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Loose Change: Don't throw the baby out with the bath water

I agree with the Village Voice who described Loose Change as a "slick, witty documentary featuring a hip soundtrack and a rapid-fire assault on nearly every aspect of the "official" story of 9-11"

I also very much agree with the review on Loosechange911.com by someone called Glen who said:

"I don't think i can type out in such an expression that would come across to let you know how impressed and floored I am by everything. The opening 5 minutes was so impressive factually that it was almost like a Jerry Maguire "you had me at hello" moment"

And well, you know how it goes. Fans of any film or TV show will all have opinions about what they want to see in it, while artists of all kinds are often accused of being too close to their own works to see what they are doing so well. It's a situation we have all been in before.

My feeling is that Loose Change, in laudably ever-seeking to refine its quality, is at some risk of reprocessing itself and its message to a point of over-dilution. Powerful nuances are being lost between different edits of LC which could undermine the spirit and message of the production that made it such a runaway success to begin with.