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Capitain May's Texas Triangle of Terrorism

Capitan Eric H. May has written another interesting article about false flag terror strikes and "live" security/terrorism exercises.

It appears that vigilance is worth the effort. I am very glad he's out there watching.


Sibel Edmonds in the French News

An article about Sibel Edmonds and the film, Kill the Messenger, appeared today on the French version of Yahoo news:

The article says that the film will air tonight (Thursday, Sept. 20) on RTBF1 in Belgium at 21h55. Although the film aired last year in France and in Belgium, most folks have still never heard of her. Tonight, the people of Belgium, Luxembourg & northern France will have another opportunity to learn about her story. The article tells about how Sibel was treated after she blew the whistle on what she saw happening at the FBI. It also mentions that, although she testified for the 911 Commission, her testimony was not mentioned in their report.

A trailer of the film can be seen here:


130 Liberty Street, the building that didn't collapse

It's interesting to note that the 41-story building at 130 Liberty Street, known as the "old Deutsche Bank building" did not collapse even though debris from the falling WTC Tower 2 tore a 15-story gash in the building's northern side. Its cleanup and demolition was postponed for four years by lawsuits over who would pay for it, concerns that the dismantling would pollute the neighborhood with toxic dust and asbestos. The size is similar to WTC7 and it sounds like it sustained more damage than WTC7, but strangely, it did not fall down. Instead, it is being demolished, or dismantled, floor-by-floor in an extremely expensive and time consuming process. I wonder if it would have fell down if it had been owned by Silverstein.

Built for Demolition?
I found this the other day and would like to hear what y'all think of this man's theory. I've never heard anything like it in all my research. If it's true, it would answer a lot of questions about why the towers collapsed. I've no idea if it's true so please don't shoot me down for wanting to hear your opinions.
It's a long interview with a man named Chris Brown (audio only plus some diagrams and photos), but here's his theory in a nutshell:
The towers were built with reinforced concrete cores, not just steel cores which would have been too flexible to allow the elevators to properly work when the building swayed in high winds.
The re-bar used in making the reinforced concrete cores was coated with a squishy, flammable material similar to C-4. The squishy feature would act as a cushion between the re-bar and the concrete as the building swayed in the wind. The flammable feature would allow for easy demolition of the towers when that day came.

Debunk Texas Monthly's "Debunking"

On the cover of the July issue of Texas Monthly magazine a story is billed as "September 11 Conspiracies Debunked!"
ACTION: Write to Texas Monthly and demand real coverage of the real issues.
Bloggers, mount your keyboards! Try to get this issue some visibility!
The editor's blog is here
The general topic blog area is here

Instead of an article about debunking you'll find an interview with Lawrence Wright who recently won a Pulitzer Prize for his book, The Looming Towers. It's reported to be a great book about the history of terrorism. In the most lame excuse for debunking I have ever seen, the historian says that there is no mystery as to why the two towers fell. They fell because big jetliners hit them. It's obviously enough to knock them down, because they did fall down.

Kucinich to hold hearing on some 911 issues in September

Davis Fleetwood interviews Dennis Kucinich

It's a long interview, but at the 5 minute mark, Kucinich is asked if Americans know the whole truth about 911. He answers "I would say no. That's why in September I intend to hold a hearing, albeit it's going to be in a tightly focused area dealing with 911 and some of the economic issues..." I wonder what issues he's going to raise... Maybe some truth will come out of it.


Contact your representative voicing support for HR 333, the articles of impeachment against Cheney.