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9/11 Truth Novelist Mike Palecek on Truth Jihad Radio Saturday 4/7 6-8 pm CT (corrected from earlier post erroneously putting him on Dynamic Duo Friday)

As far as I know, there are only four 9/11 truth novels: Hal Sisson's Modus Operandi 9/11, Nick Shelton's The American Truth, Steve Alten's The Shell Game, and now...ta-da!...Mike Palecek's Iowa Terror.

This is Mike's tenth published novel, by my count, and it's another witty, darkly humorous entry from Iowa's answer to Kurt Vonnegut. What's more, it tackles 9/11 truth head on. Here's the description from Mike's website, :

“IOWA TERROR” - a new Palecek novel by 7th Street Press

Terror warnings on TV, terror music on the radio. Kate Smith singing. God Bless America! We must really be in trouble. Right?

It is unique, political comedy, satire, anti-war - in George W. Bush’s America - telling the truth for once in America, that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did 9/11 themselves in order to start a war and make money.

In large format, original color illustrations.

Senate candidate calls for Bush’s arrest

9/11 truth senatorial candidate Laurie Dobson was my guest on Dynamic Duo last Friday. She's getting all kinds of media coverage, mainstream and otherwise, for her efforts to get the Kennebunkport constabulary to bust Bush. Go, Laurie! Schedule, guest list & directions to archives:

Senate candidate calls for Bush’s arrest

By Laura Dolce
February 26, 2008 3:01 PM
KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine -- (Bush family summer mansion)

Calling President George Bush "the worst president in the history of the United States," Independent U.S. Senate candidate Laurie Dobson stood on the steps of the town hall Tuesday and called upon the town to indict Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney as war criminals.

Saying that both had "made killing fields of many countries," Dobson urged town leaders to issue a warrant for their arrests.

"There is compelling, undeniable, irrefutable evidence that crimes are going on," she said.

Dobson filed a copy of her indictment... and later read it aloud for gathered media members -- overlooking Walker’s Point (as in George Walker Bush) -- the summer home of the President’s parents.

William Woodward, Peter Thottam, and Rob Balsamo on 9/11 and Empire Tonight, Tues. 3/4/08 8-10 pm Central

During the first hour Professor William Woodward of the University of New Hampshire will join me to discuss psychology and 9/11 truth. He is honing a scholarly article on 9/11 using "SSK, the sociology of scientific knowledge and the history of science, especially German and British, where a lot of new models are in the air" (from his email to me today). In the second half of the first hour, we will (hopefully) hear from Brian, Nick, and/or Anthony of to discuss the psychology of their truth squadding, most recently of Mitt Romney . Still waiting for final confirmation on this.

The second hour will lead off with another truth-squadding hero, Peter Thottam of LA 9/11 Truth who helped organize the Bill Maher intervention last fall. Peter and I will discuss the 9/11 truth protest at the Academy Awards , the hoopla surrounding Academy Awards winner Marion Cotillard's 9/11 views and related Hollywood-meets-9/11-truth issues, among other things.

Joel Hirschhorn, Laurie Dobson on 9/11 Truth and Elections Today on GCN

Ph.D. metallurgical engineer & 9/11 truth supporter Joel Hirschhorn, and 9/11 truth senatorial candidate Laurie Dobson will be my guests today on Dynamic Duo, 4-6 pm CT, Network 4.

Hirschhorn will be the first hour guest, followed by Dobson the second hour.

We'll be talking about the 2008 elections--and Hirschhorn and Dobson are both arguing against the "lesser evil" mentality. Hirschhorn has written several recent op-eds on the elections including:

Call-in number 866-582-9933

John McCain's Sweet Ride: Lobbyist's Plane Flew Saudi Royals After 9/11

Daniel Hopsicker of the MadCow Morning News reports that John McCain and Vicki Iseman flew together on a lavishly-furnished Boeing 727 provided by Iseman—which turned out to be the same Boeing 727 that evacuated Saudi Royals from Las Vegas to London shortly after the 9/11 attacks. The plane was owned by an extremist Christian broadcasting company called Paxson Communications, which was Vicki Iseman’s biggest client. Paxon Communications is rumored to have CIA and mafia ties including links to neocon-connected Jewish mobster Jack Abramoff, whose casino boats hosted alleged 9/11 hijackers before the attacks. Mohammed Atta, and other so-called Islamic extremists who would be falsely blamed for 9/11, trained at secure US military facilities including Maxwell Air Force base and Pensacola Naval Air Station, enrolled as fake flying students at CIA-connected drug-import airstrips, and apparently used US taxpayers money to indulge lavishly in cocaine, call-girls, top-shelf whiskey, and other un-Islamic activities while they were being set up as patsies.

Activist, Martial Law Expert on Dynamic Duo today, 4-6 pm CT Network 4 Call-in 8766-582-9933

My first-half-hour guest will be Bay Area activist Brad Newsham of , invited at listeners' request. Brad helped organize those amazing human impeachment signs made up of 1000-plus people on the beach.

During the rest of the show, I'll talk about martial law (and hopefully some 9/11 truth) with expert Harold Williams of Harold's wife supplied the following biography:

Peter Dale Scott on Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 2/23 6-8 pm CT

Peter Dale Scott, professor emeritus at the University of California-Berkeley, is one of the world's leading scholars on the JFK assassination, CIA drug dealing, martial law/"continuity of government," and now 9/11. His recent book The Road to 9/11 locates these and other crimes along the rising trajectory of the American "overworld," which he describes as "that realm of wealthy or privileged society that, although not formally authorized or institutionalized, is the scene of successful influence of government by private power."

The Road to 9/11, the first 9/11 revisionist book published by a major university press, is a copiously documented interpretation of contemporary history. Along with its accurate diagnosis of how wrong things have gone, the book offers hope, suggesting that the creation and nourishing of alternative institutions (including alternative media like 911blogger and patriot radio) can help us get out of this mess.

Peter Dale Scott is a lively personality and accomplished poet as well as a leading alternative historian. It should be a great interview.

6-8 pm CT,

Why Steve Alten is Winning the Shell Game Debate

Why Steve Alten is Winning the Shell Game Debate

by Kevin Barrett

[I interviewed Steve Alten, author of The Shell Game, on 1/22/08, then interviewed his critic Wendy Campbell on 2/12/08. Both shows are available in the WTPRN archives. I will again interview Steve Alten this Tuesday, 2/19/08, 10-11 pm CT...after first-hour guest Mikey Weinstein of who will be on 9-10 pm.; complete radio schedule:]

Steve Alten’s new bestseller The Shell Game was bound to be controversial. Alten’s thriller involves a White-House-approved neocon plot to stage a new mega-9/11 designed to trigger full-scale martial law and a war on Iran. The book shows how Arab patsies are set up to take the blame for the attack (just like on 9/11). It is peppered with references to such 9/11 truth advocates as David Ray Griffin, Mike Ruppert, Michael Meacher, and the Jersey Girls. No wonder Alten’s career is being threatened by insiders. No wonder the mainstream press won’t review his book.

Special "Worst President Ever" Presidents' Day Show on Dynamic Duo Monday 2/17

George W. Bush's legacy will include his complicity in 9/11 high treason and mass murder. "Worst president ever" doesn't even begin to do justice to this level of betrayal.

To celebrate the (hopefully) impending end of Bush's reign of terror--the last Presidents' Day with this incurious, sadistic borderline psychopath fouling up the White House--I have invited two of America's leading impeachment activists: Peter Thottam of and LA 9/11 Truth and Debra Sweet of

I understand that Peter may be turning away from impeachment activism toward supporting Obama, which I'm not sure is a good idea. Webster Tarpley has made a good case that Obama is a dangerous NWO front-man, and that Hilary, for all her faults, would be a small step toward reorienting the political system in favor of ordinary working people, who are being bled dry by the NWO globalists.

Psychopaths, Ponerology, & 9/11: Laura Knight-Jadczyk on Dynamic Duo Friday 2/15

My recent essay Twilight of the Psychopaths generated a whole lot of discussion. That conversation will continue on Dynamic Duo Friday, 2/15/08, 4-6 pm CT, Network 4

I will be interviewing Laura Knight-Jadczyk, a pioneer in the application of ponerology (the study of political psychopathy) to 9/11.

Laura edited Lobaczewski's book Political Ponerology, which argues that the tendency of psychopaths to rise to the top of power hierarchies sometimes gets out of control, leading to the infection of the body politic and the development of a psychopathic state. That, according to Lobaczewski, is what happened in Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia; and, according to Laura, it is happening right now in Bush's USA. Check out Laura's interview:

Laura has warned me that she is a controversial figure in the 9/11 community, which is fine with me--as you may have noticed, I don't shy away from controversy.

