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9-11 from the point of view of a Filipino

9-11 was an inside job! (If you have any doubts, please read this http://wtc7.net/articles/kimball/thirdskyscraper.html and watch any videos here http://wtc7.net/videos.html )

To fellow Filipinos who have come across the 9-11 controversy, I would like to relate how I learned of the 9-11 truth movement. I am a Philippine citizen and resident. I have a master’s degree in Development Economics from the University of the Philippines and currently work in the IT industry.

As most anybody who watched the events of 9-11, I initially believed the US Government’s claim that 9-11 was perpetrated by Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaeda.
One day however, an officemate told me that 9-11 was perpetrated by the US Government. He had watched a documentary where one of the designers of the World Trade Center buildings claimed that the towers were designed to survive the impact of jetliners. My first reaction was to dismiss the inside job story. I could not believe the US Government, whatever it’s faults, could murder so many US citizens in one fell stroke.

Initiate a Congressional Investigation supported by the truth movement

This post is in support of Alvin R who rightly pointed out a need for focus on specific goals by the truth movement. Alvin proposed directing the movements effort towards starting a reinvestigation of 9-11. His proposal was met with a lot of criticism by other bloggers, however much of the criticism validated the feasibility of embarking on an investigation by pointing out that a lot of important evidence actually exists already. The chief problem it turns out is that much of the evidence is not being entertained by the courts or the administration in the current political climate. This leaves the alternative, a Congressional investigation as a means to uncover the truth and identify the real perpetrators. I would like to add that an important, and perhaps initial goal of the investigation should be to publicly debunk and lay to rest the official conspiracy theory as embodied by the 9-11 Commission report. To get a Congressional investigation rolling I'd like to suggest the following actions:

1. Package the idea of an investigation so it can be shown to other members of the movement.

How 9-11 truth will play out

This is a fictional account of what can happen in the future. This assumes the year is 2007 forward.

1. 9-11 truth is spreading too far for the conspiracists to contain. 9-11 was convenient when it was first executed, citizen rights were curtailed, media was controlled, occupation troops were deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. At present however, 9-11 is becoming a liability. A big concern is that 9-11 truth, if pursued to its true benefactors would expose the plutocrats that really hold US wealth and power, exposure of the plutocrats is considered unacceptable at any cost.

2. The plutocrats determine that the Republican party cannot win the 2008 elections due to the Iraq war debacle. This is sad for the plutocrats. The Republicans were real go getters. 9-11 after all was executed under their watch.

Apathy to 9-11 truth, is this due to lack of leadership?

9-11 truth exposes the US Govt as corrupt at the highest levels, knowledge of it is frightening in it's implications. If you believe in 9-11 truth, can you trust the executive branch, congress, the judiciary? Do you tell the cops, or the army? 9-11 truth forces you in a position where you lose all familiar references. You end up on your own wits and no clear leader to follow or guide you. Some people are OK with that, they figure the truth out for themselves or the best of it that they can get and run with it. Other people however could be shutting 9-11 knowledge out of their system as a consequence. Is a leader for 9-11 truth the missing ingredient to achieve that elusive critical mass?

Rosie O and 9-11 finally on HuffPo

The walls of MSM protecting the official narrative of 9-11 are cracking from the pressure of the truth.

The Huffington Post finally put the 9-11 conspiracy on its website. As one of the alleged left gatekeepers, the HuffPo's reluctance to carry this topic is finally caving in thanks to Rosie O'Donnels courageous stand on TV and Bill O'Reilly's mad attacks. Better late than never.