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Brave and refreshing 9/11 satire

Found this brave and refreshing trailer of the upcoming movie "Postal".
It gave me several very good laughs!


FEMA Project Godzilla ··· Pre-Planted Explosives in WTC?

(This excerpt is from an anonymous comment posted at the CommonDreams website. If a secret program like Godzilla exists, it would certainly explain a lot of things, but we really need a statement under oath, IMO. -rep.)

"The result was a secret program called Godzilla. This program is in part a secret building code by the terms of which structures deemed of concern must submit a plan for demolition that FEMA keeps on file. Planned buildings over a certain height must submit a demolition plan along with a construction plan and the construction plan must include facilities and features within the structure and machinery for the potential installation of demolition explosives."

NEW Video - David Ray Griffin - March 2008

9/11 Contradictions - with VC Citizens for Impeachment Patriot

Interview with Dr. David Ray Griffin, theologian and author, and Cindy Piester
with Citizens for Impeachment, Ventura County. Filmed in Ventura, CA on March 28, 2008.

URL to the interview here.

Thanks to

WTC Towers Destruction - Human Intelligence

Maybe I am repeating myself - But for possible newcomers to this website I feel this is one of the most obvious evidence that the official story of 9/11 is false - and I feel it is worth repeating.

The official account of what happened to the Twin Towers is that they "collapsed" because of weakened steel. But after watching these three videos available on YouTube and VideoGoogle it is absolutely clear to me that gravity alone not possibly could have pulverized these massive buildings!

Note the ENORMOUS mushroom-shaped-dust-cloud throwing hundreds of thousand tons of massive steel beams and concrete - several hundred meters outwards as it explodes from top to bottom with ENORMOUS force!

War on Iran? Here are three articles that worries me"

And since summer is approaching, and nights are getting shorter, they might have to strike very soon?

And a very scary speech from Evangelist John Hagee at the AIPAC conference 2007 - Pure war propaganda

Australian lawyers question Bin Laden involvement

February 27, 2008: Lawyers of twelve men on trial for terror charges have questioned Osama Bin Laden’s involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

(best viewed in Explorer)

There is a 30 seconds long commercial in the beginning.

I didn't manage to extract the actual video from MSN but perhaps someone else knows how to? Could be useful to post on YouTube etc.


Internet Traffic to and from IRAN now completely halted???

According to the website Internet Traffic Report all Internet traffic to and from Iran is now completely halted.

And when I try, neither simple 'ping' nor 'traceroute' gets any respons from the Iranian back bone router

I don't know how reliable the website is but I figured I'd post it anyway.


Vladimir Putin assassinated January 10 2008?

CSIS - Center for Strategic & International Studies

They present a scenario where Vladimir Putin is assassinated in January 10 2008. Is this actually a false flag operation plan?,com_csis_pubs/task,view/id,4237/type,1/

"The report, based on analysis by Andrew Kuchins and members of his Russia 2017 Working Group, examines the significant drivers of Russia’s future—economic, political, demographic, and geostrategic—and then offers some possible scenarios for that future through 2017"

The report is downloadable here

Or here


High Quality Clip - The First Plane - WTC1

The first plane to hit World Trade Center - North Tower - on September 11 2001

ESPECIALLY NOTE the very bright flash that appears just before impact. What was that?

Download the clip here

Lewis Paul Bremer III on Washington DC NBC4 TV 09/11/01

"On 09/11/01 Bremer was the Chairman and CEO of Marsh Political Risk Practice which had offices in the WTC as did its parent company Marsh USA. They had a total of 1,700 employees assigned to the WTC. Bremer, himself, had an office in the South Tower. Nonetheless, this "counter-terrorism expert" makes no mention of any of this only three hours after the first plane flew directly into seven of the eight floors of WTC 1 occupied by Marsh USA. He is here on television prognosticating about who will turn out to be the culprits, with calm detachment. What is wrong with this picture?

The opinions of Edam Salem and Andreas Strassmeir would be of interest in this matter.

This video has been removed three times from Google (don't be evil...again) without explanation. Please be sure and save a copy and circulate it by any means available"

Wikipedia about Paul Bremer

7/7 Ripple Effect

Regarding the 7/7/2005 terrorist attacks in London, let us look at the facts, and what we were told, and compare them. Then, using Ockham’s Razor and common-sense, let us see what conclusions are to be drawn, so we can all understand what most likely really did happen that day.

Original source:

Best, Mons

World Trade Center - The North Tower "Collapse"

6 years to build - 12 seconds to destroy

417 meters tall - 63,5 meters wide

When the World Trade Center towers were demolished they took the path of most resistance - straight down. Trough their own concrete and steel structures - in approximately 12 seconds.

You can time it yourself with the clock in the bottom of the screen.

Note the way hundreds of thousand tons of concrete and massive steel beams are being thrown like confetti more than 100 meters to the sides and up in an arch away from the tower, as it evidently explodes!

Or do you still believe it "collapsed"?

Many more videos of the so called collapses can be found in the link below

Mainstream Media vs. 9/11 Truth

It's getting increasingly harder for Mainstream Media to ignore 9/11 Truth

Original contaxt: YouTube

Osama Bin Laden - New public message?

Is this him speaking? What is he saying? He sounds too young compared to the images of him.