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Laws of physics upgraded — gravity now MUCH stronger

The+New+911+Casualties is a horrifying story about what happened to the rescue workers at Ground Zero — more particularly, what happened to their lungs. It’s a very good piece, with the exception of a brief but necessary wave to I.C. — Imperial Correctness. I.C. dictates that the American Empire can make mistakes and (it’s now being whispered) even be callous or downright scandalous in its behavior, but never EVER would it take the lead role in perpetrating atrocities — still less against its own people. That this is provably false from the historical record is not the point; nor will you persuade the willing upholders of I.C. that they are merely saying what Big Daddy tells them to. They can quite rightly point to the fact that they don’t always believe Big Daddy. Big Daddy, the national security state, might, indeed, be wrong. But if he did certain things, he would simply cease to BE Big Daddy, and that is NOT acceptable.

The brief but necessary wave consists of the following bit of disinfo about the Twin Towers, so transparent it might almost be a good thing: