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Bridge Collapse In Minn.

Regarding the unfortunate collapse of that bridge in Minn. the media reports that there is going to be a thorough investigation into this deadly mishap. What's up with that? We couldn't even get a REAL investigation into 9/11 'cause all the evidence was shipped over seas & the commission was trumped up from the begining. Must be the State that's going to conduct it, because the Federal government is too messed up to do an investigation correctly. If the Feds did do one they would probably come up with some "theory" that there were too many birds that landed on the thing & the wind was blowing just right to cause it to collapse. I DO NOT mean to disrespect those families that have lost loved ones in this terrible incident, or make light of the situation. My point is, that this should show everyone who believes that the Federal government lied about what happened that fateful day should ban together as UNITED STATES & do our own investigation! We're not the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA anymore, we're just America. Time to be UNITED again for the sake of our children & their children! We owe 'em that much!

Steel Launch Pad

Last night while watching the news, they showed a clip of the Shuttle lifting off. As I watched, I noticed the flames of the lift off were directly hitting the launch area. My question to anyone out there with any knowledge about steel melting in intense heat is, since the 9/11 commission says that the Twin Towers came down due to the fact the jet fuel weakened the steel beams, shouldn't the launch sites metal towers be ruined also from the launch itself? I'm no expert at any of this stuff but it looked to me as if the flames from the shuttle hit that launch area longer than the jet fuel from the Twin Towers. Also, I don't know if that launch area is made of other material other than steel so it won't be damaged by that intense heat from the lift offs. Please, what do y'all think?

Collapse of WTC7

Hey, I'm no expert on this subject,but when I first saw the Twin Towers come down I thought that it looked as if they were brought down by explosives. Then I watched "Loose Change" for the first time in '06 & it was confirmed. I didn't know about WTC7 untill I saw that film.After I learned of that buildings contents, it hit me that WTC7 was brought down to eliminate any records of proof from the Securities & Exchange Commissions court documents on pending cases on Enron, Worldcom,etc. I believe with all my heart that it was destroyed due to the fact that alot of people would have gotten what they deserved. Especially the pack of liars in the Bush Administration. I am new to this whole Internet stuff & really don't know how to investigate what really was in WTC7. If anyone has the know-how, could find out & post it here at "*9/11 Blogger"? Thanks for letting me share my opinion!