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Niels Harrit in scientific debate on WTC Building 7

Wendsday 10th March 4:30pm at Copenhagen Universtity,CU.
A debate arranged by the influential Danish newspaper Politiken and CU labeled "One tower - two views". The topic in debate was the science behind 9/11, with the WTC7 collapse as pivotal subject.
The dueling banjos consisted of Niels Harrit and Prof.of Physics at Niels Bohr Institute of CU, Per Hedegaard.
Each had 20 minutes of solo presentation on the WTC7 collapse. This was followed by a debate between the duelers with questions from the audience.

A laymans stroke at the WTC2 pile driver theory

A lot of the explanations and arguments in favour of the controlled demolition theory (CDT) is a bit heavy and requires a great amount of scientific reasoning, witch can lead to failure of the implications to really sink in and be integrated. I for one, finds it difficult to use the more scientific arguments in an improvised ad hoc discussion, because I just barely understands it when I get it explained myself. Therefore I find it very usefull and productive to find some laymans arguments, that even a child can understand and use.

To make a challange out of it, I will try with the most non-appealing case - WTC2.

911 - Beneath the surface, subtitle files wanted

First of all, thanks to all 911 Truth activists for contibuting to the growth of the movement.

We are a couple of 911 truthers in Denmark working on a movie package project suited for the European population.

We have recompiled a number of 911 movie DVD's in PAL format, and added Danish subtitles for them.
We will in the near future make professional replications of the movies, and try to distribute them by as many means as possible.

The project runs under the common title "911 - Beneath the surface", and the different DVD's are numbered VOL I, II, III etc.

Here is a sample of the front cover of the DVD:

We would like to add more than just Dansih subtitles to the DVD's, so we kindly ask you to sends us subtitle files for the following movies, if available in your language: