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The amazing TRUE story behind Michelle Malkin's use of the term "911truthvirus"!

OK. Here's the real scoop on Michelle Malkin's use of the term "911truthvirus". ... is a rapidly growing website targetting 911 beginners. It's an educational site, but it's mainly an activist site with chapters forming nationwide, -chapters whose highway banners and literature are funded by donations..

One of the 911truthvirus groups is based in Jersey City, NJ and operates in NY and NJ. They are known for displaying a huge 4 x 8 street banner where Michelle works, and have handed out literally 1000's of flyers near major NJ and NY newspaper headquarters and train stations. These 911 truthers have garnered media attention in both NJ and NY and THEY SENT E-MAILS AND FLYERS DIRECTLY TO MALKIN WHEN SHE FIRST BASHED ROSIE ODONNEL A FEW WEEKS EARLIER!!!

When bashing Ron Paul and speaking of the 911truth virus, Malkin also stole several other terms commonly used at the WEBsite...such as "cesspool" and "911 truther":..and "Spread by YouTube and Internet". The site also features a photo of Ron Paul on front page, who she tried to link by saying he has been infected with "911 truth virus.".