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Can Obama say 9 Orwellian lies in 3 Afghanistan speech sentences? Yes, he can!

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Upon US public critical mass recognition of the “emperor has no clothes” obvious facts that current US wars are not even close to lawful, President Obama will be a leader among an oligarchy of War Criminals that go back several Administrations.

Until such time, Americans have opportunity for unique heroism, intellectual integrity, and public service to explain, document, and prove that speeches such as Mr. Obama’s are tragic-comic Orwellian lies. The tragedy is the millions killed directly by unlawful war lies and indirectly by lies that allow a million children’s deaths every month from preventable poverty, the billions made to live in misery, and the trillions of our dollars looted.

The comedy is dark, and coming: Americans will achieve critical mass to punch-through the paper-thin propaganda, such as the 9 lies Mr. Obama told in just 3 sentences:

Shakespeare: Revolt from tyrannical government - empowerment for Americans today

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In Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, the slain king’s son, Malcolm, questions Macduff to determine if he is allied with the murderous and lawless Macbeth (Act 4, Scene 3), or prepared to stand with him for justice under the law.

Shakespeare’s powerful prose speaks to us today:

The US conducts murderous and lawless wars:

...each new morn
New widows howl, new orphans cry, new sorrows
Strike heaven on the face,

Many US citizens once trusted their government:

This tyrant, whose sole name blisters our tongues,
Was once thought honest...

Honest US citizens are abundant, although some have fallen to serve these unlawful wars and related crimes with pretense of honesty:

Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell;
Though all things foul would wear the brows of grace,
Yet grace must still look so.

Revolt: US could create full-employment, but chooses Americans’ misery, decay, death

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Americans could have full-employment if government created money, and employed anyone interested for infrastructure improvement (hard and soft).

Below is an article I wrote in 2009 (slightly revised) to explain this accomplishment is as easy as the sentence above describes.

For my comprehensive explanations on economic solutions, read this and this (and here for foreign policy interests, here if you’d like me to verbally explain all this from a radio and podcast interview).

Because what US “leadership” does rather than these easy solutions are criminal acts that every year kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of our dollars, I advocate for revolution. Revolution stops all allegiance to a government’s crimes and criminal leaders, and demands prosecution - or because both political parties are so deeply criminal - Truth and Reconciliation.

Revolt: US government list of crimes proving dictatorship

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Activist Post is an outstanding source for revealing factual reporting. The following documentation reminds us of the details of Orwellian unlawful US government dictates/dictatorship that corporate media obfuscates. I've written that by any objective definition, the US government is no longer a constitutional repbulic, but most accurately understood as fascism.

For context, here is a summary of my 30-years’ experience working with US “leadership” in government, economics and corporate media:

US government lies about bin Laden: can you handle the documented truth?

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As is true for you readers, I only have so much time to read, and less time to write, in my "hobby" for social justice. The following is a reprint of one of the sharpest minds I read, the author of Washington's Blog.

The article is stunningly brilliant; the author has my ongoing and deepest appreciation.

What I have to say for social justice is here: Common Sense for new American Revolution: revolt from US government by dicts

FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2011

Bin Had

Preface: You can either dismiss all of the allegations in the first part of this post as nutty conspiracy theories, or decide that they are real and that I am using parody. Your choice. Either way, it is clear that we've been had ...

Forget that Bin Laden likely received CIA training and support in fighting against the Russians in Afghanistan. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this and this.

2-minute video: Best-selling Chief Economist explains criminal US foreign policy

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I previously shared an interview with the "Economic Hitman," John Perkins; a former Chief Economist and multi-Bestselling author. The sharpest video for what Perkins has to say is this widely-viewed and well-animated two-minute version on the left.

My conclusions of political and economic work over the last 30 years is that Perkins' explanation of US foreign policy interest to exploit developing countries rather than help them is accurate and why US political leadership chooses to not empower developing countries. Perkins' work is also supported by the explanations of IMF and World Bank Chief Economists Simon Johnson (bestselling author and now at MIT) and Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel laureate, bestselling author, and at Columbia).

Here’s my 30 years’ experience for your thoughtful consideration:

7-minute video: redefining "public apathy" to poised but thwarted public power

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The 7-minute video on the left by Dave Meslin is a useful reframe for a common complaint that people are somehow too selfish, stupid, and/or lazy to engage in our most important political and economic issues. You and I observe that ~95% of human beings are generally cooperative, intelligent when given opportunity to understand the issues, and engaging in the issues closest to their unique interests.

As a professional educator of Advanced Placement US Government and Macroeconomics, as well as having 18 years experience working with US political leadership that led to two UN Summits (1990 World Summit for Children - the largest meeting of heads of state in world history - and the 1997 Microcredit Summit - topic of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize), I invite your thoughtful and heartfelt consideration of my explanation and documentation of our human condition in the following two papers. The first is my "citizen voice;" the second my "academic/professional voice."

Why We the People will win the new American Revolution against US fascism

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Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, you are within a new American Revolution.

The “emperor has no clothes” obvious facts that expose US political/economic “leadership” crimes center on US wars that are nowhere close to lawful and all based on lies, and trillions of dollars transferred from the American public to these political/economic “leaders.”

