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Ask Michael Moore to help, as he said he would!

Good Greetings fellow Truthers and site viewers

I noticed Michael Moore's latest email and I quote him saying,
"I see so many great documentaries and it's a shame that most of you don't get to see them. Later this year, I will announce a new project that will help other filmmakers get the distribution they deserve. "
Now we have already seen footage on YouTube of Michael Moore recently being approached by Truthers and Michael Moore saying that yes there are huge questions still demanding to be answered, that yes there was a coverup and that yes he supports a new investigation. As far as I can infer from what I know.

So should we not all then QUOTE Michael in his email here to all his supporters, and ask him to first support our boys behind "Loose Change Final Cut". For him to do this, if he really cares for the family victim groups as he showed in "Fahrenheit 9/11" and also the First Responders, as he shows in "Sicko".

I am sure if we flood him with such emails... he will no doubt support Loose Change Final Cut, whether overtly or covertly, however big or small.

Thats all from me,
Warm Regards with Peace

William Rodriguez on the George Galloway Show!

I do apologise this is a very poor quality recording and upload. I did not make it. However, its what I could find.

The Real Deal with George Galloway: 12th June 2007

George discusses 9/11 conspiracy theories, Palestinian civil war, and more. Apologies for the poor quality audio and video.