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Apathy to 9-11 truth, is this due to lack of leadership?

A leader is needed - but just as important at this this time is a larger number of informed people being aware of what is happening in our world today. We must keep asking questions and challange every person we know of what they believe to have happened on 9/11 and direct them to at least look at what evidence is out their. I have only recently come across this vast amount of information and realised how much peopele do not know ( myself inlcuded until recently ).

I have also come in conflict with many people that do not want to understand why this may be. I find they will not converse in an equal conversation. I find this to be the hardest part of trying to inform people of what may or may not of happened on 9/11, but as I say to every one I talk too "don't listen to me - do your own investigation".