There are many other related crimes. I do my part as a professional educator of government and economics to walk people through the relatively simple explanations and documentation. I offer a professional academic paper, and one with my “citizen voice”:

Open proposal for US revolution: end unlawful wars, parasitic economics

Common Sense for new American Revolution: revolt from US government by dicts

The path of We the People is set: critical mass is embracing the intellectual integrity and moral courage to declare our fascist emperors are without a shred of constitutional or legal clothing.

Common Sense for new American Revolution: revolt from US government by dicts

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Fellow Americans: literally for the love of God, it’s time.

It’s time to recognize the overwhelming evidence of unlawful and lie-based US Wars of Aggression, rigged-casino economics, and a complicit corporate media that echoes propaganda for our lying sacks of spin “leaders” who operate above and in contempt of US law.

It’s time to recognize “leadership” of both parties are the Left and Right arms of one oligarchic political body. The proper academic label for this government, not even close to a constitutional republic, is fascism.

The US government is run by dicts, as in dictatorship; doing whatever they dictate and unlimited by rule of law.

Here are all the explanation, documentation, and proof that any American of intellectual integrity and moral courage require to do what Common Sense demanded in 1776, and common sense demands in 2011:


US Revolution: Obama fascism more unlawful than Bush fascism

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Activist Post wrote a brilliant article to explain and document how the Obama administration has escalated the unlawful policies of the Bush administration. The unlawful policies of murderous wars and fraudulent transfer of trillions of taxpayers' dollars to corporate elites by "leadership" of Democrats and Republicans leads America to one obvious political response:


This post discusses fascism as an appropriate term to describe current US political process. As a teacher of Advanced Placement US Government, I agree. I explain and document here why "fascism" is the closest label of what the US is today behind the unpracticed promises within our constitutional republic. Here is what Activist Post reports:

10 Reasons Obama is Just As Bad or Worse Than Bush

Activist Post

Why we write: End Orwellian US economics to unleash trillions of our dollars

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The central economic solution to unleash trillions of dollars for the US economy is simple:

1.Our Robber Baron-era monetary system must be recognized as a national “debt supply” that only profits the banks that create the debt.
2.This Orwellian opposite of a national money supply must be ended. In addition, shocking as it is for most Americans to discover, we’ve already overpaid in tax totals in the several trillions of dollars as revealed in collective governments’ published Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs). We need this ended and transformed to maximize the benefits of that money to the American people.
3.The US will unleash trillions of dollars worth of economic productivity with the end of government debts, creating money for the direct payment of public goods and services, and creating at-cost credit/lending as a public service that benefits the public rather than private banks.

1 in 3 US families “low-income”: Economic controlled demolition continues

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The Working Poor Families Project has just released their policy brief for the winter of 2010-11. The new US Census Bureau data is that 30% of US families are now earning less than 200 percent of the official poverty threshold, and are thereby defined as "low-income."

That’s nearly one in three American families now being low-income.

Also in consideration of this data, please consider as that unemployment data has shifted in historical comparison because the definitions have changed of what it means to be "unemployed." The "official" statistics would be nearly double if unemployment was still counted as it was just 30 years ago, making today's reality similar to the Great Depression. Paul Craig Roberts, President Reagan's Assistant Secretary to the Treasury and also a former Associate Editor for the Wall Street Journal is all over this data in ongoing articles, such as from last month: Big Lies, Little Lies. Fake Unemployment Data. Rising Poverty in America

Why we write: End unlawful US wars; have justice and love

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Independent writers explain, document, and prove what all humanity will soon recognize as “emperor has no clothes” facts: US wars are Orwellian unlawful. The following are objective facts and independently verifiable. Indeed, the facts are uncontested and therefore non-controversial by definition. Literally the one and only action between now and public embrace of factual reality is critical mass of Americans recognizing and acting upon what’s right in front of us:

•All “reasons” for war with Iraq were known to be lies as they were told. These are now the admissions of our own US government agencies.
•All “reasons” for war with Iran are known to be lies as they are being told now. These are the repeated documentation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the uncontested content of a speech by Iran’s President that proves he never threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.”

US lied for war in Iraq, lies for war in Iran, beware Korea war lies

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If you don’t know that all “reasons” for war with Iraq were known to be lies as they were told, you’re unaware of the admissions of our own US government agencies.

If you don’t know that all “reasons” for war with Iran are known to be lies as they are being told now, you’re unaware of the admissions of our own US government agencies along with international agencies, and the uncontested content of a speech by Iran’s President that you can confirm with less than five-minutes of attention poses zero threat to “wipe Israel off the map.”

If you don't know that current US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not even close to lawful, and that any attack on Iran would also be unlawful, you're unaware of arguably the most important law for American citizens to understand (and it's easier to know than what makes a baseball base-runner safe or out at first base).

Teaching 9/11 in schools as an academic critical thinking case study

The following is my best academic approach for how academic professionals interested in controversial current events and history can teach them.

What happened on 9/11 is a such a controversial current event.

When I teach history courses, I open the conversation with a challenge to students: "If you could know anything in history, if you could learn what really happened, what would you want to know?" I have them think, reflect, and then offer to have supplemental teaching units on whatever the class votes as their topics of greatest interest as a "reward" if their academic progress in the regular curriculum is on-pace and meets our academic target for class GPA (economics of incentives in action).

The purpose of this assignment is to teach the tools of history of who, did what, when, where, and the approach to learn additional facts of the preceding for students to make their own analysis to respond to the subjective question of “why” on topics with strong intrinsic interest for students.