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Mainstream Paper Prints Four "Althouse, Debate Barrett!" Letters

Congratulations to Richard, Lon, James and Jeannon, and a huge thanks to everybody who wrote to Althouse, the UW, and/or the local newspapers. This must be by far the biggest flood of 9/11 truth every published in the letters section of any mainstream US newspaper!

Ann Althouse, a law professor who seems to have a very high opinion of herself, needs to find the courage to defend her assertion that 9/11 skeptics are "nutty." If our arguments are that weak, it should be a piece of cake for an experienced law professor to take them apart...right?

Scroll down for a list of places to write and call to keep the pressure on her, and on the UW. We DEMAND a 9/11 debate in 2008!


PS I'll discuss this during the second hour of today's radio show (first hour guest Jarek Kupsc, writer-director of The Reflecting Pool). 4-6 pm CT Network 4 Call-in number 866-582-9933 Complete schedule & guest list:

Richard C. Lowe: "Nutty" belief? Let's put that to debate
Letter to the editor — 1/31/2008 9:35 am

Kevin Barrett: Media are ignoring 9/11 whistle-blowers

Kevin Barrett: Media are ignoring 9/11 whistle-blowers

Letter to the editor — 1/26/2008 8:31 am

Dear Editor: I am out of a job because The Capital Times and other mainstream media outlets refuse to report the news.

As a scholar, my job is to seek and report the truth, no matter where it leads. That is also the job of the media.

Along with hundreds of other scholars, engineers, architects, and former high-level military, intelligence and executive branch officials (, I have pointed out that the official story of 9/11 is a ridiculous fairy tale, contradicted at every turn by overwhelming evidence. But rather than reporting on all of these people, and investigating the evidence they cite, the media singled me out for vicious attacks, up to and including a death threat from Bill O'Reilly.

Recently, the former president of Italy, Francesco Cossiga, stated publicly that the global intelligence community and the democratic forces in Europe know that the CIA and Mossad perpetrated the 9/11 attacks. Why wasn't that front page headlines?

The End of Privacy by Eliot Cohen

Very important article here, references 9/11 truth via PNAC. I just invited Eliot Cohen on the radio--stay tuned to

The End of Privacy

By Elliot Cohen

25/01/08 "Truthdig" -- -- Amid the controversy brewing in the Senate over Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) reform, the Bush administration appears to have changed its strategy and is devising a bold new plan that would strip away FISA protections in favor of a system of wholesale government monitoring of every American’s Internet activities. Now the national director of intelligence is predicting a disastrous cyber-terrorist attack on the U.S. if this scheme isn’t instituted...[cut]

Please Protest "Cowardly Display" by Althouse & University of Wisconsin

A cowardly display

by Bill Willers, Bill Willers Professor emeritus, biology, UW-Oshkosh

Friday, January 25, 2008

On Jan. 21, University of Wisconsin law professor Ann Althouse wrote on her blog, “I don’t know why the University of Wisconsin has not rehired 9/11 conspiracy believer Kevin Barrett to teach a course on the history of Islam. But if we know a person believes something truly nutty, are we not entitled to use that as evidence of his intelligence, judgment, and trustworthiness?”

This is an amazing statement coming from a professor of law — a position that presupposes a respect for carefully considered evidence. Her assault on Mr. Barrett, in which she makes no effort to consider the countless facts backing the so-called Truth Movement, is shamefully flippant...

...there is little doubt that in a courtroom, in which she would face that army of experts and their facts, she would be reduced to dust on the floor.

The Shell Game, 9/11, and Islamophobia: Truth Jihadi Interviews Steve Alten

Kevin Barrett interviews Steve Alten: Tuesday, 1/21/08 9-11 pm CT,

Steve Alten's new thriller The Shell Game promises to take 9/11 truth to the bestseller lists. It's about a neocon plot to stage a mega-9/11 to trigger martial law and an attack on Iran. It's studded with quotations from David Ray Griffin, Mike Ruppert, and other well-known truth advocates. What's more, it's got its own terrific 9/11 truth website: What 9/11 truthseeker could argue with that?

Well, a few have. Alten has recently taken some heat for ignoring Israeli connections to 9/11: And some of my Muslim and Muslim-friendly friends have found parts of the book painfully Islamophobic. One friend--a well-known 9/11 truth movement figure--found the book too painful to read.

