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What Constitutes A Political Movement?

Dear Truthers,

I am not satisfied with the sum total of our efforts and thought I would say so to possibly encourage more outrage, more action, more discourse, and more civil disobedience. When I say this, do not translate it as a pointing of fingers or harsh criticism of the honest work and toil of the thousands dedicated to our efforts. I am pleased and thankful to know you all, and it is only because I do not want to see our efforts crumble to the equivalent of background noise that I write this.

It has been nearly 6 years since the murder of 3,000 of our country men and women at the hands of a FEW, which as most of us know are in the darkest corners of our collective societies. Since my own research to the events of 9/11 started, I have seen certain patterns that have concerned me, but I was too obsessed with the stage of "educating" to know that ACTION was a necessity and TACTICS plays key role in any "movement" politically. Therefor, my only motivation now is the theory and completion of Justice and its importance in equalizing the subconscious collective mind of our country.