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WTC Architect Reveals Integral Demolition Charges

Architect Paul Laffoley reveals integral demolition charges designed into the World Trade Center. Laffoley has lived a long and wonderful life. Date of interview: November 12th, 2007. The WTC part runs from about 24:00 to 37:00 minutes. (P.S. Someone get Freeman's permission to mirror the file.)

Emery Roth and Sons employed Laffoley in its WTC design group. Laffoley reports, "I got assigned floors 15 to 45 in tower two." One of his ideas was so liked that it almost won approval. His connecting bridges would have been a major alteration.

Laffoley says chief architect Minoru Yamasaki "was into pure, exaggerated capitalism....He was the one that got the Bin Laden construction company started....He trained them in his style....So he...had them work on the World Trade Center...."

Freeman: "You say the Bin Ladens were working on the trade towers?"