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European Parliament's Special Investigator Dick Marty Second Report into Khaled el-Masri's Kidnapping by CIA

911blogger readers may not be aware of it, but the European Parliament has installed a "Special Investigator" to look into the Khaled el Masri's kidnapping by the CIA. This man born in Lebanon, a German citizen, legally living in Germany, through his name's close resemblance to "Kalid el Masri", was mistaken for another person, captured in Macedonia, and taken to Afghanistan, tortured and kept in custody for several months there.

The investigator, a Swiss parliamentarian named Dick Marty, now found out that the mysterious airplane bringing el Masri back to Germany was a Gulftstream 3 model using registration number "N982RK". Details are in his "Secret detentions and illegal transfers of detainees involving Council of Europe member states: second report". Which is, BTW, worth a read for many other reasons. And which awaits many eyeballs to comb through it in order to link the info contained therein with other stories...

Now for the immediate tidbits which may be of some interest to 911blogger...

Do we have a case here, urging us for "connecting the dots"? And can someone make Paul Thompson aware of the Euro Parliament's investigations?

Add your voice to the chorus "911 was an inside job". Literally

If you want to add your voice to the chorus of people shouting (or whispering, singing, rapping,...) "911 was an inside job", you can do so now. Literally.

Today I came across this song (mp3). The song's lyrics are here (in case you have difficulties to follow the text when listening to the audio file).

Apparently there is an ongoing effort (since nearly a year ago) to add more voices to the chorus. (I'm wondering why I never came across that effort before. Why is it so unpopular with the 911 truth movement?) Here is the full howto:


September 11 2007 will be the 6th anniversary of the false flag event.

Starstika, Greyman and others invite you to add your voice to a song intended to be used at rallies around the globe. The chorus chants ’911 was an inside job’.