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Stefan Molyneux's 9/11 Reasoning

After listening to Stefan Molyneux on the Alex Jones Show I was curious as to his views on 9/11 ... :


"This is my reasoning, for better or worse...

* If 9/11 was an inside job, it will never be proven. The evidence - and key witnessess - have all been destroyed.
* If it is proven, it will only engender anger to certain individuals, not the state as a whole. It will actually increase the power of the state.
* There are an infinity of truths out there, which will help our cause far more - why focus on this impossible one?
* It's not rational to focus on 9/11, therefore the motive must arise from childhood."

Stefan Molyneux 05-28-2007

That was one of Stef's responses to a poster going by "Alex Truberg." Truberg did a great job trying to wake Stef up. I didn't show as much restraint as Truberg:

"This is my reasoning, for better or worse... "

1 "If 9/11 was an inside job, it will never be proven. The evidence - and key witnesses - have all been destroyed."

1968 Superhawk Contest

- I'm hoping this will motivate people with some real money - and
wake up a few souls in the meantime - spread the word:

1968 Superhawk Contest

I will give my 1968 305 Honda CB77 Superhawk, a listed amount of gold
and silver, and Nine Hundred and Eleven U.S. Dollars to the first
person who can explain how the Twin Towers and World Trade Center
Building 7 "collapsed" in a manner which fits the official story and
DOES NOT DEFY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS; this must explain the near
free-fall collapses, the molten metal beneath all three buildings, the
pulverized steel-reinforced concrete, and the twisted girders.

Send responses to SuperhawkContest@live.com

Pertinent responses will be posted at SuperhawkContest.blogspot.com

I will pay to ship the Superhawk and metal to the winner anywhere in
the world. I am located in Portland, Oregon.

The Superhawk runs as nice as it looks.

Gold & Silver Prize Inventory:
1oz 1998 Gold Eagle; 1/2oz 1999 Gold Eagle; 20 1oz Silver Rounds;
102.02 Troy Ounce Bar of .999 Fine Silver; 11 10oz .999 Fine Silver
Bars; 1 One-Hundred Dollar Silver Note - 4 Troy oz Fine Silver, and 1
4oz Coin of .999 Fine Silver

Al Gore Confronted in Portland, Oregon 10.24.08

Video of Al Gore being confronted for his silence of the crimes of 9/11; thus, complicit in the 9/11 cover up. The activist was attacked by a zombie at the event.