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It is time for TRUTH to triumph...

Ron Paul is right NOT to make 9/11 Truth a campaign issue!

As much as I tell people I come in contact with "google Building 7", more and more they are saying - "I know"

We are a very patient America - we just DO NOT have the "smoking gun", most Americans DO know the official story doesn't add up - and all we have to show for it is an unconstitutional war - debt - and more corporate hand-picked war-mongering candidates for President(Except for 'OUR GUY')

Run for office folks! Support those running for office who have the courage of their convictions and WILL NOT back down to external pressure no matter what.

My faith is where my internal principle comes from - and it is what separates ME from my opponents!

God is still in control - and if we will HEAR Him, and change our ways, and SHOW UP to VOTE - He will heal our land!

The war is a response to an unprovoked attack by radical Islam?

This is how the marriage between state and church begins...

The "church" has no discernment...

Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

MY Open letter to the Independant Baptist Fellowship of North Americain reference to your Iraq war Resolution...

Did Radical Islam really attack America?? -

WITHOUT any help from our government?

You RESOLVED this after 5-3/4 years after the attack -

non-believers have been piling up the physical and logical evidence for YEARS now - and ALL Americans, especially true Born-Again believers ought to be the ones calling for a new investigation!!!

What are we supposed to do - called them unsaved, without wisdom, and REFUSE to review or discuss their findings?

is there ANY evidence at all, that you would be willing to review, as supposed "truth-tellers" & "preservers of truth", that might cause you to change your views regarding who perpetrated these attacks?

Where is the church in America? - Who can we trust?

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The following is a 2007 resolution regarding their position in the war from the Independant Baptist Fellowship of North America which cites Titus 1:9 in their logo...


WHEREAS no war can be, nor ever has been won by surrender (Luke 14:31-32); and

WHEREAS many of our political leaders today seem to support a surrender of our troops for political reasons; and

WHEREAS these wars are a response to an unprovoked attack by Radical Islam on September 11, 2001 initiated by them in a desire to remove our freedoms to preach the Gospel; and

FUTHERMORE where they have prevailed there is no more freedom to worship freely;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, the members of the Independent Baptist Fellowship of North America, being assembled in our annual meeting in Williamsburg, Virginia, June 19-21, 2007 do hereby stress our support for victory in Iraq and Afghanistan; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we will pray for our troops and our political leadership at this time of crisis in our country (I Timothy 2:1-3).

Fox News just distracts people - it's hopeless with them....

From stating “I’m not going to debate the science of what happened on 9/11 with you” to both Kevin Barrett and James Fetzer when they’ve been on – to calling Rosie a hypocrite again last night by pulling out something she said who knows how long ago – Fox News Channel seems to be masters at pacifying weak minded people into distracting themselves with small intellectual debates until Fox “gives us the answer”.

Weak minded people are just wasting their time worshipping at the alter of pseudo-intellectualism, and also love getting themselves all emotionally worked up by watching wolves in sheep’s clothing just hurl insults at people labeled as “the fringe element of truth”.

The debates Fox News Channel bait us in NEVER have ANY SUBSTANCE – especially when it comes to 9/11. It’s all a sales pitch – name-dropping, negative selling – pure stupidity. God gave me a brain, and I’m going to use it!

Fox News does nothing but distract people away from truth; they’re just buying time until martial law is imposed upon the American people – and eventually the entire world.

9/11 Truth and the Revolutionary War; civil disobedience?

The spirit of the revolutionary war is what is needed in order for us to succeed in making the truth known and commonly agreed upon to set this entire nation in a new direction; and we will never get there because 9/11 was 5 1/2 years ago, and the 'rage' is not there, and cannot be mustered up.

No true preachers of God's word dare call 9/11 an inside job from the pulpit, no Christian media broadcasters will dare to take on the subject because it will immediately interfere with their steady stream of filthy lucre!

Most Americans believe they're still free because they're stil free to consume all the alcohol they want and live sporting events they can at free will; and no one we talk to about 9/11 truth feel the slightest bit 'opressed' as colonists were under the rule of Great Britain.

Christianity Controversy, WOW!!!


My blog was knee-jerk, and somewhat poorly written because it was done in haste. But apparently I've invited an attack on the truth and relevance of Christianity; moreso than a debate about how much truth really matters in this culture today.

My goal was to get some help with my foxnewsantichrist website, but considering I admit I got carried away with expressing my fundamentalist beliefs; I've managed to polarize some people away from even trusting my assertion that I too believe 9/11 was an inside job.

I did mean what I said, I'm not willing to die on the hill of 9/11 truth; but it doesn't mean I don't want to be invloved in badgering the media into broadcasting a highly advertised, prime time, full-blown debate about the physical evidence of the things we question; between our Scholars for 9/11 Truth professors & WHOMEVER they want to put up there against us.

"Fair & Balanced", "We Report, You Decide:???

Calling Rosie O'Donell a ****, ****, idiot, lesbian, yadda, yadda, yadda is not debating nor addressing the physics of what happened on 9/11.

Biblical Christianity & 9/11 Truth

Directly speaking, in December of 2006 I purchased the domain name because I have now developed a certain level of discernment that drives me to want to daily or weekly blow the whistle on these theatre actors as they enrage me with their lies, which now so often is hurting new 'babes in Christ'. So many people who claim to be Christian have no idea how to view the events around us, and are unable to discern and discipher the garbage the media throws at us without oftentimes merely becoming 'afraid' for their own immediate safety in the coming days and months for themselves, their own families; and they're becoming more and more discouraged from witnessing the Gospel to a 'lost and dying world'

Before I was truly Born Again, I was all over Rush Limbaugh, and taking my cues and developing and shaping my political opinions based on every word the Fox News Sunday fed me.