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9/11 Media Breakthrough in Denmark

The excellent work by Niels Harrit, Farrer, Jones and Ryan et. al in the recent journal article (Thermitic Material Discovered in WTC Dust) has paved the way for some very good media coverage in Denmark. At around 10:30 pm on Monday April 6, Harrit was interviewed for 10 minutes during the late news program on one of the two most respected Danish television channels (TV2). On Wednesday April 8, Harrit was interviewed for 6 minutes at 8:45 am during a live news and entertainment program on the same channel. In both cases, Harrit, and the claims of the article, were treated with refreshing seriousness and respect.

The first interview has been subtitled in English and loaded onto youtube (direct link), and should appear (embedded) below:

Mainstream Danish newspaper runs feature article by Professor of Chemistry on unexplained WTC7 collapse

On 31 March 2007, the Danish newspaper, Information, ran an article by Prof. Niels Harrit of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. In the article, Prof. Harrit argues that the destruction of the World Trade Center has not been adequately explained, and focuses particularly on unanswered questions surrounding the collapse of WTC7.

"WTC7 collapsed exactly like a house of cards. If the fires or damage in one corner had played a decisive role, the building would have fallen in that direction. You don't have to be a woodcutter to grasp this."

An English translation of the article is available here: