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Don't Be Counted!

By Nicholas Levis

October 12, 2007:

Today many of us received a long e-mail addressed to "Dear 9/11 Truth Movement Member," purporting to be from an anonymous "psychology student in the New York City area" ( It asks for participation in a "9/11 Truth Movement Survey" consisting of 80 mostly multiple-choice questions that will eat up a good part of your day. Among its stated goals, the survey is aimed at finding out "Who the TM members are and how they gather and communicate information," "What attracts people to the TM," "Why they stay involved and become activists," and "Why they drop out."

I am urging everyone not to fill out this survey and not to forward it to anyone else - except perhaps as a warning - and in general, never to respond to anonymous requests for personal information.

However, if you feel so inclined, since the sender already has your e-mail, perhaps you should respond to urge him or her to announce an immediate cancellation of the survey. In that case, you can include a link to this article.

Here are a few of the problems to consider:

What Is Your HOP Level? Scenarios of What May Have Happened on 9/11

I hope readers will find that this old piece of mine remains relevant as a guide today.

By Nicholas Levis

(Original April 1, 2004 - revised May 2006)

Of the attempts to categorize 9/11 theories I've seen, some beg questions or unfairly characterize what people think. Most are simply vague in their terms. I have tried to do better with the following list of nine graduated options, which I believe fairly describe the differing opinions people actually have (short of those who believe in divine or extraterrestrial intervention). This remains a mental exercise, but I hope it helps sharpen our logic.


New 3-minute BBC/WTC 7 compilation - Full story at

"Clairvoyant Collapse"

BBC World News started reporting that 7 World Trade Center had collapsed about 23 minutes before the building actually came down... (...) A video clip establishing this anomaly was discovered on the news service and first pointed out to the public Monday by the blog writer veritas911 at The ensuing controversy has prompted a swift, unusually angry response from the BBC, which however has failed to address the substantive issue: (...) [b]Who was that source?[/b]

The answer may be essential to settling the long-standing dispute over whether the third skyscraper to fall on 9/11, which was not struck by an airplane, was demolished using explosives, or collapsed entirely due to structural damage and fire.

(...) we are making available a three-minute, 10-megabyte WMV video showing the key excerpts from the segment, with inserted time labels based on a start time of 4:54pm EDT.


Looks like I was wrong about the BBC / WTC 7 video

Tuesday, February 27, 2007:

BBC World News started reporting that WTC 7 had collapsed about 23 minutes before the building actually came down, as video of news coverage on September 11th shows. The segment establishing this is available on the news service and was discovered by veritas911, a member of

(The 1-gigabyte video of BBC World News coverage on Sept. 11th starts at 4:54pm EDT and is available at

Speaking from London on the afternoon of September 11th, BBC World News anchorman Philip Hayton asks reporter Jane Stanley in New York about the collapse of the "47-story Salomon Brothers Building," also known as WTC 7. Although the building is still standing and clearly visible through the window behind Stanley, its collapse is repeatedly described as a past event. Hayton asks Stanley if there were any casualties in the building, and advances an explanation for its collapse already provided by officials, that it was weakened structurally by the prior collapses of the Twin Towers.

Jesus, Cockburn, how obviously are you going to play the schizophrenia card?

(NOTE: There is an error in the following. Please see the correction in the comments below.)

Andrew Cockburn, I was going to challenge you to a debate, but I see now you do an even better job of dismantling yourself.

One week you attack 9/11 skepticism using every cheap shot worthy of a Limbaugh, reducing it all to a laughable caricature that you yourself must recognize as unfair. (The families who lobbied for the 9/11 Commission ended up condemning it? Really? How would a busy fellow like you know that?)

The next week, you try to compensate - for the lost subscriptions, perhaps? - by reaching for the "Art Students," as though the only intelligence agencies who could have known that 9/11 was in the works would have had to be Israeli.

Now you present this great profile of Rumsfeld in the 1990s, the little emperor of a self-appointed Shadow Government who enjoyed nothing more than playing Strangelove in a bunker, firing off all his missiles and killing everyone. (READ MORE...)

So, where are those 9/11 whistleblowers?

70-page essay by that title is available as PDF, advertised here:

The description text and contents (below!) pretty much give away the argument to anyone who knows the issues and can use logic to reconstruct what he's saying, based on the issues raised. Nevertheless, you may decide that you'd like to read what looks like a well-organized treatment and give the guy a deserved $9.50.

I think it looks very interesting.


Where Are the 9/11 Whistleblowers?
Answering a Common Objection to Theories That the September 11 Attacks Were an Inside Job

A 9-11 Research PDF Essay
by Gregg Roberts, Associate Editor (of )

Note: Since there have actually been many whistleblowers -- just no one who credibly claims to be one of the perpetrators -- the present title is something of a misnomer. (...)


German friend on Holocaust denial (Williams/Loose Change)

"How many people do you know personally who smelled the flesh of burnt people from a nearby concentration camp? I know dozens. Because I come from a place not so distance from Bergen-Belsen (ever heared of it?)."

Feb. 10:

The "Loose Change" crew have announced they are dropping out of Arizona due to Eric Williams's involvement. I'm not sure I would have done this if I were going in the first place, since Williams's sessions according to Arizona 9/11 Truth have been cancelled, and he was downgraded to a vendor. But maybe they know something about his continuing influence that I do not.

Not that I've made a public issue of it, but I wasn't too impressed with the way the conference was conceived as another "big tent" festival of tolerance for any idea associated with inside-job theory, even if it's been falsified or was ridiculous to begin with (like, unfortunately, much of Loose Change 1 and 2).

Nonetheless, the LC boys took a principled stance on the contemptible (and damaging) beliefs of certain people who seek to exploit 9/11 skepticism to advance their own perpetual agenda. Good for them.

"Cheney Says He Masterminded 9/11"

Cheney Says He Masterminded 9/11, But the Spinners Refuse to Be Spun

By John J. Jenerik
TMNS Exclusive

Monday, October 16, 2006

NEW YORK: Their opinions may differ, but American politicians and commentators of all persuasions seem united in their resolve not to let Dick Cheney's 9/11 confession turn their world upside down.

Mr. Cheney used a White House press conference last Tuesday to extol his own role as a "primary architect of the events of September 11, 2001." In response to an unrelated question, the Republican vice-president unexpectedly told reporters that the aerial attacks on New York and Washington were orchestrated by "a network of experienced covert operatives" under his command.

In Mr. Cheney's words, this "shadow executive" subverted a "Red Team" participating in US military maneuvers. "They used the routine wargames scheduled for September 11th as the cover for a 'real-world' attack," Mr. Cheney said. "I can't say much more than that because as you can guess, we did our best to keep me out of the loop."