Bringing Death And Destruction to Muslims by Paul Craig Roberts

9/11 was a false-flag operation designed to demonize Muslims. It launched criminal invasions of two Muslim countries, the murders of over one million Muslims in Iraq, the establishment of a worldwide CIA-Mossad sex torture gulag targeting Muslims, and a brutal war-of-words against Muslims by the Zionist-dominated US mainstream media. One of the victims of this outbreak of mass insanity was Moazzam Begg, Guantanamo survivor and author of Enemy Combattant: My Imprisonment at Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar. Arrested in 2002 in a case of mistaken identity, repeatedly tortured, witness to the murder of two fellow prisoners by guards, and forced to sign a false "confession," Begg was finally released in 2005. He will be my guest on Dynamic Duo this Monday, 1/21/07, 4-6 pm, Network 4. (Full schedule:

Paul Craig Roberts has been one of the most eloquent voices of protest against the Islamophobic mass psychosis triggered by the 9/11 inside job. Here is his latest contribution.

Bringing Death And
Destruction To Muslims
By Paul Craig Roberts

John Perkins and Abid Jan on 9/11 & Empire Radio

9/11 and Empire Radio, 9-11 pm CT Tues. 1/14/07

My first-hour guest will be John Perkins, author of the bestseller Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and the new The Secret History of the American Empire. Perkins pulls back the curtain on the way the world is really run (by financiers, not politicians) through usury and black ops.

Second hour guest: Abid Ullah Jan of, author of six books and countless articles, whose analysis of empire complements Perkins.

John Perkins is on the record expressing doubts about the official story of 9/11--doubts that I hope he'll expand upon in this interview!

BookTV on CSpan2 1/21/06
Featuring John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man Taped at Politics & Prose Bookstore, Washington DC, 1/10/06
Excerpt from the Q & A session

Barrett Protests UW Hiring Decision

This is the second time in the past six months that the University of Wisconsin-Madison has passed me over in favor of less qualified candidates. From now on I'm on the (legal) warpath. Those who wish to help with my future legal expenses may contact me at:

Last year, despite being the ONLY qualified candidate, I was turned down for a tenure-track job at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater purely on the basis of my political beliefs. They chose to shut down their Arabic program rather than hire me! Howard Ross, who was then the Dean of Letters and Sciences, was involved in the (non-)hiring process, and will testify that I was turned down, and the classes I would have taught cancelled, because of my involvement in the 9/11 truth movement. Howard Ross will join me to discuss my case, and the sad state of academic freedom in America, on Truth Jihad Radio, Saturday, 1/19, 6-8 pm, Full radio schedule and guest list:

- Kevin Barrett

Barrett Protests UW Hiring Decision

Barrett Protests UW Hiring Decision

Another Tale from the Psychiatric Gulag

More and more psychiatrists and psychologists are recognizing that the government's 9/11 story is crazy, and its supporters are in deep denial:

And thanks to the free flow of information on the internet, more and more people are learning that they are being ruled by psychopaths:

But despite these hopeful signs, the Soviet-style abuse of psychiatry continues as yet another American dissident and 9/11 truth supporter has been incarcerated because he thinks 9/11 was an inside job.

Last year it was Mike Cook, who spent most of 2007 imprisoned in various federal penitentiaries because of his belief that 9/11 was an inside job: Mike is free and looking forward to a better 2008--he was my second hour guest on my New Year's show, 1/1/2008:

Al-Jazeera Publishes Roberts Article on World Leaders' 9/11 Skepticism

We are all prisoners now
05/01/2008 05:31:00 PM GMT

Many Europeans regard 9/11 itself as an orchestrated event.

Former cabinet members of the British, Canadian and German governments and the Chief of Staff of the Russian Army have publicly expressed their doubts about the official 9/11 story.

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

full article:

When I started studying Arabic in 1995, Arab TV news was unbelievably lame propaganda for whoever ran the country it was broadcast from. Then along came al-Jazeera and everything changed. Today, al-Jazeera in English is helping bring a more accurate perspective on world events to Americans, who are the victims of the same kind of lame propaganda Arabs used to get. While al-Jazeera isn't completely free and independent--it's run by the US puppet Emir of Qatar, and when al-Jazeera journalists go too far they get bombed and murdered by US troops--it is as good as any major news operation anywhere in the world.

