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Please critique my 9/11 blurb

Critique for content, order of presentation, and style. I want something ideally a bit shorter, too, so maybe help identify whole bits that could be removed. I need something for blogging as well to show to people in person who are in denial.
Thanks, E


You say that there's "zero evidence that 9/11 was an inside job?" Where's the evidence for the "official conspiracy theory" (OCT)? The OCT is that 19 box-cutter wielding arabs organized by Osama bin Laden from his cave retreat in Afghanistan orchestrated and carried out 9/11.

There is no way to believe the US Gov't or mainstream media on the events of 9/11. Several problems arise:

1) No such persons could have penetrated the US security barriers if normal operating procedures had been followed. There was an unexpected NORAD stand-down -- normally fighter jets are scrambed within 5 minutes of a plane veering off course. Norman Mineta's testimony underscore's Cheney's culpability in that regard.

2) The Pentagon housed a non-responsive defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, who could not be bothered to react in time. Not credible.

3) Hundreds of cameras ring the Pentagon -- not one tape released. Not credible.