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Even the kids are talking

This one's for you Grandpa!!!

Time for us to take back our country, so that our children will get the lives they deserve!

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Let's Join Forces

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Please check out the new Group page I have created.


Let's join forces at reaching the people with the truth.

Please submit a blurb or a quote you would like me to include on my page.

I want to provide a variety of insight by a variety of people.

Truth lies in numbers!

Thank you for your help and support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9/11 Truth.

Ask questions, DEMAND answers!
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Soldiers being injured in Bush's illegal war. Let us not forget Memorial Day.

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This is my uncle, Wesley, and I this past Friday. He is visiting from San Diego where him and his family reside at a USMC base. He sustained severe injuries on his third tour in Iraq last year, and hopefully will not be returning. In the wake of Memorial Day weekend, it's soldiers like him that I want us all to remember! They are bravely risking their lives to fight a war that is not ours. They are giving their blood, their lives to serve a country that is ruled by a corrupt and money hungry government!

Wesley was hit by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) while setting up perimeter for another IED in the area. They were not aware there was a second device within meters of his location. He has had over 13 surgeries. His lung had completely collapsed. This man was taken from the highest point of his life, to the sight of the Chaplain entering his room, in which he thought would be the reading of his last rights.

Networking through Myspace to reach more people

I have recently created a Myspace Group page. Please give me your suggestions on video or quotes I should add to my page. This will be used to try and awaken some of the people I hold dearest to me in my life, as well as others I have never met. You can see why I would want it to be very effective.


New People Waken To The Truth

An interesting question was brought up last night at the book signing of David Ray Griffin's new book. The question was, "How do you approach new people to help spread the truth?" Griffin's response was, that is not something I am not out doing right now, so I can not speculate how I would initiate activism. I deeply respected his honesty on "speculation." We know where speculation can get us.

After pondering the question yesterday evening and today, two friend's of mine, both ex US Navy, came over to bbq. Naturally, the conversation comes up about 9/11 and the flaws in the comission reports. These two friends of mine are very open minded individuals, but still need convincing that I was not a "looney tune" So first thing that came to mind were a few simple questions.


Have you read the official story, The Comission Report, put out by our government as a factual report of the events that took place on September 11th?

New to the awakening!

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I am new to the 911 Truth Movement. My dad, who is a frequent blogger on this site, first introduced me to the truth, and at first I'll admit. I, like many others, was very skeptical. I am of Christian faith, and the church that I have belonged to has supported the Bush Administration since the very beginning. I believed that our government was designed to protect our interests, and didn't realize was that even my pastor was influenced by political agenda. I have come to realize that it will take a movement from within the church and the community to reach out and touch a nation. We have so easily been brainwashed into the lies and deception this government has fed us. Now it is time to take back what is ours. Freedom! This is the first time in my life I have felt so passionate about something. And I'm beginning to understand why. The deep roots of this organization, and the malicious crime they committed and covered up, deeply scared millions of people like myself. We then chose to ignore the evidence and ask the hard questions. To this day most of my family believes the very lies told to us by our daily media. Well I have decided I will not stand for it! Thank all of you for your continuous efforts to expose 9-11. Without you, I would have never known the truth, and I like many others, would have probably gone on the rest of my life buying into the evil empire and directly supporting it's criminal acts. But in the end.... "Good conquers Evil." We must rise up and foce this evil administration and leaders back to where they came from! Hooray for 911blogger!