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Amateur Video clearly showing plane #2 and evacuation

Chilling video by amateurs from Quebec.

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showing the apocalyptic scene with clear view of the underneath of the second plane and a boat evacuation.

Apologies to all that have seen this before.

Jump to 3:40 for plane impact.

Europe for 9/11 Truth Evening at the European Parliament !

Andreas von Bulow, Giulietto Chiesa, David Ray Griffin, Yukihisa Fujita will attend this historic evening where the Giulietto Chiesa's movie Zero. Perchè la versione ufficiale sull'11/9 è un falso will be projected and a debate will follow.

This historic event will happen on Tuesday, Feb 26th, and is the fruit of eight months of inquiry, documentaries and interviews conducted both in Europe and the USA.

More detailed information in french here:

French President Sarkozy and the New World Order

In His January 18th, 2008 speech, Mr. Sarkozy made numerous reference to the New World Order.

"The whole question is to know whether we will be capable of building a new order for the 21st century; an order better suited to our globalised world and to the challenges we must face; an order in which all States, be they large or small, will feel that their interests are fully and fairly taken into account."
"In a world that has lost its bearings, where confusion tends to reign precisely because we are in the midst of a transition to an order yet to be invented, I believe it indispensable to state clearly where we stand and the values we hold to be essential."
"The final new departure in our foreign policy concerns the construction of a world order adapted to the emergence of new powers and able to deal effectively with the challenges of the 21st century."