Al-Jazeera in English is helping bring Muslim perspectives to the English-speaking world-- perspectives almost completely absent from the mainstream media.

American Muslims and 9/11 Truth

9/11 was a hate crime against Muslims. Those who committed the crimes of 9/11, and who falsely blamed Muslims for it, did so in order to trigger their pre-planned worldwide torture, plunder, and mass murder of Muslims. So far, more than a million Muslims have been murdered by American troops and taxpayers who are getting delusional payback for 9/11. As former Attorney General Ramsey Clark recently said:

"The war on terrorism is really a war on Islam. Most of the politicians are putting it as Islamic terrorists but what they really mean is the threat of Islam. So the idea of the war on Islam is the idea of extermination of a proportion never seen in history at any time."

According to Pew surveys, roughly 80% of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims, and 60% of American Muslims, don't believe the 'Arab hijackers' myth. And virtually all recognize that the phony "war on terror" is really a war on Islam. So why isn't their perspective being heard in the media?

Kyle Hence to Discuss Alten's 9/11 Novel "The Shell Game" on Dynamic Duo, GCN Network 4, 4-6 pm CT Today

Kyle Hence, maker of 9/11 Press for Truth and (I gather) an informal member of Steve Alten's publicity team, will join me on Dynamic Duo today 4 - 6 pm CT, Network 4. We will be discussing Alten's terrific new novel The Shell Game, which (like Kyle's film) could do a lot to push 9/11 truth into the mainstream.

To help get this information to a wider audience, please comment on George Washington's post about Alten at Op Ed News: Here is my comment:

Alten novel The Shell Game is a major cultural event

During my defense of my MA thesis on Philip K. Dick back in 1991, a committee member asked: Can we really take seriously an author who wrote in such obvious haste, and whose style reeks of garden-variety pulp fiction? I answered that Dick used his pulp style brilliantly. That cracked up the committee--but it was true. Dick was the most important American writer of the second half of the twentieth century, because he saw more deeply than most what America was becoming, and conveyed his vision effectively despite (or because of) the limits of his chosen popular fiction genre.

Muslim-Jewish Christian Alliance Gets New Coordinator - I'm Stepping Down

[just sent this out to the MUJCA list -KB]

Happy Holidays from the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth!

We had a great 2007 and hope for an even better 2008. I hope you will join us in pushing ever-onward toward our goal of raising awareness of 9/11 truth, getting a new investigation, achieving justice for the victims—including ALL the victims of the 9/11 wars—and putting an end to the crusade-jihad that is threatening our future.

In 2007 MUJCA distributed more than 5,000 free DVDs (many to religious leaders and houses of worship) and almost 3,000 INSIDE JOB signs. We sponsored many events including two William Rodriguez tours. We placed a huge full-page ad on the back cover of the Madison, WI alternative weekly Isthmus. We helped create a new holiday, World Peace Week - War on War Week and kicked it off with the first-ever American Guy Fawkes Day. And our local activists accomplished great things:

*Ohio MUJCA contacts Sherry Clark and Laura Robeson started a terrific newspaper, the Liberty Voice, and launched’s mirror site,

*Boston contact Rich McCampbell was a main organizer of the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth

"Vote Fraud and the Ron Paul Campaign" on Truth Jihad Radio, 6-8 pm CT Sat. 12/22

First hour: Kathleen Wynne, a 9/11 truth supporter and former Associate Director of, will discuss stolen elections.

Second hour: Mitchell Stein of will discuss how YOU can make sure they don't steal the nomination from Ron Paul through vote fraud.

6-8 pm CT Saturday 12/22

call-in number 800-313-9443

INSIDE JOB Sign Giveaway! Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change on Dynamic Duo Friday 12/21 4-6 CT, GCN

Luke is the President of, and to celebrate his first appearance with me on the radio, we'll be giving away free INSIDE JOB plastic roll banner signs:

Anybody from We Are Change, anywhere in the USA, can contact me any time at and I'll send you a bunch of these durable, ultra-visible signs while they last. One 2 foot by 3 foot sign folds up into a soft little bundle about the size of a folded-up T-shirt, so they're easy to smuggle into Ghouliani rallies and other public events.

Also, anybody who calls into the show with a good question or comment wins a free INSIDE JOB sign. The call-in number is 866-582-9933.