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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

It has become clear that the events surrounding 9/11 were in fact an inside job and the facts that have been presented in the alternative media would hold up in court ,beyond a reasonable doubt.

Alas the day in court will probably never come,the odds are firmly stacked against the truth movement who would need to navigate the dangerous and hostile waters of the controlled corporate media,the government,and the judiciary.
When one thinks about an outcome for this movement just removing the current administration from office would probably have no effect on the overall agenda of the big corporations ,big media and ruling elites.So really justice could only be served by rearranging the whole system of politics,business and law as the powers that be would just continue on their merry way unabated.
I feel that no matter how loud people scream for a new independent investigation into 9/11 no government liberal or conservative will do so ,if they eventually did I believe it would be another whitewash.