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The Greatest Story Never Told Finally, the U.S. Mega-Bases in Iraq Make the News, By Tom Engelhardt

"And miracle of all miracles, the mainstream media is finally writing about the bases as if they mattered. Someday, before this is over, all of us may actually see what was built in our names with our dollars. That will be a shock, especially when you consider what the Bush administration has proved incapable of building, or rebuilding, in New Orleans and elsewhere in this country." Bastards. Lying bastards. Pure and simple. -- Betsy

The Greatest Story Never Told
Finally, the U.S. Mega-Bases in Iraq Make the News

By Tom Engelhardt

[P.O.G.O. News] 2008-06-16: Don's Announcement for Tuesday June 17 2008 Radio Interview on WBAI

Just fyi - an email I received tonight:

In his never ending pursuit of truth and justice, our Fearless Leader Donald Meserlian, PE, will be on the radio tomorrow morning, Tuesday June 17 2008.

Don will be interviewed on the Community Bulletin Board radio show which airs Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM, 10:55 AM and 4:55 PM on WBAI, 99.5 on the FM dial in the New York City area.

On Tuesday June 17 2008, the show can be heard as the original broadcast at 6:02 am, and will also be replayed at 7:02 am and 8:02 am on the WBAI website (

Don is going to be asking to bring his most recent proclamation to the attention of the N.Y.governor's office as well as ask people to phone him at home (973) 228-2258 to obtain copies of the "Proclamation" and "The Report of the Citizens Commission on 9/11" 2008 Edition .

Both documents contain the evidence that underground explosions were detected by seismograph, 21 miles north of ground zero, approximately 15 seconds before the time stated by the FAA when the planes struck the Twin Towers.

Donald C. Meserlian, P.E., VOSI Chairman (a.k.a. Pogo)
P.O.G.O. - Policing Our Government Officials

Will President Obama be impeachable for allowing Bush's impeachable high crimes to continue past January 20?

As much as I have appreciated and/or loved Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Cynthia McKinney, I have been supporting Obama for two years now - betting that his charismatic personality (among other things) would trump all else . . . And while I feel my vote needs to count and can't be "wasted" on a symbolic one (i.e. for McKinney) - ultimately because of our Supreme Court status with scary, inauthentic conservatives like Scalia, Roberts, Thomas and Alito who apparently don't seem to get the Constitution - WHEN Obama becomes president, if he doesn't hold Bush et al. accountable for all illegal actions over the last eight years, I will be the first to sign up to impeach Obama. (Sorry for that run-on sentence.)

And if the truth of 9/11 is exposed in the next few years, he won't have a choice . . .


Original Content at
June 16, 2008

Will President Obama be impeachable for allowing Bush's impeachable high crimes to continue past January 20?

By Ed Martin

Just Fyi . . . 9/11 "Mentions" in Recently Published Books . . . and ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11 (DVD) . . .

Just fyi -

1. "Goodnight Bush" - by Erich Origen & Gan Golan ('An unauthorized PARODY' of "Goodnight Moon" - the children's classic) - On one un-numbered page, the children's blocks spell out "BLOWBACK" and "LIHOP" - fun book to discover all the symbolic images of our times - darkly funny. Don't miss.

2. "The Great Derangement" - by Matt Taibbi - Chapter Eight: Conspiracy Interlude I, or 9/11 and the Derangement of Truth, pg 148 - Reading in between the lines, I think Matt may be questioning 9/11 now and is subtly apologizing to 9/11 truthers . . .

3. The Uprising: An Unauthorized Tour of the Populist Revolt Scaring Wall Street and Washington, by David Sirota - One "9/11 Truth" mention - pg 55

4. "ZERO: (An Investigation into) 9/11" (DVD) - 5 stars (out of 5 stars) - Buy it - give it out. If Bob McIlvaine's account in this can't move the American people, nothing will. This newest 9/11 movie, documentary, is excellent, IMO.

Summer of Truth, 2008

Leaders With No Conscience By Rand Clifford

Leaders With No Conscience

By Rand Clifford

10/06/08 "ICH" - - As Osama bin Laden lay dying, December of 2001...might he have imagined that seven years later he would be on bogeyman life-support, still officially issuing messages as ruling poster boy for America’s mindless, force-fed terror obsession? The hammerlock on thoughts of Americans by psychopathic leadership still depends on fairytale power of Osama to help fuel the pathological War On Terror—could he have foreseen this, Americans being so propagandized as to let the lifeblood of their nation drip through their fingers, for lies? Whatever Osama knew he’d accomplished surely pales in light of what he has done since dying; if he had any inkling of this he must have died smiling.

