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How the video data implies a Controlled Demolition of WTC 1.

There have been at least 3 presentations of evidence that show the simple NIST/BAZANT model of the collapse of the WTC Towers does not fit with the video data, nor does it obey Newton's Third Law.

We tested two simplified Models of a controlled demolition in WTC1 and compared the Models with the video evidence.

(PDF 864kb)
Observations of WTC1 Collapse, the NIST/BAZANT model and 2 Particulate Mass Models.

I'd welcome your thoughts and comments.

Bush Address Today

I've just heard Bush on BBC World service did I hear Bush right?

Did he say

"It doesn't matter what path is taken to get a law, What's important is that we get a Law"

Ends justifying means?. Congress says NO! no matter - Shock! - Shock! - Emergency! Emergency! Martial Law.

Presto... We got a Law.

So no matter what your elected reps say, you're going to be ripped off big style.

And if your elected reps continue to say no - you get dropped in the "Depression" and are punished Zimbabwe style.

And they tell you Capitalism is about consumer choice!!

9-11 Truth the After-Shock.

Though in her short film "The Shock Doctrine" Naomi Klien shows 9-11 as a shock and therefore an "opportunity" (as Bush called it at 11AM on Sept 11th 2001) for the PNAC manifesto to be realised. There is however a second shock associated with 9-11 a delayed shock or an after shock.
The shock of Truth.

As the whole planet experienced the initial shock on 9-11
The myths were told by the News Management teams creating Zelikows' "reality" dreamt up in his schizophrenic "parallel universe":

"They hate our freedoms" "It's a clash of civilisations" "it's blow-back for our foreign policy" "19 men and a dead man's box(cutter)".
and, through these myths, we thought we understood the event in the context of our own world view,

No Creep Observed in WTC 1 prior to collapse

Was there creep in WTC1 in the lead up to the collapse?

The NIST report says there was. They support this claim with the testimony of a guy in a helicopter and an un-timed photograph.

We set out to see if we could observe creep in the tower before it collapses, we found none.

Debating the Debunkers and The Authoritarian Personality

Sorry if this is a repost!

My experience of the debunkers is that they appear to have this personality type in SPADES

Here's where you start on Wikipedia

Here's a reading list on the Authoritarian Personality some directly about the affects of 911 on the right Wing Authoritarian Personality available from Academic Libraries

Baars, J. and P. Scheepers (1993). “Theoretical and Methodological Foundations of the Authoritarian Personality.” Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 29(4): 345-353.
This article provides a history of the theoretical and methodological contributions, particularly Erich Fromm's, of the sub-syndromes of the concept of authoritarianism and the relationship of his work to the classical study by Adorno, Frenkel-Brunswik, Levinson and Sanford.

Christie, R. (1978). “Authoritarian Personality - Adorno,Tw.” Human Nature 1(4): 90-93.

A Cautionary Tale

This is a cautionary tale

Out of interest I checked my server logs to see how many downloads of Fromthe JakassesMouth.mp3 had occured. I use Analog a simple Log file parser that tells you among other things the IP Address of the computer that downloaded the file.

I found one IP that had the .gov (US Government) domain and so out of curiosity!, I googled the IP and found the Name of a person who had made a contribution to some discussion on some web site, The IP was right there against this name along with an e-mail contact that was to the same US Govt department that the original .gov IP pointed to.
So I had a name and a Govt. department, So I googled the name and found out quite a lot about this person including their nickname where they worked even their musical tastes and the fact that they use Government computers to to lots of stuff they're probably not supposed to.

Just thought you might like to know how easy it is to find out stuff about people on the internet.

Don't know a lot about protecting your ID when surfing I've heard of using proxies or TOR and privoxy
So any advice from anyone would be welcome I think.

The Truth from O'Rielly!

Here's a tune made using this post on 911 Blogger

O'Rielly Poser and Bo

Don't confuse 'em with facts Bo!