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London Underground We Are Change UK Advert now available as PDF

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the great feedback regarding our advert on the underground. It was a real team effort and will hopefully cause some people to think for themselves a bit more.

The downloadable high resolution PDF can be found at

Cynthia McKinney Talk in London - 10 September 2007 - Confronting Empire

Here is the video of Cynthia's talk in London the evening before the 6th anniversary of 9/11

Loose Change Final Cut - World Cinematic Premiere - London 24th November

The most watched and downloaded film in internet history reaching over 50 million people, Loose Change is now ready for the big screen. With 80% new material from the phenomenon that was Loose Change 2nd Edition, Loose Change Final Cut has now taken it a step further.

Using witness testimony, expert analysis, news footage, and corroborating evidence Loose Change Final Cut is the most explosive and significant film of the decade.

Starring George W Bush, Condolleeza Rice, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and contributors from Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, BBC, firefighters, first responders and 9/11 victims, the film exposes the inconsistencies and falsehoods put forward by the Bush administration in the hours, days and weeks after 9/11.

Were 19 Islamic terrorists the sole perpetrators of 9/11, or has the world been the victim of an audacious hoax? Watch this film and make up your own mind.

Invite all of your friends/family to this event too - it's open to all!

You can book tickets online:

We Are Change Radio - UK

We have updated our website to include the synopsis of all our previous shows. Show 6 is now available to download:

Show 6
Interview with Tim Sparke (executive producer of Loose Change Final Cut)
Interview with Jayne Secker (Sky News journalist)
Interview with Gary Brandl (peace campaigner and member of Peace Strike)
Dean talks about the recent confrontation of Richard Dearlove (ex-head of MI6)
What The Papers Don't Say

'Like A New Pearl Harbour' by Fractured News
'10 Second Freefall' by Three Shoes Posse

We Are Change UK phone Jane Standley

One of our activists managed to get through to Jane Standley and asked her about her premature announcement on the collapse of Building 7.

We Are Change Radio UK 4th Show

We Are Change Radio Podcast

The podcast from the fourth We Are Change radio show broadcast on October 21st is now available. This weeks show has interviews with George Galloway, William Rodriguez and Scott Forbes, both employees at the World Trade Center during 9/11. Also covered this week is the plight in Burma and We Are Chnage at a recent Peace March in London.

You can download the show from

We Are Change Radio UK 2nd Show

Our second show is now availbale to download at

This week's show includes an interview with Luke Rudowski, Dean's report of events in New York for the anniversary - including exclusive interviews with First Responders and being arrested live on Fox News, a Building 7 special report and more.

Next week is a 7/7 special.

We Are Change Radio - 1st Show available to download

The first weekly show of We Are Change Radio UK is now available for download. Please let us know your thoughts by emailing to

If you like what you hear please email the station to let them know. Thanks

Next week’s show includes an interview with Luke Rudowski, a report from Dean Puckett about his trip to New York for the anniversary events and a feature on Building 7.

Keep checking for updates.

We Are Change UK Radio show this Sunday

Dear all,

I am very pleased to announce that We Are Change UK have got a radio show starting in London this Sunday on Resonance FM. We have a 6 week run and are on every Sunday from 6-7PM UK time(currently BST).

Our first show includes a speech by Cynthia McKinney from her recent UK tour, Mohsin Drabu speaking at Speakers Corner(an historical zone of free speech in London), some views from the street and a bit of music.

You can listen online at Please support the show by writing in to the station and we may be given a more regular slot. This station has some very influential listeners in London.

If you don't get to listen to the show live we will be hosting it on our website which has now gone live. any feedback welcome.


We Are Change UK interview Kevin McPadden - First Responder - about countdown at Building 7

Dean from We Are change UK interviewed Kevin McPadden at Ground Zero. He talks of a countdown and a massive explosion. Debunk that debunkers!!

UK Change Anniversary Report including podcast to Cynthia McKinney speech

Anniversary Events London

We Are Change UK had a very successful 6th anniversary. It started on Sunday with us taking Cynthia McKinney to speak at the Urban Green Fair in Brixton, London. The talk went down extremely well and organising it allowed us to have a stall amongst groups who have previously been very resistant to the 9/11 issue. A few We Are Change campaigners approached Peter Thatchell at the event and we believe this was the reason he wrote his piece in the Guardian 2 days later. Cynthia then went up to Leeds to give a talk in the evening that was extremely successful.

On the Monday we had a talk by Cynthia in London. It attracted a very new diverse audience and was amazing. We should all be supporting Cynthia as she is a beautiful person whi isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. Here is a recording of her speech.

Cytnhia had to leave us on Tuesday to go and do a talk in Amsterdam, that I have been told was a huge success, but we managed to get her down to Parliament Square to meet Brian Haw. Brian has been camped outside Parliament for around 6 years.

Storm Troopers spread the message in London

A great day was had by the London We Are Change team last Saturday. 2 of our memebrs got hold of some original Storm Trooper outfits and we took a little tour of London. The response was fantastic. Attached are pictures of the Troopers at Parliament Square and also outside Downing Street, home of the Prime Minister. Video will be done soon.

Cynthia McKinney UK Tour

Cynthia McKinney will have 2 speaking dates in the UK followed by an appearence in Amsterdam on 09/11.

We Are Change UK hit the Notting Hill Carnival

Here's the London We Are Change team at Notting Hill Carnival, the world's second largest carnival.

(Head's up, there is a bit of profanity in there from interviewees. -rep.)

9/11 Building 7 - Press Release (Final Version)

UK 9/11 truth activist has written a song entitled Building 7 and is releasing it on 09/03/07 to try and get it in the charts and raise awareness. Please support this help get it in the charts!!!


Visit: for further information and to hear/watch the video.

If you want to support the 9/11 movement, buying this song will help, as the money generated will be donated to the 9/11 campaign.

Please forward this e-mail to as many people as possible in order to raise the profile of this release.

Many thanks

Martin Noakes