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For the sake of objectivity

I want to draw attention to a study done by Protec, a demolition firm who took it upon themselves to study the possibility of demolitions being used on 9/11. And although it concludes that it was unlikely demolitions were used, I find its arguements compelling. In fact, out of all the studies done i.e. popular mechanics, FEMA, and NIST, I find it to be the most crediable. I think it is important for us to look at all aspects of this debate even if they do not agree with our own assertions. I urge the 911 truth community to not practice what we condemn and denounce this study as rubbish without ever having read it. We jump all over people who dismiss our questions without ever having looked at the information. So for the sake of objectivity won't you please read the study.

Thank you and may the truth reveal itself once and for all!


John D. Briggs II