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BBC`s SNAFU reporting in detail wtc7`s collapse 23 minutes early censored at youtube

jBBC`s SNAFU reporting in detail wtc7`s collapse 23 minutes early censored at youtube

 BBC, 911 Truth, BBC Error ! Huge smoking gun of pre-knowledge collapse of WTC7, 9/11 truth censorship,

 recently this message was sent to my inbox at youtube,

it is part of an ongoing effort of 911 truth minded people who return to the videos comments section perodically of a highly popular you tube video of jane stanley discussing ,live,the collapse of the salomon bros bldg while she stands live with said building [wtc7] clearly doing just fine right behind her head! OOPS!

The smell of a pundits fear

The "coming out" of rosie on the issues of 911 have had a dramatic and , i think , unexpected effect. it has made the shills reveal themselves in a manner so obvious and so single minded that the level of propaganda has achieved laughable levels.

Take bill oreilly lately,if you havent eaten yet, and consider his latest attack on a retired military guest over the geneva convention and the iran british flap. bill who has scorned the conventions and supports torture like a midevael pope, suddenly wants to pigeonhole her response to blaming iran [as is the official purpose of putting those sailors in harms way] and have her say only that iran is in noncomplience to the conventions,within a minute his ravings devolved into a question about her loyalty to america and then he cut her mike, bill is just a dangerous hypocrite who has brought his yellow journalism to new heights of irrelevancy,and danger to our republic.

down the pothole (of memory)

America needs to wake up and stop allowing the talking heads of neocon television to define their intellectual and emotional positions, with an ounce of critical thinking their blathering devolves into embarrasingly blatent and now desperate propaganda,the attacks on free speech are especially telling , they know they are failing in their role of keeping the masses in the dark, and their desperation shows .
Its happening slowly but american are beginning to see that every effort from our leaders is toward exploiting then hiding, erasing, forgetting that 911 is with us today as much as it was on the day it happened. thats what happens when you ignore a crime.when you deny resolution, it festers in the minds of its victims .