional. What better way to let us know, without admitting it outright, that they had (and have) us by the balls? Maybe they were saying: "Look what we can do. We blew his brains out in broad daylight, created a fairy tale, and got away with it. You can be as suspicious as you like, but we're in total control, and there's nothing you can do about it."

The Logical Reconstruction of Reality, Part 2: Stupidity Theory

The Logical Reconstruction of Reality, Part 2: Stupidity Theory

Michael D. Morrissey, Sept. 21, 2006

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, with proper copyright acknowledgement; orig. place of pub. is http://www.mdmorrissey.info/mdmorrissey/logical2. Part 1 is accessible at http://www.mdmorrissey.info/logical.

The two most frequent responses to the idea that the Bush administration orchestrated 9/11 are that 1) they wouldn't do anything so horrible to their own people, and 2) they are too stupid to do so even if they wanted to. 1) has been dealt with adequately elsewhere, most prominently by David Ray Griffin in all three of his books on 9/11, so suffice it to say here that precisely such horrible things have indeed been done before, often enough and with enough historical certainty that to claim it would not happen again is simply wishful thinking.

2) deserves more scrutiny, particularly now that we have a certifiably stupid president (though no exception, after Reagan) who fits perfectly into this scenario. With an obviously stupid man in the lead role, everyone else is more easily seen as equally stupid.

For example, on Sept. 10 an anonymous reader posted this response to Part 1 (see above) of this article on bellaciao.org:

Poem for Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez

On his address to the UN, Sept. 20, 2006 (http://www.counterpunch.com/chavez09202006.html)

Michael D. Morrissey
Sept. 21, 2006

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, provided copyright is acknowledged. Original place of publication is www.mdmorrissey.info/chavez.

Your words bring solace to a damaged nation
not yours, but mine, a limping giant
wounded in its soul by its very leaders,
the men you call imperialists and devils, assassins, torturers.
We know this too. But we need to hear it from you
because we know you are our friend.
You call us brothers, and we believe you.
You remind us of the well-documented crimes of the CIA
against your country and many others, including our own.
You know Bushco, the devil, was behind 9/11
and all that has followed, and you aren't afraid to say so.
Chomsky doesn't go that far, but David Griffin does
and he agrees with you about the devil.
So do we. We the people
sinking into fascism like the Germans yesterday,
having learned nothing at all from history,
struck deaf, dumb and blind not by 9/11
but by televsion and the New York Times
who sold out to the devil years ago.
Now you come, Hugo Chavez, saying what the Times

Hugo Chavez at UN

Fits in perfectly with David Griffin:

Address to the United Nations
Rise Up Against the Empire


Impeachment a "Gatekeeper Meme"?

Michael D. Morrissey

September 18, 2006

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, provided copyright is acknowledged. Original place of publication is www.mdmorrissey.info/impeach.

If you look for the word "impeach" on all the 9/11 truth websites, you'll find it only rarely. Why is that? It's unrealistic, we hear, because we don't have the votes in Congress, and here is another argument (I will identify the person if she wants me to):

Calls for "impeachment" advance a left-gatekeeper meme that is esigned to conflate any opposition with the official controlled opposition (principally the Democratic Party, moveon.org, etc.). Very clever way to muddy the waters and BURY the 9/11 murder/treason/fraud crimes by watering them down and trivializing them. After all, there a million implied reasons for "impeachment":from Valerie Plame to WMD to Abu Ghraib to Tom Delay garden-variety corruption--all watered-down and undifferentiated, all red herrings and all completely subordinate to the generic brainwashing and social-control functions of the fake Democratiic/Green/whatever "opposition." After all the president before this one was IMPEACHED for a misplaced cigar and a stained blue dress. So the American public (and the world at large) has already been educated and conditioned to interpret the IMPEACHMENT meme as a twisted joke and trivialization of crimes. Anyone who is serious about nailing the 9/11 perps will not be calling for "impeachment". They will be calling for ARRESTS--indictments, arrests and criminal trials. Because the term "impeachment", especially in American popular understanding, equates to false, fake phony opposition and media preoccupation with sex in the Oval office.

Jesus Was a Revolutionary

Jesus Was a Revolutionary

For David Ray Griffin

Michael D. Morrissey

Sept. 17, 2006

May be redistributed for non-profit purposes, provided copyright is acknowledged. Original place of publication is www.mdmorrissey.info/jesus.

I had never looked at it that way.
Jesus not Christ but the man.
The fight is far from over.
The emperor, naked as a jaybird, still rides our wizened hearts
and laughs. We know we will be next
at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, or right here in god's country
covered with our own excrement and suffocated
underneath some sergeant's ass
unless we fight. But still we say,
the emperor is good. One nation, under emperor, with liberty and justice
and most of everything for just a few.
Caveat preemptor warfare, mighty rigger of elections, building bomber, anthrax mailman,
liar, executioner, pox americano.
It takes a while to come the second time, but we'll get there.
Introibo ad altar Dei.
Gimme the bread, I 'll give it to the people,
in Jesus' name we pray.
Make love not war, the Virgin said and meant
Fuck ye. Do it in the streets.
Put your AIDS back in the test tube where it came from.
Make us happen before it does to us.
The next holocaust may be the last.

Pope as rabble-rouser

The Pope's recent remarks in Regensburg (cf. for example http://bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=akjRPn44QqXE&refer=home were clearly intended to portray Islam as violent and irrational, in contrast to Christianity. There is no possible excuse for this. Such remarks are not only historically inaccurate, but demented and demonic, and further proof that we need a revolution in Christianity just as badly (or more so) as we do in politics, as David Griffin has argued in "Christian Faith..."

After the Vatican murdered John Paul I in 1978, the exposure of many Catholic priests as child abusers, and countless other crimes going further back in history (need one be reminded of the Crusades?), the very gall of suggesting that Islam is somehow more violent or unreasonable than Christianity is mind-boggling.