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What the NWO is up Against and How 911 Truth is the Most Important Fight

I don't know if everybody reading this believes in evolution, but let's say for a minute that it is true. Or at the very least God has put us here to evolve. The human species has dominated and survived as it has evolved over millions of years. During this great span of time many species have ceased to exist including the one's we have destroyed. Through all of this evolutionary activity, humanity has survived everything the Earth has thrown at it. We even have survived the cruel ideas acted upon us from our own imaginations. We kill, but we grow back. We kill again, but we grow back. The Earth has tried with every trick it has including the human mind to stifle us and possibly destroy us, but this is the very essence of evolution. We still exist. Why would anybody alive today think that they could devise a better plan of extinction for humanity than what has been wrought upon us thus far. It is futile.


Read up on the collapse of the Soviet Union. It revolved around their food supply, oil supply and no funds. It is my guess that 911 is not spoken about because they know that the truth will not only bring down the United States government, but the world economy/dollar will completely collapse. This would leave the global, human network of food, medicine, water and other essentials in disarray. Our infrastructure is heavily fuel dependent unlike the Soviets who had complete public transportation. The Soviet government built all of the houses and transportation to those houses, so when they collapsed there was not a huge change in life. Many Soviets were hunters or farmers, so food shortages were buffered by this fact. Things are radically different here. If the oil supply collapses, our system will be in chaos.

American Revolution

Keep in mind that only one third of the colonial population wanted the American Revolution. One third wanted independence, another third did not, and the remaining third were indifferent.

It may turn out that only a third of our country passionately fights for the truth of 911, but we should remind ourselves of history and remember that the truth is never going to be easy. It never has been. It has always been a struggle to get to the truth, but it is possible. Freedom happens. Truth happens. Keep sending emails and posting comments and writing in blogs because at the very least when people are touched by the truth they will not support policies that take away our liberty. Even if the truth of 911 is not at critical mass, the more information people come into contact with the less they will support draconian policies. If the fascists dismantle the political process because they are unable to manipulate it then they will also dismantle people's denial of 911. They know this, so changing people's minds through writing and other media IS EFFECTIVE. It destroys the fascist's ability to manipulate the political process.