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Translation of Patriots Question 9/11 to french

A group of French people recently decided to translate from english to french language. Questionning the 9/11 events is ofted see as a form of American bashing from people outside the United-Sates. So a lot of people around the world need to understand that Americans themself are questionning 9/11 before even thinking about questionning it too.

Here is the link they would like to see translated:
You can see that each Patriots have been numbered with MIL13, MIL14, etc. I know there is some French people looking regularly at this website, so if you are interested, you can pick a number and translate it (be sure you take a look at the top of the website to see wich number is being translated at this moment). You don't need to be a professional translator to help them.
Just tell him the number you want to translate before starting (just to be sure not two people are working on the same number):

Name: Frédéric Henry Couannier

Thank you for your help,


Ron Paul on 9/11

From PrisonPlanet

See last video at about 2:35 :

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