The Plane Truth Project REDUX - Wednesday, June 11th - Between 11am - 3pm

Just a reminder if you're in the Philadelphia area or western suburbs on Wednesday, June 11th to LOOK UP! Especially if you hear a low-flying plane.

The plane's 4-hour route will start at 11am in southern NJ, fly to Philadelphia then continue west until reaching West Chester, PA. I'm not sure if the return flight will follow the original.

If you can get a photo or video, please post it. Thanks.

The Summer of Truth, 2008 began early 15 days ago with Blair Gadsby and his hunger strike in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, between Dennis Kucinich introducing his Articles of Impeachment, and Senator Karen Johnson taking her speech to the state floor today, we are off to the races!

Whatever we can do now to place the 9/11 issue in front of as many faces as possible this summer seems really key to me.

Let's go get 'em!


The Raw Story Open to 9/11 Articles . . . . ?

(Just a shout out to everyone here to please send all "best info" 9/11 stories and articles to the Raw Story: . . . Especially the current ones about Blair and his hunger strike. I haven't checked to see if any are running there yet, but I received this email after placing a "Plane Truth Project REDUX" blog ad on Raw Story's site . . . Encouraging. We need to break through into more news sites like this - what I would call mainstream internet, or maybe a few degress alternative internet news. Betsy)

Hey guys -- or to whom it may concern:

I want to send a personal thanks for your ad on our site -- and I always welcome the more controversial stuff -- I know we're not the best on 9/11 but I think we've gone a bit farther than some sites have -- esp. a piece larisa did in the last month or two.

I wondered if you might have interest in a broader ad buy -- we have lots of other ad sizes, and way it can be done -- you can also geotarget ads, for instance, if you're trying to hit people in the beltway, you can run ads in larger sizes -- there's lots of exciting possibilities. And I can definitely work with you on a low budget to get the most for your money.

Legislating Tyranny By Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton

("On May 9, 2007, President Bush signed the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive. If in the president’s opinion a “catastrophic emergency” occurs, the directive places all governmental power in the hands of the president, effectively abolishing the checks and balances in the Constitution." . . . This is what worries me, many of us. Will something in September or October, 2008 happen? So much circumstantial evidence seems to say so . . . , and I hope obviously, I'm wrong. --Betsy)

Legislating Tyranny

By Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton

07/06/08 "Lew Rockwell" -- -The George W. Bush administration responded to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon with an assault on U.S. civil liberty that Bush justified in the name of the “war on terror.” The government assured us that the draconian measures apply only to “terrorists.” The word terrorist, however, was not defined. The government claimed the discretionary power to decide who is a terrorist without having to present evidence or charges in a court of law.

New Agreement Lets US Strike Any Country From Inside Iraq By Basil Adas, Correspondent

New agreement lets US strike any country from inside Iraq

06/04/2008 08:13 PM | By Basil Adas, Correspondent

Baghdad: A proposed Iraqi-American security agreement will include permanent American bases in the country, and the right for the United States to strike, from within Iraqi territory, any country it considers a threat to its national security, Gulf News has learned.

Senior Iraqi military sources have told Gulf News that the long-term controversial agreement is likely to include three major items.

Under the agreement, Iraqi security institutions such as Defence, Interior and National Security ministries, as well as armament contracts, will be under American supervision for ten years.

The agreement is also likely to give American forces permanent military bases in the country, as well as the right to move against any country considered to be a threat against world stability or acting against Iraqi or American interests.

Revealed: Secret Plan To keep Iraq Under US Control By Patrick Cockburn

Revealed: Secret Plan To keep Iraq Under US Control

Bush wants 50 military bases, control of Iraqi airspace and legal immunity for all American soldiers and contractors

By Patrick Cockburn

05/06/08 "The Independent" --- A secret deal being negotiated in Baghdad would perpetuate the American military occupation of Iraq indefinitely, regardless of the outcome of the US presidential election in November.

The terms of the impending deal, details of which have been leaked to The Independent, are likely to have an explosive political effect in Iraq. Iraqi officials fear that the accord, under which US troops would occupy permanent bases, conduct military operations, arrest Iraqis and enjoy immunity from Iraqi law, will destabilise Iraq's position in the Middle East and lay the basis for unending conflict in their country.

What Should Happen? A Truth Commission for Bush By Mark Green

Source: Air America Newsletter received via email today.

