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MI5 Whistleblower, Annie Machon, on BBC Radio Suffolk - Mon 8th Dec

MI5 Whistleblower and author of "Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers", Annie Machon, will be interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk on the James Hazell show this coming Monday (8th) during a segment about, strangely enough, "Whistleblowing".

The interview should take place at around 9:25am GMT. If you live outside of Suffolk you can still tune in, click here.

This broadcast coincides very nicely with the event arranged to take place during that very evening in Ipswich, at which Annie will be speaking prior to a screening of the London Independent Film Festival's Best UK Documentary "The Elephant in the Room". Director, Dean Puckett, will also be joining us to answer questions.

Click here for more details of "The Elephant in the Room" East Anglia Tour.

We do hope you can listen in..and we look forward to seeing some of you soon.

Best Wishes,
East Anglia Truth

The Elephant in the Room - East Anglia Tour Details


East Anglia Truth is pleased to announce the dates of the "Elephant in the Room" East Anglia Tour.

Event programme is as follows:

Sunrise Festival Info - 29th May to 1st June, 2008

East Anglia Truth (www.eastangliatruth.com), We Are Change UK (www.wearechange.org.uk) and the Make Wars History campaign (www.makewarshistory.co.uk) are joining forces to offer both an enlightening and motivational weekend of Truth at the Sunrise Festival - beginning on 29th May, 2008.




East Anglia Truth - New Website

Good day all,

Our new website is now up and running at www.eastangliatruth.com so please do take some time to check it out - we hope you may find some useful downloads there to use, such as converted files for mobile phones and the 9/11 Tour Display you see below (of which the A4 fact cards have all been saved as pdr and so can be downloaded by clicking the link):-

Given the difficulty (and most probably the impracticality) in attempting to cover the huge range of 9/11 anomalies on this one display, we have put together a selection of A4 fact cards that cover what we feel are the most relevant issues surrounding the events of 9/11 and the subsequent whitewash of a investigation. We hope this will be both educational for 9/11 Official Conspiracy Theory believers as well as useful for the many 9/11 Truth activists involved in this growing global movement.

Note - A large percentage of the material here was produced by East Anglia Truth, however, some was taken from other sources. If the producers of this material object to us using it then please let us know and we will of course remove it.



Each of the numbered links below will take you to the appropriate pdf file

(please feel free to download and use for your activism)

East Anglia Truth @ the Eastern Haze Festival, July 2007 (Video)

We hope you all enjoy this short video montage of our recent weekend at the Eastern Haze Festival in Somerleyton, Suffolk.

For a summary of the event including photos, you can go here:- www.911blogger.com/node/10294.

For more photos please visit the "pics" section of our MySpace profile @ www.myspace.com/eastangliatruth.

Thanks again to all of our activists and the many members of public that made the weekend so special, we all came away feeling extremely positive and we're very much looking forward to our next festival in September. There certainly does appear to be a growing thirst for this information.

In the meantime, we'll be sure to keep you updated on all other East Anglia Truth activity.

Best Wishes,
East Anglia Truth

East Anglia Truth at Eastern Haze

East Anglia Truth at the Eastern Haze Festival

Well, the sunshine finally broke through amidst the downpours and following a complete washout on the Friday, Truth was allowed to emerge at the Eastern Haze festival in Somerleyton, Suffolk last weekend. Having resigned to a day of watching the rain from the marquee, we were thankful that the weather changed to allow the festival's 10,000+ attendants to roam free - with the Sunday bringing a beautiful day of warm sunshine and subsequently many visitors to the East Anglia Truth area.

"9/11 Inside Job" Banner Seen Live by Global TV Audience but Removed by YouTube

Good day,

The following video was submitted to YouTube by East Anglia Truth following their removal of the clips of Corinne Bailey Rae performing "I'd Like to" at the recent Live Earth concert in London.

The clips featured a brief, but clear, view of the "9/11 Inside Job" banner that the East Anglia Truthers had taken to the stadium in the hope this would be captured. This indeed was broadcast live across the globe, however, it appears that its presence is no longer welcome on youtube and it is interesting that its removal shortly followed comments that had been posted on the page alerting other viewers to the banner.

9/11 Truth Banner Day - Ipswich, UK

9/11 Truth Banner Day, Ipswich - 16th June, 2007

On Saturday morning, Ipswich shoppers were met by a number of Ipswich and East Anglia Truthers parading various 9/11 Truth banners through the Town Centre. The Ipswich Truth Campaign march - organized in association with East Anglia Truth - was a stepping up of the campaign to raise awareness of the many problems with the official version of events of 9/11 as well as an opportunity to promote 9/11 hero William Rodriguez's UK tour date at the Town Hall on Monday 18th June.

The day's activity was extremely encouraging with the general public accepting around 250 Terrorstorm and 9/11 Mysteries DVD's as well as over 500 leaflets.

Peterborough Hotel Cancels William Rodriguez UK Tour Booking - Leaves Local Group With No Event & No Funds for Future Activities

Well, we have been well and truly ripped apart by the Bull Hotel who have, at late notice, decided to cancel our booking for the William Rodriguez UK Tour date on the 19th June. We now have no venue and, therefore, no event.

This shocking decision was apparently taken by their manager – who is in fear of the hotel's reputation - following a letter from a member of public correctly stating that they had witnessed one of our activists being sworn at (and his camera spat upon) during some leafleting in promotion of the event.

Why this incident should concern the hotel is beyond us and we are shocked at this decision has been taken, especially in light of the fact that our promotion of the event has been extremely well received with a number of local councilors and prominent local authority figures having confirmed their attendance as well as many other members of the general public. All of our leafleting has been very well received bar this solitary incident incited by a member of public with an obvious lack of self discipline or moral regard.