Call-in number: 1-866-582-9933

International Law Professor Francis Boyle to Discuss Civil Resistance on Dynamic Duo

Kevin Barrett interviews Francis Boyle: Today, Friday 2/8/08, 4-6 pm CT, Network 4

I have hosted a kind of ongoing debate between advocates of Civil Information Activism like former Air Controller Robin Hordon, advocates of Civil Disobedience like Dave Slesinger, and advocates of We Are Change style truth squads like Ruke Rudkowski and Peter Thottam (the lawyer who helped organize the Bill Maher intervention.)

Connecting The Many Undersea Cut Cable Dots

Since I haven't seen much about this on 911blogger yet I thought folks here might find it interesting. Sauder's article is thoughtful and well-documented. I've been talking about this on the radio: and

"Are we to expect another 'false flag' attack, like the inside job on 9-11 perhaps? -- an attack that will be made to appear that it comes from Iran, and that is then used as a pretext to strike Iran, maybe with nuclear weapons?"

Connecting The Many Undersea Cut Cable Dots

by Richard Sauder
Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.
4 February 2008

The last week has seen a spate of unexplained, cut, undersea communications cables that has severely disrupted communications in many countries in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. As I shall show, the total numbers of cut cables remain in question, but likely number as many as eight, and maybe nine or more.

Check Out NO LIES NEWS, My New Headline News Show on Pacifica

Please tune in to my new five-minute news headline show on No Lies Radio, a Pacifica Radio Network affiliate. "No Lies News" will be on seven days a week, eight times a day, and will be updated daily (well, five to seven times a week) to offer a 9/11 truth perspective on the latest headlines, spiced with the kind of offbeat humor that makes it all bearable.

Pacifica is the leading American left/alternative network, and No Lies Radio features Democracy Now, Free Speech Radio News, and 9/11 truth teach-in and music programming. No Lies News will be available for syndication to Pacifica stations around the country---please contact yours and urge them to carry it!

No Lies News runs every day, Monday thru Sunday (all times given are Pacific Time):
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To listen to the first episode, go to:

This is a different kind of show and audience from my talk shows on RBN, GCN, and WTPRN:

Ann Althouse Refuses Debate Proposal, Hurls More Insults

University of Wisconsin law professor Ann Althouse has upped the ante. Now she says 9/11 truth is not just "truly nutty," it's "despicable," and 9/11 truth-seekers are like "Nazis or Klansmen."

If it's that nutty and despicable, it ought to be easy for a law professor to shoot down in a debate. But once again, Ann has taken the cowardly route of hurling vicious insults while refusing a polite offer for a debate based on logic and evidence. Below is my recent correspondence with her.

On Feb 2, 2008, at 2:44 PM, Kevin Barrett wrote:


Dear Ann Althouse,

I am writing to request that you back up your characterization of 9/11 skepticism as "nutty," and your many public attacks on me, by stepping forward to defend the official story, using logic and evidence, in a free and fair debate.

As you may know, last year the UW-Madison History Club attempted to sponsor a debate or panel discussion pitting critics of the government's version of 9/11 against its defenders. After thoroughly canvassing the UW faculty, especially the History and Political Science departments, they were unable to find any defenders.

Barrett vs. Tarpley and Other Controversies Tonight on Truth Jihad Radio, RBN, 6-8 pm CT

While I am rarely accused of not being controversial enough, I am conducting a pre-emptive strike against that accusation tonight with a Truth Jihad Radio show devoted to controversy.

Tonight (Sat. 2/1/08) on RBN, the world's most notorious Muslim truth jihadi (that would be me, Kevin Barrett) listens to the complaints of misrepresented Jews and Christians! I guess we Muslims aren't the only ones who get misrepresented ; )

In between the controversies with the Jews and Christians, I'll pick a bone with secularist historian Webster Tarpley.

6-6:50 pm CT: 9/11 truth supporter Andrew Mathis, discussing what he says are pejorative misconceptions about the Talmud, exemplified by; he recommends the refutation at Andrew writes: "It is often thought that the Talmud serves as the basis for Zionism. Actually, the Talmud strictly opposes Zionism."

6:50-7:10 pm CT: I ask Webster Tarpley why he thinks Obama's advisors, who look to me like a dubious but at least anti-neocon anti-Mideast-war contingent, are so terrible. (We'll continue the argument with a full two hour show next Saturday night.)