("The way to deter the 'culture of deception' in McClellan's subtitle is a combination of voters, lawyers, prosecutors and a Truth Commission -- to vote against it, sue it, prosecute it, or expose it . . . . "

Maybe a Truth Commission will segue into the 9/11 Truth Commission as more and more gets exposed . . . . It's going to happen. Betsy)

What Should Happen? A Truth Commission for Bush

By Mark Green

Scott McClellan's book What Happened has been a feast for cable talk shows and commentators everywhere, with much discussion veering off on his motives. The Bush Team went into overdrive with its smear gear. Disgruntled? Money grubbing? Out of the loop? Off his rocker? A Manchurian author controlled by his North-Korean-like publisher? In a laughable attempt to blame the radar gun for the speeder, apologists Michele Bernard and Michael Smerconish actually argued on MSNBC that the big story was whether McClellan wrote the book in order to defeat McCain.

The Plane Truth Project REDUX - June 11th - Look to the skies . . . Summer of Truth, 2008

Aerial banner being flown: Wednesday, June 11th, 11am - 3pm - Philadelphia to West Chester, PA.

Look to the skies for truth . . . If anyone can video tape, please do . . .


July 4th's banner will include the url



Edit: Spelling error in title" "Triuth" to "Truth". Posted post Dave Matthews concert last night (this morning) . . .

Australia Bolts Iraq Over Bush's Lies By Ray McGovern June 3, 2008

Australia Bolts Iraq Over Bush's Lies

By Ray McGovern
June 3, 2008

Editor’s Note: Even into the sixth year of war in Iraq – even as ex-White House press secretary Scott McClellan admits the deceptions used to justify the invasion – the U.S. news media still averts its eyes from the full ugliness of what happened in 2002-03.

In this story, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern notes the far greater candor occurring in Australia -- and cites the earlier whistle-blowing by members of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which he helped found:

Matilda is walzing home from Iraq, and the Australians are lucky but chastened.

Lucky for having lost not one soldier in combat of the 2,000 sent to join the “coalition of the willing” attack on Iraq in March 2003.

Chastened because Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is now pulling no punches in decrying the subservience of his predecessor, John Howard, to Washington.

Bush Replays Iraq Games on Iran By Ray McGovern June 1, 2008

Bush Replays Iraq Games on Iran

By Ray McGovern -
June 1, 2008

Stop! Please. Get beneath the hype over former White House press secretary Scott McClellan’s book, What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception. Don’t miss forest for trees.

Not since John Dean told the truth about President Richard Nixon’s crimes have we had an account by a very close aide to a sitting president charging him with crimes of the most serious kind.

McClellan writes that George W. Bush abandoned “candor and honesty” to wage a “political campaign” that led the nation into an “unnecessary war.”

The chief U.S. prosecutor of senior Nazi officials at the post-World War II Nuremberg Trials, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, labeled such action – more correctly termed a war of aggression – the “supreme international crime.”

In other words, President Bush used propaganda and deception to lead the United States into what an earlier generation of American leaders judged not just a war crime, but the “supreme” war crime.

Scott McClellan as Whistleblower-- NOT! (But "there was something good in what McClellan did")

Comments from Rob Kall at

Scott McClellan as Whistleblower-- NOT!

after putting down my dog Vanilla, on Friday, I wrote an article about it, and feeling in a forgiving mood, spoke kindly about Scott McClellan. I decided to write more about it today, especially after reading right winger Peggy Noonan, in yesterday's Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, who says,

"When I finished the book I came out not admiring Mr. McClellan or liking him but, in terms of the larger arguments, believing him. One hopes more people who work or worked within the Bush White House will address the book's themes and interpretations. What he says may be inconvenient, and it may be painful, but that's not what matters. What matters is if it's true. Let the debate on the issues commence.

What's needed now? More memoirs, more data, more information, more testimony. More serious books..."

And I got to thinking and wrote, on Friday that there was something good in what McClellan did. Some readers agreed with me. So today, after seeing him on Meet The Press, with Tim Russert, I thought I'd write a bit more about it. After a few paragraphs, in which I was moving toward calling McClellan a whistleblower-- not a clean one, but a stinky one who, nonetheless was doing some good, I decided to ask one of my whistleblowing heroes-- Sibel Edmonds. Fortunately, she straightened me out, making it clear that he made money and really didn't disclose anything new. We ended up having a half hour conversation.

Sibel told me she absolutely did NOT see him as a whistle blower, based on the entire community of whistle blowers she's involved with-- the National Security whistleblowers coalition. She told me,

"We call these people opportunists, because that's exactly what he is. "