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Remember 11 September

Pretty cool little video:

Durham, NC.
song: dilated peoples, 'big business', clean version

Boston Gets Drenched for the Truth

The rain was relentless -- a deluge at times during the five hours we were out there -- but we still enjoyed the camaraderie and had fun! We were very visible, but only a few people were outside to receive literature or DVDs since everyone (everyone but us!) was scurrying to try to stay dry. We moved through town and stopped at the Boston 9/11 Memorial where there were many floral wreaths and bouquets. At times when the rain did let up passersby were mostly receptive. When we walked along the streets from one stop to the next we got some horns tooting. A couple of people laid on the horn and gave us very enthusiastic "thumbs up" which was encouraging. Very few middle finger salutes. Everyone had a good time and spirits were high in spite of the weather!

Boston 9/11 Truth

View images here:

9/11's Deadly Dust on A&E

Check out what's going to be on A&E. Anyone seen this?

Running Time: 60 Minutes
Closed Captions: Yes

Upcoming Airings:
Thursday, September 06 @ 10pm/9C
Friday, September 07 @ 2am/1C
Saturday, September 08 @ 10pm/9C
Sunday, September 09 @ 2am/1C
Sunday, September 09 @ 4pm/3C

While millions watched the events of 9/11 unfold on television, 40,000 people--rescue workers, carpenters, ironworkers, volunteers--rushed to the scene to do what they could to rescue victims and, in the months that followed, to find the remains of those who had died. Still others worked to clean the buildings in the surrounding area, or provide utilities to the area, and many more just plain lived and worked in the area. Now, many of these people are getting sick, and their illnesses have been linked to the conditions at Ground Zero. This special tells the global story of this human tragedy through the lives of four of these victims as they fight their personal battles. We also speak to scientific and medical experts to explore the issues around the toxins and the circumstances at "the pile", and to those who blame politicians for rushing to say the air was safe long before it was.

Stick 'em up! for the Next 9/11 - Most cost-effective activist ammo yet

As a 9/11 activist, I wanted to let you know that if you need any materials for 9/11 anniversary or anti-war events, it's still not too late. If you order now, we can get books, DVD's or flyers to most customers this week by priority mail or DHL.

We're announcing a new product idea now, which is the most cost-effective way yet of getting our message out: Labels which activists can stick up on phone booths, restrooms, bulletin boards, buses, lampposts, walls, windows, supermarket shelves, anywhere. You can adapt our design and print and photocopy them yourself, or get them from us at our cost of only half a cent per label (15¢ per sheet of 30). Copy them on plain paper and slip them inside library books. Your imagination is the limit.

These designs are meant to warn the public against a new false flag terror attack - thus helping prevent one, and if one comes, to stiffen resistance against martial law and war on Iran. Please see for a gallery and more info. A sample design is attached.

Citicorp Center

From here:

Note the unique structure:

A quick excerpt from the site...

"While LeMessurier's original design and load calculations for the special, uniquely-designed 'chevron' load braces used to support the building were based on welded joints, a labor and cost-saving change altered the joints to bolted construction after the building's plans were approved.

"For the next three months, a construction crew welded two-inch-thick steel plates over each of the skyscraper's 200 bolted joints during the night, after each work day, almost unknown to the general public."

So much for the theory that construction crews couldn't possibly have planted explosives in the three buildings on 9/11 without the general public becoming aware. Once again, historical precedent is on our side.

Alex Jones September 11th Live Broadcasts

I found these episodes on BitTorrent, Alex Jones' immediate reaction to the 9/11 attacks, nothing too earth shattering, but kind of interesting:

Listen for Joe Rogan in the second episode who seems to be horribly uninformed, of course, we were all uninformed back then, weren't we. It would be interesting to see what Joe Rogan thinks now.

David Ray Griffin to Speak in Los Angeles

(Note: Download a full page version of this for postering and promotion in Word format here:

Ed Asner Invites You together with Michelle Phillips and other celebrities to ask the tough questions of 9/11 expert:

David Ray Griffin

Researcher, Theologian, Professor Emeritus Claremont College & Claremont Graduate University

Author of over 30 books including:

"The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions"
"The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11”
"9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out"
"Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11"

and his latest:
"Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics & Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory"

Sunday July 8, 2007
6:00 pm - 10 pm
Immanuel Presbyterian Church / 3300 Wilshire

Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference - Important Updates

Messages from Drew (a director of Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society) and from Wayne, the Conference Coordinator:

Dear Friends,

University of Wisconsin-Madison associate, Teacher of Islam, Olympic Gold Medalist, and MC for the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference Kevin Barrett is currently in Morocco in search for Hijacker Waleed al Shehri.

Not only has he confirmed his whereabouts, but has met with some of his colleagues and friends that have all reported and confirmed that yes, Waleed is infact alive and well in Morocco. Mr. Barret has yet to report meeting with Waleed himself and getting his picture, but he is committed to doing so before his return. If he is successful, these pictures will be seen for the first time at our conference in June.

NY Gov to announce WTC-related regulatory pact

Silverstein vs. the insurance companies this afternoon, check it out here:

Vote Ron Paul

Way behind in this poll, spread it around:

Luke in NY needs legal representation

Hey all, Luke was on Alex today and has the scumbags in front of the new WTC7 accusing him of having a bomb, accusing him of being a terrorist, and calling the cops on him claiming he has a bomb.

He'd file a complaint, but doesn't have legal representation. Does anyone know where he could get some free legal representation?

You should be able to get ahold of Luke here:

Alex posted a video of this event on Monday available here:

Call to Action

This was sent in by Richard:




House Speaker Pelosi's office is taking calls voting for Impeachment of Bush/Cheney at 202-225-0100.

Folks, each of you who have been wanting Impeachment, need to commit right now to ask at least 10 others to call and ask each person to commit to asking 10 others to call and so on. It needs to happen fast and NOW. Let's BLITZKREIG the Speaker's office with demands for Impeachment of Bush AND Cheney.


2. From David Swanson:

Kucinich Has Introduced Articles of Impeachment Against Vice President Richard Cheney

Congressman Dennis Kucinich has acted. Here are his Articles of Impeachment and supporting materials.

It's time now for us to follow through by asking the rest of Congress to get on board with the American public, and by letting the media know where we stand.

Giuliani 911 comments 4/19/07 on C-Span

Giuliani starts talking around 10 minutes in, says some interesting things at the 16:16 mark. Thanks to Jerry/Kleetus for sending this in:

Fmr. Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) and former Mayor Ron Norick (R-OK) talked about how leadership and putting a plan in place helped their cities respond, recover, and rebuild from acts of terrorism. They focused on the successes but also on the challenges and obstacles encountered by both communities in order for their experiences to help other communities prepare for, and successfully recover from, large-scale disasters.


Toronto - Hot Docs documentary film festival.

Bloor and Bathurst area.

There are various documentaries playing from the 19th till the 29th.

We plan to meet Sunday nite at Bloor & Bathurst around 6:00- 6:30 and film a documentary about the Toronto 9/11 Truth Group visiting the Toronto Hot Docs Festival;)

Here's the film schedule.